10 most walkable cities of USA

10 most walkable cities of USA

Easily accessible public transit, extensive and safe pedestrian routes with residents having proximity to places make a city walk able. While some cities are too crammed with traffic, there are some that offer the perfect life sans car. Following are ten most walkable cities of USA.

1. New York

New York on a walkable US cities list is a no brainer!

The big city has always been pedestrian-friendly with well connected pathways, lanes allowing easy walking and biking. The game changer has been the Mayor’s PlanNYC sustainability program that transformed Times Square into the ultimate pedestrian area.  Read More


2. San Francisco

The perfect West Coast weather, first-rate public transit and the treasure of tourism sites, restaurants and cafes make San Francisco the gem it is for pedestrians. Walkathons at Bay area, numerous parks, and cafes adorning the streets have made walking among top fitness and transport options of the San Francisco commuters. Read more

San Francisco

3 Boston

Boston is the walker’s city with remarkable walker-friendly signage and safer pedestrians. In fact, the walking signals are longer in Boston, making the activity an easier, safer and better means of commute and urban city exploration.  Read More

Nightlife in Boston

4. Philadelphia

Home to Fairmount Park and 1,526,006 residents, Philadelphia is incredibly good at providing safe walk commute to pedestrians. University neighborhood is well developed with boutiques, cafes, etc and the rest of city has eclectic blend of sites worth discovering on foot. Read More  


5. Miami

Miami, the vacation city, offers a beautiful and luxurious night as well as beach life. With pleasant sunny weather, and city’s encouragement of walking via closing of numerous roads for improved pedestrian commute network makes Miami a walk and biking suitable city. Read more


6. Chicago

Easily connected through Metra Rail System, Chicago is no short of destinations that make walking a worthwhile activity in this busy city. The lakefront, city parks, Miracle Mile, etc along with Chicago’s walking clubs make the Chicago duly, securely and easily walkable. Read more

Art institute of Chicago

7. Washington, D.C.

A historically and politically significant tourist center, Washington DC has some beautiful walking destinations. With so many festivals, conventions hosted by the city, forested trails, monuments and museums give way to the perfect long walks. Read More

Washington D.C

8. Seattle

Offering spectacular views from Mt. Rainier, much of Seattle’s love affair with walking as a commute option comes from the slight drizzle and mischievous terrain that it enjoys.  Besides, the city has some amazing parks and trails allowing walking commuters improved safety and pathway. Read More


9. Oakland

Oakland is truly sustainable, walkable and a well connected city with exceptionally healthy transit. The city is well known for the cultural diversity with art and music gaining more attraction than ever. City’s location off Lake Merritt and aptly designed transit routes make walking a healthy activity for Oakland residents for running errands as well as taking pleasant strolls. Read More


10. Baltimore one of the most walkable cities of USA

Baltimore is another tourist favorite on the list and its broad transit and cultural diversity in the well connected neighborhoods bring it high on the walkable score. The harbor city receives immense tourism in the central area owing to the attractions while the resident communities have been responsible for intriguing city development. Read More

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