10 must visit cities of the world

10 must visit cities of the world

Travelling is the beauty of life, the essence that drives one’s spirit to grow and explore. Here is a list of ten of the must visit cities of the world that one simply can’t miss:

New Orleans, USA one of the must visit cities of the world

New Orleans, USA

The erstwhile French colony, New Orleans is now a thriving and a beautiful tourist spot for people from across the World. New Orleans is a mélange of vivacious arts, music scene and nightlife. This city offers more than 1400 restaurants and the French quarters, Algeries alone are enough to pay this grand city a visit. Read More

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Home to many historical, cultural landmarks, grand architecture, majestic art museums and galleries, Munich is the effervescent city of Germany. The cosmopolitan city of Munich offers many Baroque castles, renowned Oktoberfest, Englischer Garten, Opera-modern theater, etc. Read More

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Nizwa, Oman one of the must visit cities of the world


Once crowned the capital of Oman, Nizwa is now a historical site and a grand tourist spot. Not far from the capital Muscat, Nizwa won’t need more than a day for exploring and offers the soothing sight of thick palm oasis a midst Oman’s loftiest mountains. Read more

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Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina

Salta is the quintessential sunny tourist spot a midst the soaring Andes, and offers the essence of Argentina with Colonial-era Architecture, sky-high church spires, plaza edges decked with palm trees. To add to the beauty, there’s Andean folk music, peña clubs and glorious historical monuments. And, if that’s not enough then one can also head to out explore the natural beauty of the Argentinean deserts, high vineyards in the south. Read More

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Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy with Horse Riding, Paragliding, Tandem Jumps, Trekking, Mountain climbing, rappelling, etc.

Paris, France one of the must visit cities of the world

The conventional and unbeatable favorite is the city of Paris that has long been favored by artists and travelers. Offering utmost sophistication, a vacation in Paris is a must for everyone. The French capital is perfect for shopping, strolling, cafe breaks, trying out new cuisines, checking out new fashions trends.  The eclectic boulevards are beautiful for an urban romantic vacation or a reinvigorating trip with friends. Read More

Paris, France

Housing world’s greatest landmarks Catacombs, Chateau de Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera Garnier, etc, the cosmopolitan aura of Paris never fails to impress and those who have been to Paris keep coming back for more.

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New York


New York is synonymous with everything urban and is indeed the city of cities, the city that never sleeps. It is great for shopping, has the best museum collections, and some of the best dining spots. New York is a hedonist’s paradise. Read More

Lugano, Switzerland one of the must visit cities of the world

Lugano Switzerland

All of Switzerland is so beautiful that it was hard to narrow the location down to a city but when given a single chance to visit a Swiss city, the choice must indeed be Lugano. Numerous outdoor activities, effervescent boulevards, Palm trees, Majestic Alps and gorgeous Lake Lugano make this small town the perfect unwinding spot for travelers.Read More

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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

With its Scenic Mountains, picturesque coastline and splendid natural beauty, Wellington is a top choice for Film Tourism. This New Zealand capital is also a bustling city for art, music, food lovers and adventure-outdoor enthusiasts. Read More

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Galway, Ireland


This bustling Irish city hosts 50 festivals every year and offers an entire summer full of Music, Food festivals, and Cultural celebrations. The west has brilliant scenic mountains while the east offers views of extraordinarily striking valleys. Read More

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada one of the must visit cities of the world


Skiing, snowboarding and Music-Arts festival are the introduction to the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver. Locked amongst majestic Coast Mountains and grand Pacific Ocean, this city has the best of free parks, natural sightseeing, spectator sports and outdoor activities. Read More

Bonus Cities!

How can one not mention Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Las Vegas and Istanbul when talking of the best cities to travel to!

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