A Day in Abu Dhabi

A Day in Abu Dhabi

My recent visit to the city of Abu Dhabi, though only for a day, was an unforgettable one. The capital of U.A.E., Abu Dhabi is very well planned city comprising of skyscrapers, architecturally magnificent palaces, offices, villas, well maintained roads, aesthetically designed parks and pathways. Not to forget, the city has its fair share of greenery too and beautiful flower beds beautify the city roads.

During our short trip, we got to see:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Famous buildings of the city such as President’s office, residence and significant hotels
Handicrafts of local people
Local produce of the city
Ferrari World

All throughout, we met locals who were very warm, helpful and understanding. This makes our trip even more memorable.

Moving over to our first destination- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the biggest mosque of United Arab Emirates and the only mosque in the world where women are allowed to step in. The sacred place is also open for people of all religions and cultures.

Grand Mosque

The magnificent structure of the mosque is wrapped in pure white marble. This structure has 82 big and small domes with elongated windows allowing sun light to enter inside. The sparkling and spotless structure looks splendid under the sun.

Grand Zayied Mosque Abu Dhabi

Walking up to the mosque makes one more curious about the place.

The internal beauty of the mosque has no boundaries either. Check out the gateways which are artistically designed and adorned.


Then observe the walls embellished with geometrical as well as floral carvings in different colors.


Inside the dome has verses of the holy book, Quran, carved on them.


Once inside the main hall, its difficult not to get awestruck with those huge chandeliers made of crystals.



Beneath is the handmade carpet, said to be the largest hand knitted carpet of the world. A masterpiece in itself, it took two years to create this carpet.


Check the beautiful interiors of the Mosque:

Interior of the Mosque

Mosque Interior

The mosque has separate prayer halls for men and women. Outside the main mosque, the visitors can grab on snacks at adjacent food counter.

The secret to have best experience at the Grand Mosque is to – FOLLOW THE RULES!

• Women and teenager girls should be fully covered while visiting the mosque; no half sleeves, sleeveless attires or knee-length dresses. They must cover their heads with scarf/ veil or hood.
• No see through dresses allowed nor too fitted clothing permissible for women. The dress should not be vulgar in any sense. So if you really want to go beyond the parking lot then dress appropriately.
• For men there are no rules except that they should not wear short knee length pants.
• No touching or hugging allowed inside the mosque.

Moving around the city, we saw several business towers, villas, President’s residence and office, sheikhs’ bunglows, Five star hotels, etc which reiterate the advanced architectural development in UAE.

Next our tour guide took us to handicrafts center wherein the intricate workmanship of the local artisans was apparent on furniture, souvenirs, clothing, decorative pieces, etc. The tourists may buy expensive and exquisite items from there.

Post this; we went to marketplace wherein fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, dates, special chocolate wrapped dates and many other food products were available. The chocolate covered dates and dry fruits were great in taste.we bought several packs for our family.

Visit to Ferrari World


The most awaited destination in Abu Dhabi for young and old was Ferrari World. It was a fantastic place with the latest models on display and people taking endless selfies in front of the cars. We were no behind either.

Formula 1 car


Decked in festive mood, the whole place was awe-inspiring! Moving further, the place had several rides meant for kids, teens and adults. While I took my little daughter to car rides meant for younger children, my husband waited in long queue with others to get entry in the thrilling show of “Viaggio in Italia”. The waiting was worthy as the show took the spectators to the new world of flying over Italy with amazing sights.

Ice skating was another attraction for all along with the splendid performances of experienced ice skaters. It was difficult to glance away from the performances in the rink.

The most sought after ride of roller coaster had long queues and waiting for nearly three hours! Another favourite activity of all was Karting Academy which got closed for the day due to full bookings. It was a big turn off for everyone.

The overall experience of the Ferrari World though was good, yet could have been better. If you are visiting here then please keep in mind these pointers:

  • Reach early at the Ferrari World so that you can enjoy maximum rides at least once.
  • If you are on day tour to Abu Dhabi then ask your guide to take you first at the Ferrari World and then to other places as this place requires more than 4 hours.
  • Friday and Saturday are weekly holidays, so better avoid these days for visit as you are likely to witness heavy rush.
  • Outside eatables are not allowed inside. Its better you arrive here with stomachs full to avoid wasting time in snacking here. Instead you can devote time in standing in queues. Moreover, eatables available inside are quite expensive.


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