Appenzell Switzerland an Upcoming European Destination

Why APPENZELL Switzerland is upcoming European Destination?

A Canton or state of Switzerland, Appenzell is an aesthetic and traditionally strong area. Appenzell is a beautifully green hilly area of Alpine region. It is about 95 kms from Zurich and nearer to Austria and Liechtenstein. Appenzell can be reached by train or road through green Pasteur land. The landscapes are eye openers for nature lovers, place where nature has bestowed its bounty with lots of bewildering scenes of high hills, snow, greenery and grazing cows. Appenzell is famous for its aromatic ‘cheese’.

Why Appenzell in your itinerary

Appenzell with its envious landscape and natural beauty is a getaway for summers and winters also. Right there in the Alpine foothills, Appenzell has lot of activities that tourists can do here. Visitors can do hiking, climbing, sledging, snow hiking in winters, besides watching the nature’s bliss. There is scope for mind and body relaxation in numerous hotels and resorts which offer health related services like swimming pools, Spas, health clinics etc.

Appenzell Switzerland

Local Culture is like a mirror

Culturally Appenzell is quite strong and has stuck to its roots. There are few museums, music and customs, to showcase the culture and history of this place.


Many customs like Carnival, Funkensonntag which means bonfires on Sundays, processions of cattle and farmers to and back from alpines, Yodeling, cowbells sounding, cattle’s show, Prayers call and corpus Christi etc. sounds exciting.

Carnival Appenzell Switzerland Music

Music is the lifeline to Appenzell people. Traditionally, the music is of different genres. The string instruments, violin, piano and vocals. In Herdsmen’s ball they all come in traditional outfit and orchestra churns out traditional music. These may be accompanied by folk dancers men, women or kids, with traditional clothes.

Traditional music Appenzell


Appenzell has good many museums which are a showcase of the rich heritage and culture. There are many museums like Art museum, Appenzell museum, Folklore museum,  custom’s museum and few more.

Museum Appenzell

Places which may enchant you


It is owned by private owners Sutters since late 18th century, architecture is worth showing appreciation, but from outside only as indoors not permitted to visit.

Catholic Church

Catholic Church is a church originally built in 11th century; its architecture is a study on times. A beautiful cemetery also is nearby which belongs to protestant’s sect.

Catholic Church Appenzell

Konkordia building

 Konkordia building is a 17th century worth seeing for its architecture.

Village square

Village square is a historic square where all issues related to village are discussed and even voting is carried off in open by counting hands of the people.

Main Street or Town hall  

Traditionally designed and painted houses are worth fascination of the visitors.

What one can do to feel local technology?

  • Visit to Cheese making dairy plants
  • Mineral water plant visit
  • Cableway excursion

Activities of sport

Lots of sports activities happening in Appenzell.

  • Hiking
  • Rope park for rope climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Tobbogan run on a sliding scooter sledge
  • Golf
  • E-biking/cycling
  • Sledging
  • Aerial sports like para gliding etc
  • Skiing
  • Skating

A paradise for backpackers and tourists of all classes, visitors find Appenzell an excellent place to stay comfortably. Options are many, like Hotels, Mountain inns, straw beds, village rooms etc. For foods of all choices like Italian, local, bars, beer bars, one can have variety of restaurants and eating joints which surly are a delight for all. Shopping here is a pleasure too, from handcrafted wares, culinary items to the best of aromatic soft cheese, one can have them all.