Berlin Germany the Best Upcoming Tourism Place of Europe

Why should you need to visit Berlin Germany for your next trip?

Berlin, better known for its notorious past, is now a city on the rise, a city worth visiting if you haven’t already.  A party den more surrounded by expats and tourists then locals, It is backpackers’ as well as a posh delight. Backpackers and youth are mostly attracted by its grand art, thriving local music and party scene under the city’s no closing hour facility while its rich and somewhat damaging history attracts the rest. 

In our world of twisted generalizations, Berlin’s reputation sure precedes it but is growing fundamentally weak thanks to German capitals growing art, culture, architecture. From the Watergate to Panorama Bar, the city is always dancing, eclectic with the best European techno music making it a haven for party lovers and musicians.  Here is why the German capital is among the best upcoming tourism places of Europe and why you should be on your way to Berlin:


Berlin’s assorted Art

It is home to some of the greatest art in the world and with its numerous museums in possession of diverse collections, anybody would be an art lover.

The Kulturforum world serve as the perfect start with its early European painting collections but Gemäldegalerie remains to be Berlin’s gem with its grand English, Dutch, Italian, Renaissance works. Neue Nationalgalerie is home to some of the best 20th-century paintings, particularly focusing on Expressionism. The Long night of the Museums is another simply can’t miss among Berlin’s draws.

Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

The Berlin wall demolishment was iconic but a simple stretch has been restored to honor the pain, struggle, and misery the city went through for around two decades. Your Berlin visit isn’t complete unless you have seen the Checkpoint Charlie, the famed cold war era border control point. Walk along the Wall to the Freidrichshain-Kreuzberg districts and you will find yourself witnessing some amazingly elaborated visual history of the turbulent city that has weathered so many storms.

Revel in capital’s Architecture

The German’s capital’s architecture is vibrant in range, designs, visuals, style touching everything from modernism to post modernism. The Reichstag’s famed glass roof,    Kollhoff Tower (Potsdam Platz) and Fernsehturm are among the glorious headliners of Berlin’s architectural revolution.  Another architectural marvel is the Olympiastadion which usually gets bad rep for being a fascist piece but is truly grandiose in aesthetics. If you are travelling for romance then there is absolutely no way for you miss a stroll by the Schloss Charlottenburg Gardens.

Kollhoff Tower Berlin

Shop till you drop

Mitte in North has already grown as Berlin’s shopping district with a rising number of boutiques, retailers as well as restaurants, cafes, etc.  Those with a penchant for vintage clothing would find a trip to Prenzlauer Berg fulfilling while Garage (Nollendorf Platz), Colours Kleidermarkt (Bergmannstrasse) with stores at Friedrichstrasse cater to contemporary styles with the latter being a den for designer stores. 

Freidrichshain-Kreuzberg berlin

Get on the bike and pedal around the city

What’s better than renting a bike in a foreign city and enjoying the sights by sunset? Besides, Berlin is very cycle friendly and has complete lanes and signs equipped for cyclists so a quick tour around the city for the common sites and monuments will sure be grand. 

Enjoy the nature

Berlin is cleaner, tidier, hygienic, friendly, affordable and natural place in comparison to famous cities such as New York. The greenery and state’s effort at making the capital greener are applaud worthy. Besides, you can always enjoy Grunewald, Schlachtensee, Wannsee, Teufelsberg, etc on a local picnic for some taste of the nature.

Grunewald Berlin

With its numerous shades, seasons and styles, Berlin is a city for everyone that gets expensive for the tasteful and budget friendly for those on a limit and with such variety, there is zero restriction on art, culture and beauty in Berlin.