Best Safari Tours in Asia

Best Safari Tours in Asia

Globe trotters have long flocked to Asia to experience bustling cities, varied cuisines, mystical temples and unique cultures and traditions amalgamated to offer a richer and a superior experience. If this is not enough, the new sets of adventurous travelers are now turning to Asia’s wild frontiers for astonishing landscapes as well as safari tours in Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and other countries have much to offer to the tourists coming from every corner of the world!

Major safari tours in Asia

Panda Tracking, China

Nature Reserve is a home to Giant Pandas of China. Travelers get to sleep in the tents near the reserve, which makes the experience even more exciting and thrilling.

Apart from this, you can always have the option to visit the Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park where you get to experience the luxurious overnight camping within the park’s premises.

Elephant Safari, Thailand

Imagine yourself riding an elephant in a deep wild forest. Now that is what you call a true adventure. When you are in Thailand, you exactly get to experience something like this. You can explore the remote, pristine jungle sitting on the back of a huge elephant, meet hill tribe people and get to know their lifestyle which is far from urban or modern.

Wildlife Safari, Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka is considered to be the best place in Asia for seeing wildlife. Leopards, elephants, wild elephants, birds of various species, sloth bear, etc. form a major part of the country’s wildlife.

Wildlife Safari, India

India too has a lot more to offer when it comes to wildlife. Corbett National Park, Pench, Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Sunderbans, Kanha and Bandavgarh are must see places for all those who are looking forward to encounter wild and uncommon animals.

Jungle Safari, Nepal

If you are in Nepal and not going for a Jungle Safari then you are surely missing out on something very amazing. The tropical jungles of Nepal have a rich wildlife habitat and therefore, it becomes an ideal destination for the adventure lovers.

Hokkaido, Japan

This place must be visited in winters to come across elegant Japanese cranes literally dancing in the snow. Steller’s sea eagles also flock the sea around this time.

Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra

Orangutans are what you are going to love watching in this national park. The park actually has a rehabilitation center that makes the young Orangutans learn to live in the wild. Apart from these animals, you also get to see tapirs, gibbons, rhinos, tigers and elephants.

Komodo Dragons, Indonesia

Now Komodo Dragons are definitely a different breed of animal, though it falls in the category of monitor lizard but their conduct is something different. You can see for yourself when you visit Indonesia.

The Maldives

 Maldives is famous for its coral atolls. The tourists mainly come here to see the reef. Whales and dolphins too are a major tourist attraction. There are many other species too that you wouldn’t have seen anywhere else.

Accommodation & Transportation

If your purpose is to explore the safari tours in Asia then living in a luxurious business hotel would not make any sense. You can get in touch with the travel company you are planning your vacation with and know if there any arrangements to live in desert camps, forest camps, or any other accommodation that allows you to remain uninterrupted with the nature.

With flights flying from every country there shouldn’t be any problem as far as transportation is concerned. Apart from this, trains, buses and cars are always there for easy commutation.


Try to go for one safari tours in Asia at a time. If you try to combine any of them together, you won’t be able to give justice to any of them and also, too much of traveling won’t allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.