Blue Mountain tour experience of 86 years old

MULKH RAJ MONGA, a member of Sahara Senior Program, Mississauga run by PCHS.


PCHS Seniors of Brampton and Mississauga, about 140, loaded in three buses, took a long journey for fun, adventure, and relaxation to the Blue Mountain on August 27th 2015. The root of the journey was mostly through the forest and that provided a lot of relief to the mind and soul and thus, the long journey of two and half hour was not boring but was much pleasant.   

Blue Mountain Canada

Blue Mountain is neither blue nor mountain but a hill with full lush green forest.  It is a sort of health resort area. It is called blue, perhaps, because blue represent depth that means the area is for away from the madding crowd, full of serenity and calmness. Whatever reason may be naming it Blue Mountain but certainly blue color is liked by everyone, particularly by youth. It is good for the families to get away from the hectic city life to spend a few days for relaxation and enjoyment as well as for kids to participate in various activities for fun and adventure to climb the hill or go for boating in the village pond. For honeymooners, it is pleasant nest.


Boating in Blue Mountain Pond Canada

Blue Mountain village is now well developed small town with several inns where tourist can take affordable accommodation according to their status. Four seasons resort is also there where tourists can have better facilities. Blue Mountain village is extension of Collingwood city area touching the Georgian Bay. Georgian Bay has good beaches where several activities are organized for tourist attractions.

Blue Mountain Village Canada

For sightseeing on the top of the hill, one can go gondola ride. There is a good motor able road as well as several walk away. Along the walk away, there are many resting places where walkers can sit on the benches for relaxation and breathing. One can see people having a bike ride. Mostly adult and youth prefer to go on top of the hill on foot through the winding pathways while seniors and d isable people take gondola ride. The cost of the ticket for going uphill is $ 15+taxes which is too much. Thus the seniors and disable peoples are punished for their excursion or itinerary. Funny part is that the return journey is free for all.

Gondola Ride in Blue Mountain Canada

We seniors spent four hour in the Blue Mountain village and went through various lanes, shops and many of us enjoyed gondola rid. It was memorable quality time we spent there in the village. We left the Blue Mountain Village at 3.00 pm with a desire to visit again next year and also hoping that the cost of gondola ticket be reduced.