Boston Offers Everything to a Tourist

Explore America, Explore Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is a name that resonates in every corner of the world. Known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US, it is also one of the most walk-able. The city has everything to offer to a tourist. Whether it is arts, education, culture, nightlife, shopping or just pure leisure, you can find it all as you explore Boston.

Some culturally rich places to explore while travelling Boston:

It brings American history to life and if you care to explore it then you will be able to explore the history of this continent. Boston might have taken on a more modern look, but it has still held tight to its roots. 

Harvard University:

Harvard University  

It is the oldest American university. It was founded in 1636 and since then Harvard has been on the wish list of students and tourists alike. It is one of the best universities globally and a tour of this historic place is a must if you visit the city.

Old North Church:


Old North Church


If you are a lover of history then you will surely remember this church. It was from this famous spot that the residents of Cambridge were warned when the British approached in the year 1775. This old church still holds on to old private benches which were boxed in with family names. 

Boston’s freedom trail:

Boston's freedom trail

This 2 and half mile long trail takes one around the city and passes through many historically important places, such as the site of Boston massacre, the statue of Benjamin Franklin among others. Guided tours can offer you glimpses of the city’s history.

Bunker Hill monument:

Bunker Hill monument

This 221 feet granite monument celebrates the memory of its war heroes and the battle of Bunker Hill. However, this place is not for those who are too lazy and prefer to just sit and gaze at a monument. This place requires you to climb up 294 steps to reach the top and from there enjoy the lavish and grand view of Boston.

Your visit to the city is however, incomplete without paying visit to Boston Symphony Orchestra, Fenway Park, New England Aquarium, Boston Common and Boston Public Garden among others.

 Shoppers stop to explore Boston:

If you love shopping then Boston will not disappoint you. This city is filled with great shops and restaurants that still hold on to the Boston charm.

Harvard Square:

Harvard Square

This Square features amongst the top ten shopping destination around the world. The shops here are an epitome of elegance and grace. And you will be struck by the rich and soothing and movie like look of this place. 

Mall at Chestnut Hill:

Once you have looked through the elegant, your next stop should be at chestnut hill, to look through the modern, youthful and hippie fashion. Filled with eateries that offer mouthwatering dishes, this place is ideal to spend your vacation money on. 

Downtown crossing:

This shopping destination offers great discount almost all year round. It is a paradise for all shoppers who look for great merchandise at fantastic price along with some entertainment and fine dining experience.

Other popular shopping centers include Newberry Street, Prudential center, Copley  Place Mall and North End.

Nightlife in Boston:

Nightlife in Boston

Lansdowne Street in Boston is famous for its nightlife. This place offers a wide variety of clubs and bars. However, it is House of blues that should not be missed by any party lover. Its epic Saturdays are truly epic and you can also enjoy the biggest and craziest gay night here. 

The Alley, located in the Theatre district has a lot for those who love to party and groove to some great music.

Faneuil hill is one of the major tourist attractions and its bubbling night life makes it all the more special. You can catch live games here, eat yummy and cheap lobsters while also going crazy on drinks and dancing. This is one of those places in Boston which is especially favored by the young crowd. 

When should you explore Boston?

The best time to tour this city is during the late spring season and the fall. The temperature at this time is quite mild and pleasant and you will find the gardens full of blooming flowers to add to your experience.

How to reach the city to explore boston?

Reaching Boston is not a challenge whether you’re from outside the US or within. The city is connected with roadways, railways and airways from all the major cities in the US. If you’re visiting from another country, then you can easily board a flight to the Boston Logan International Airport and reach the city. 


Getting accommodation in the city is not very tough. However, it is advised to book in advance using online travel sites. Online travel sites offer cheap hotel booking in Boston and allow you to save money while guaranteeing your stay. The peak season can be a little expensive for staying in the city. So, plan accordingly.