10 places to explore while in Cambridge

10 places to explore while in Cambridge

Cambridge is a county town in Cambridgeshire in England based on the banks of the river Cam, to the north of England. An important trading centre in the Bronze era, this city has a lot to offer to its tourists. While visiting the University City that is, Cambridge, do visit and explore these places:

1. The Fitzwilliam Museum

This amazing and mesmerizing building in Cambridge is a must-visit due to being laden with innumerous artwork to behold in here. The other museum nearby is the Trumpington Street Museum which is equally enthralling.

Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge

2. The Cambridge University Colleges

With more than thirty colleges under the umbrella of the Cambridge University, each of it is an epitome of stunning architecture and heritage. Better is that you book an Official Guided Walk tour of the city to explore these places with ease.

Cambridge University Colleges

3. The Eagle

It is a lovely place full of history in the city of Cambridge which is a small pub where Francis Crick is known to announce that he and James Watson discovered DNA sitting in there. This olden day pub is also home to graffiti of WWII airmen and a RAF bar too.

The Eagle Cambridge

4. The King’s College Chapel

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cambridge and is also a noted symbol of the place. This is an English Gothic structure which was built somewhere from 1446 to 1515 and needs an admission fee to look around.

King’s College Chapel Cambridge

5. The Round Church

Extremely unique and one of a kind, the Round Church is the second oldest building in the region and its architecture can stun even the ones who do not understand art! A must see indeed.

The Round Church Cambridge

6. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden in the university is home to over 8000 different species of plants and the other attractions in here include the likes of a collection of mature trees, glass houses, rock gardens, lake and chronological beds.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

7. Fitzbillies

Fitzbillies are world famous for their sticky treats called the Chelsea Buns and if you have not tried that you are doing a sin for sure! The dinner menu here is extremely yummy as well!

Cambridge Fitzbillies

8. The Grantchester Village

This is a village located just about a mile away from the city center and if you are person who loves long walks on a lazy Sunday, this place is just for you amidst the meadows and pubs to have food and drink in.

The Grantchester Village Cambridge

9. The Plough

The Plough is a famous pub located in the nearby village of Fen Ditton, a few miles distant away from the city’s centre and is doted as one of the best pubs during the summer months. This is a place where you can drink your favourite by the river banks and see the rowers go by, not to forget the delicious food here! 

The Plough Cambridge

10. River Cam for tours and punting

To explore around the crowded and happening Cambridge, there are several ways such as view this lovely heritage city via punts and boats. The first way is to get a punt tour or a self-punt where you can see the place from the river. Instead, you can get the boat tours from the Plough Pub area or get into a canoe from Grantchester for views.

River Cam for tours and punting Cambridge