New York City- Ultra-Modern Metropolis of America

Visiting New York City – the Ultra-Modern Metropolis of America

The most populous city in US, New York, also known as New York City or just NYC, is one of the most advanced and influential metropolises of the world. Located at the opening of Hudson River, it is made of five counties namely Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in North America.

Places to visit

One visit can never be enough to see everything New York City has to offer to the tourists. Following are some of the major attractions.

Empire State Building:

Dominating the city’s breathtaking skyline is the world’s second highest building with an observatory at the 86th floor offering a panoramic view of the entire city.

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty

The symbol of the free American spirit, this gift from France is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The gigantic sculpture is made in iron and copper and stands 151 feet tall.

The Central Park:

Central park New York

Spread across 850 acres this famous park is adorned with lush gardens, beautiful statues and sculptures. From biking, hiking and ice-skating to live concerts it has a lot to attract tourists all year-long.

The Times Square:  

Offers a feel of the city’s throbbing pulse with glowing neon signs, king-size billboards, Broadway theaters, TV studios, etc.  

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Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Has over 2 million artworks including American decorative art, Egyptian art, Costumes, arms and armors, photographs, musical instruments, etc.

Rockefeller Center:

Rockefeller Center a huge shopping and entertainment complex

A huge shopping and entertainment complex which is also home of NBC-TV and many other radio and media companies. The many shops, restaurants, the popular skating rink, statue of Atlas, etc. are some major attractions.

Brooklyn Bridge:

Bridging Manhattan and the East River, it is world’s first bridge made of steel.

Activities not to miss

Visit the iconic Statue of Liberty:

>While in New York, you must visit Statue of Liberty Crown and Ellis Island through a ferry-boat. Statue cruises offer great experience for tourists.

National September 11 Museum and Memorial:  

Visiting this place is a great way to pay homage to the innocent people who died in the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

The High Line:

High Line

With lavishly grown wild-flowers and grass, this urbanite’s playground offers panoramic views of the Hudson River and a great place for a stroll or a relaxing afternoon on the lounge chairs.

Film Forum:

If you are an ardent fan of world-famous art movies and documentaries, head to this place to watch some of the best while eating a lemon-poppy sponge cake.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria:

Savor on the famous American Pizza at one of New York’s popular pizza joints under Brooklyn Bridge.

Transportation and accommodation

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Being one of the most advanced metros, New York City is well-connected to the rest of the world. You can arrive in one of the many international airports in the city. The city has world’s best subway service and you can reach any place in and around it using a train. Other transportation options include buses, cabs or private cars. From luxury accommodations in star-hotels to budget apartments, you can find a suitable place to stay in the city.

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Paris – Beauty of the Fashion Capital

Paris – Explore the Beauty of the Fashion Capital of the World

More information about Paris….2

Paris, the beautiful capital of France is situated on the banks of Seine River. The ‘fashion capital’ and ‘city of romance’ is also famous for outstanding works of art, design, cosmetics, entertainment and food. Home of many iconic landmarks, Paris is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Major tourist attractions

Eiffel Tower: It is an iconic symbol of the city with a towering height of 1000 feet. This iron structure situated in the Champ de Mars Park was constructed in 1889.

Louvre Museum:


Located in the Louvre Palace, it hosts timeless artworks like ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Dying Slave’ by Michelangelo and the Greek statue ‘Venus of Milo’.

Arc de Triomphe:

The 164-feet tall and 148-feet wide structure with elaborate artworks showing the many victorious battles of Napoleon Bonaparte and names of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in them.

Notre Dame Cathedral:


Built in the 13th century and standing around 120 meters tall, this church hosts beautiful gothic carvings, sculptures, collection of relics and beautiful rose windows.



The white-domed basilica on the Montmartre hill is famous for its marble structure and beautiful interior. It hosts one of the world’s largest clocks along with stainless glass windows and gold mosaics.

Musee d’Orsay:

Located in a past railway station, this art-museum hosts finest collections of impressionist paintings by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Degas, Renoir Jean-Francois Millet and Pissarro.


Interesting activities to enjoy

Dine at the Eiffel Tower:


Have the time of your life with a sumptuous dinner in the two restaurants in the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a panoramic view of the city,

Seine River cruise:

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Watch the beauty of Paris up-close while cruising along the Seine River in about 2-3 hours relaxing ride in bateau mouche. Enjoy gourmet meal, champagne and sightseeing with commentary on board.

The Moulins Rouge show:

Watch one of the most colorful and spectacular cabaret shows in Europe with French cancan dancers and showgirls setting the stage ablaze.

Luxembourg garden:


With lush lawn, flowers, fruit orchards, beautiful statues and fountains it is a beautiful picnic spot. Kids can enjoy racing sailboats, puppet show and ride the oldest merry-go-round.

Shop at Rue Saint-Honore:

Shop (or window shop) for some of world’s premium fashion brands. From clothes to bags, sunglasses and other accessories, treat your eyes with world’s best designer products.


You can arrive in Paris at the Charles De Gaulle or Orly Airport (about 45 km from the center of the city) by catching a flight from almost any major countries of the world. Many types of transportation options including taxi, bus, tram, train, etc. are available to travel within the city including the interesting bike tours and scooter tours.


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Paris is a compact city, well-connected by public and private transportation of various types. This makes it possible to stay in any part of the city and still be able to travel around with relative ease. You can find a suitable accommodation in the city that will suit your budget. There are luxurious hotels as well as budget accommodations.

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Salta Most Popular Tourist Destination of Argentina

Salta- A Place that Makes You Feel Home, Yet Faraway!

General Information

Salta holds a very important place in the history. Now, it is not only the most popular tourist destination of Argentina, but of the world; one reason being its exceptionally pleasant climatic conditions all-round the year. The architecture, culture and arts are some other things that the city can boast about.

Major Attractions

1. Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta- MAAM

1. Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta- MAAM

It is a small archaeological museum with a collection of ‘Children of Llullaillaco’ and holds temporary exhibitions. It’s a different kind of place and will offer you equally unique experience.

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 2. Cathedral of Salta

This church is built in a baroque style and yet it denotes simplicity. For the people who are religious or simply love gazing at good architectures, then this place is worth visiting.

 3.  Tolar Grande

Tolar Grande

Tolar Grande is a rocky mountain region. To come to this place you will have to cross the biggest salt lake of Argentina which in itself is an awesome thing. The best part is this place is not as crowded as the other tourist destinations and so can enjoy the time of your life here.

Major Activities

1. Mountain Hiking

Get adventurous and go for mountain hiking, come across beautiful landscapes and learn as much as you can about the region. Go for cycling in the mountains if you are a very adventurous kind of traveler. Horseback riding in mountains is yet another available option you can go ahead with!

 2. El Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds)

Train to the Clouds

It is a tourist train service and is the fifth highest railway in the world. It runs 13, 850 ft above the sea level. Traveling in this will definitely give you the most unique experience you can ever have.

 3. Teatro Provincial de Salta

This theatre holds amazing classical music performances as well as political protests. It would be a great idea to know about the culture of the place you are visiting as a tourist. And this will exactly offer you something unusual and something to boast about.

Explore Salta’s Nightlife

Places like Amnesia, The Bond, CanopusBoite and City Club Night will offer you great relaxation. These are few of the best places in Salta to experience the nightlife. If you do have time and priority, make sure you visit at least any one of these.


Tourists of any budget can comfortably stay in Salta. There are ample number of budget hotels, boutique hotels and apartments on rent, guesthouses and B&Bs available for the tourists. Salta offers you enormous variety to suit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

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The Salta airport is located 9.5 km to the south of the main city. There are regular flights from Salta to Buenos Aires. Once in Buenos Aires, you can ask your hotel to arrange for a cab to take you from airport to your hotel. Opt for bus travel to visit places near and around Salta. To visit the sightseeing places within the city limits, cab travel should offer you great convenience!

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All Roads Lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome

More information about Rome…2

General Information

A special city and a commune in Italy, Rome needs no introduction.  It is the capital of Italy with the country’s largest and most populated commune. The place has its artistic touch, extravagant majestic churches, classical ruins and piazzas. The story goes that it was built on seven hills that were- Capitolino, Celio, Quirinale, Aventino, Palatino, Viminale and Esquiline. Often the term heard, “All roads lead to Rome”, has been because two of the hills stated above were a part of the hub of ancient Rome also considered as the center of the civilized world.

Why visit this place

There might be hundreds of reasons to visit any other place in the world, but it needs no reason other than it is Rome, one of the biggest artistic influences known to the world.


1. All the masterpieces and the architecture, paintings of the renowned artists like Bramante, Sangallo, Maderno, Michelangelo, Bernini, Nicola Salvi, are present in this city. Museums are a Rome thing which may be Museo d’Arte Contemporanea which is the latest contemporary section of art that has been opened, Palazzo Altemps, a renaissance palace, Cinecitta Studios, which is a living example of life in cinema.

2. One of the cheapest shopping from the roadside or that lavish shopping from the malls, all can be done here. Some places to go for shopping from the branded to the flea market are Via Condotti, Spanish Steps, Via Cola di Rienza , Porto Portese Flea Market and Castle Romano outlet.

3. There might be all the world-class wine brands present here but the wine of Rome is itself a class.


4. The other more significant reason for all the food lovers is the food here. From the Pasta cacao e pepe to Pizza alla Romana, and from Fiori d Zucca to Crostata di ricotta, everything tastes heavenly good. There are lots of options to eat, from family run trattorias and pizzerias to fancy restaurants. Some of these restaurants are Armando Al pantheon, Sandwiches and market bites at Mordi e-vie, Osteria Bonelli, or a classic rustic roman at L’Archangelo.

5. Also, the appeal of the Vatican City can’t b be ignored. It is supposed to be the political and religious center of the Roman Catholic, situated on the burial-place of Apostle Peter. Rome also contains the center of Catholic world, the St. Peter’s Basilica, a majestic church with great interiors, so big that the space shuttle could fit inside along with the Statue liberty. Also, the biggest amphitheater of the world, the Colosseum is situated in Rome, built by the Flavian dynasty and could hold 50,000 spectators and has no less than 80 entrances.


6. It exerts a lot of influence on the world’s history and geography. This place which is used as a market place during the day time, and seen as the party station by the college going student and tourist place during the night hours is Campe de’ Fiori. This is south to Piazza Navona, which is itself one of the most famous Rome’s squares, used for festivals and sporting events. Spanish Steps are another major tourist spot which has around 135 steps, which has been used by the tourists as well as the locals as the gathering place. At the foot of these Spanish steps, there is this Piazza di Spagna and the fountain named Fontana della Barcaccia. Other than these places, it has numerous numbers of places which can’t be written but needs to be experienced. Each and every place is worth visit, when you are in this city.

Activities to do:

It offers so many exciting things to do, all wrap in a surprise packet for a paradise you need. So may be all you need is n’t love but Rome.

You can go for an air ride and some thrills, then you can go for a helicopter ride and you will need just 30 minutes. Hot air balloon rides are also available for an hour which gives you the tranquil feeling of floating in the morning sky.

Colloseum, Rome

Also, there are guided bike tours which take you across the famous places like Trevi Fountain, Colloseum, etc. The river cruises are available on river Tiber.

Rome 1-Day Bike Tour: City Center and Views Rome 1-Day Bike Tour: City Center and Panoramic Views
Rome 1-Day Bike Tour: City Center and Views
Rome, Italy Bike Tours
Enjoy a cycle ride around central Rome and see the city’s legendary sights from the saddle of a comfortable bicycle. Experienced guides will escort you along the riverside of the Tiber, down side roads, and along alleys to discover Rome’s heart.

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Another interesting aspect of the city is Roman marathon. You may either witness the popular European marathon or even better, be a part of it!

Accommodation and Transportation

Hotel delle Muse Front View
Hotel delle Muse
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The three star Hotel Delle Muse is located in a very quite and green residential area called Parioli which is traditionally considered the most elegant part of Rome.all rooms with Wi-Fi internet access-internet point at the reception free of charge

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The hotel rooms are available of both budget and luxury kind. The paying guests are also taken here.

There are two airports in this city- Fiumicino and Ciampino. Fiumicino is the main airport which is well-connected to the center throughout the day and night. There is an express train that connects to the main railway station, Stazione Termini (Rome’s main train station) which takes around 30 minutes. The other airport named as Ciampino is smaller than the former, mainly used by budget airlines and charter flights. From this airport, you may get a Cortal bus or taxi to reach the center of the city.  There is extensive bus connectivity and an alternative of metro which is much simpler.

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10 must visit cities of the world

10 must visit cities of the world

Travelling is the beauty of life, the essence that drives one’s spirit to grow and explore. Here is a list of ten of the must visit cities of the world that one simply can’t miss:

New Orleans, USA one of the must visit cities of the world

New Orleans, USA

The erstwhile French colony, New Orleans is now a thriving and a beautiful tourist spot for people from across the World. New Orleans is a mélange of vivacious arts, music scene and nightlife. This city offers more than 1400 restaurants and the French quarters, Algeries alone are enough to pay this grand city a visit. Read More

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Home to many historical, cultural landmarks, grand architecture, majestic art museums and galleries, Munich is the effervescent city of Germany. The cosmopolitan city of Munich offers many Baroque castles, renowned Oktoberfest, Englischer Garten, Opera-modern theater, etc. Read More

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Nizwa, Oman one of the must visit cities of the world


Once crowned the capital of Oman, Nizwa is now a historical site and a grand tourist spot. Not far from the capital Muscat, Nizwa won’t need more than a day for exploring and offers the soothing sight of thick palm oasis a midst Oman’s loftiest mountains. Read more

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Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina

Salta is the quintessential sunny tourist spot a midst the soaring Andes, and offers the essence of Argentina with Colonial-era Architecture, sky-high church spires, plaza edges decked with palm trees. To add to the beauty, there’s Andean folk music, peña clubs and glorious historical monuments. And, if that’s not enough then one can also head to out explore the natural beauty of the Argentinean deserts, high vineyards in the south. Read More

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Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy with Horse Riding, Paragliding, Tandem Jumps, Trekking, Mountain climbing, rappelling, etc.

Paris, France one of the must visit cities of the world

The conventional and unbeatable favorite is the city of Paris that has long been favored by artists and travelers. Offering utmost sophistication, a vacation in Paris is a must for everyone. The French capital is perfect for shopping, strolling, cafe breaks, trying out new cuisines, checking out new fashions trends.  The eclectic boulevards are beautiful for an urban romantic vacation or a reinvigorating trip with friends. Read More

Paris, France

Housing world’s greatest landmarks Catacombs, Chateau de Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera Garnier, etc, the cosmopolitan aura of Paris never fails to impress and those who have been to Paris keep coming back for more.

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New York


New York is synonymous with everything urban and is indeed the city of cities, the city that never sleeps. It is great for shopping, has the best museum collections, and some of the best dining spots. New York is a hedonist’s paradise. Read More

Lugano, Switzerland one of the must visit cities of the world

Lugano Switzerland

All of Switzerland is so beautiful that it was hard to narrow the location down to a city but when given a single chance to visit a Swiss city, the choice must indeed be Lugano. Numerous outdoor activities, effervescent boulevards, Palm trees, Majestic Alps and gorgeous Lake Lugano make this small town the perfect unwinding spot for travelers.Read More

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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

With its Scenic Mountains, picturesque coastline and splendid natural beauty, Wellington is a top choice for Film Tourism. This New Zealand capital is also a bustling city for art, music, food lovers and adventure-outdoor enthusiasts. Read More

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Galway, Ireland


This bustling Irish city hosts 50 festivals every year and offers an entire summer full of Music, Food festivals, and Cultural celebrations. The west has brilliant scenic mountains while the east offers views of extraordinarily striking valleys. Read More

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada one of the must visit cities of the world


Skiing, snowboarding and Music-Arts festival are the introduction to the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver. Locked amongst majestic Coast Mountains and grand Pacific Ocean, this city has the best of free parks, natural sightseeing, spectator sports and outdoor activities. Read More

Bonus Cities!

How can one not mention Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Las Vegas and Istanbul when talking of the best cities to travel to!

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