Visit Malaysia for Awesome Vacation Experience

Visit Malaysia for awesome vacation experience

Malaysia is a tourist friendly place that has numerous matchless attractions, from the condensed urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur to the unspoiled beaches of the Perhentian Islands. Malaysia is stunning in its beauty and often undervalued in comparison to its neighbors Singapore or Thailand. Its location is on Asian main land and partly in the island of Borneo. There is much more in store for you than its capital Kuala Lumpur. Visit Malaysia this August and find new tourism vistas open for you in this Federal Constitutional Monarchy.

Discover Malaysia

Spend the day with an ethnic old tribe or in a tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands or ramble through the huge national parks of Gunung Mulu and Taman Negara, coming across exciting wildlife that includes Malaysian tigers and Orangutans. Make Borneo part of your itinerary and discover the jungle and dive at Sipadan island, an excellent marine habitat and one of the best diving spot in the world. Here mentioning is mandatory in regards to the great mixed ethnicity in Malaysian food from Indian curries, Chinese cuisines to Malay specialties, that’s truly savoring. Malaysia is unique in true sense.

National park Gunung Mulu
National park Gunung Mulu

August Overview for travel

Malaysia generally has dry weather in the month of August. The east coast of the peninsula remains sunny and dry, the islands there offer fair opportunities for snorkeling and diving adventures. The visitors throng the place in August as it is considered best time for sea sports activities. West coast islands will be humid, though drop in the temperature might be noticed after heavy showers that won’t last long. Overall August is a month to enjoy nature, wildlife and beautiful urban gardens.

Events in August that you can combine

Rainforest World Music Festival from 5th August in Sarawak, Penang has George Town Festival- a culture showcase event on 29th July to 28th August, sports lovers can enjoy Port Dickson Triathlon events on 20 & 21 August

How to reach Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is well connected by flights from most of the countries. If direct flights are not available one can reach through Singapore or Bangkok.

Local transport

For distant destinations, domestic flights are available, that’s one easy way. Regular ferries, Bus and train services are available as well. For commuting within cities, one can have taxis, boats, tri-wheelers and car rentals facilities.

Hotel facilities in Malaysia

There are great numbers of hotels that facilitate all the budgets, in all the cities of Malaysia. In addition to the hotels there are short term rooms on rentals, guest houses, religious housing, upscale hostels, farm stay options etc. that can facilitate your longer stays at one place.

Malaysian Cuisines

  • National dish– Nasi Lemak a Malayan dish of rice, coconut and Pandan leaves
  • National drink- Teh Tarik is a beverage, Tea mixed with creamy milk, it is very popular there.
  • Chicken preparations– Chicken satay, chicken curry, Malaysian Mango chicken, chicken dry stir- fry, spicy turmeric chicken, Sesame oil chicken, chicken rice and chicken Randang etc.
  • Sea food- Preparation of fishes, Prawns and shrimps in the shape of fish balls, prawn mee, Shrimp with curry leaves, stuffed crab (poo cha), Sambal Udang (Prawn sambal), Nyona Acar fish, curry fish head, chili crab,
  • Noodles- BeeThai Bak (Rice noodle soup), Pan Mee (hakka flat noodle soup) etc.
  • Desserts- Coffee ice cream, Pumpkin roll, Seri Muka, and great variety of cakes and pastries.

Sightseeing in Malaysia


You are likely to spend many more days in Kuala Lumpur than anywhere else. The city is a bustling jungle of the buildings and people. Here you can see vertical delight in Petronas Twin Tower about 430m tall, you can also walk on the open bridge connecting two towers and can have a panoramic view from that amazing height. The capital city has a remarkable bird zoo and about 10 well developed beautiful parks, that act like the green lungs to the city. Perdana Lake Gardens, Butterfly parks, Orchid garden and Hibiscus garden to name few gardens.


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Perhentian Island

One can take flight to Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bharu, from there taxi or bus will take you to Kuala Besut Jetty, boats take 1.5 hrs. to 2 hrs. from there to reach Perhentian Island, total 330 km from the capital. Island is known for snorkeling and diving besides its amazing sea habitats, corals & reefs and aesthetic pristine sea beaches.

Perhentian Island
Perhentian Island


About 300 km from Kuala Lumpur Penang can be reached by Air, Bus or Train. Trains are more advisable, it goes up to Butterworth, from there taxis and ferries go to Penang, colonial time edifices are the identity of George Town its capital. Sights not to be missed are its lovely beaches, forests, Nature, Penang National Park and Churches. The absorbing activities one can really enjoy there are Hiking, backpack tours, surface water sports, shopping and relish amazing sea food.


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Johor Bahru is 331 km from KL, one can reach easily by Air, Bus or train. It’s the capital of state of Johor at the southern tip of Malay peninsula. A causeway across straits of Johor takes you to Singapore, 300,000 locals go on it and work in Singapore. Johor Bahru is known for its nightlife, shopping malls, main boulevard of main business center Jalan Wong Ah Fook. The tourists’ favorites are Legoland & Danga Bay amusement parks, Istanana Besar palace, Pulai waterfalls, Johor Baru Chinese temple and Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque.



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Malacca city is the capital of central state of Malacca. At a distance of 122 km from KL, this is one of the oldest place in the straits of Malacca. You can reach Malacca city by Bus conveniently from KL. For local transport well colorful Trishaws are available. Its attractions are breathtaking nature’s visuals, churches, street food, The Stadthuys a 17th century Dutch building, Butterfly & Reptile sanctuary, Malacca Sultanate palace, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park.


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Sabah state’s capital Kota Kinabalu is 1623 km from KL, can be reached by air, train or bus easily. Located on Borneo Island this coastal city is surrounded by rain forests in parts. Known for boardwalks along the beaches, the city is the hub of commercial and entertainment activities, Kinabalu beaches, Kota Kinabalu mosque, Kinabalu National Park where 4095m high Mount Kinabalu is located. It is known for its excellent food and entertaining evenings.


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Visit Malaysia this August and enjoy the fun filled vacation to the hilt, considering that Malaysia is one of the most economical places in Southeast Asia.

Travel to Thailand – the Fun Capital of Asia

Travel to Thailand – the fun capital of Asia

When you sit and ponder about the destination plans, then you must look for South-eastern Asian countries for variety of reasons primarily because of their contemporary modern hi-tech tourism infrastructure and well- preserved ancient traditions. The name of Thailand will come spontaneously in the mind, when you look for complete action packed holidays. The Thailand visit will open up plethora of nature’s bounty that will unfold right there in front of your eyes. It is the fun capital of Asia with its nightlife, spas, malls, beaches, excursions on water and land, to name just a few.


Thailand is by far the most visited country, especially the city of Bangkok that attracts largest numbers of visitors in comparison to the other landmark cities of the world. The Global Destination Cities Index in 2013 placed Bangkok ahead of London, as most visited destination by foreign tourists in the world. Probably the biggest reason for its enhanced tourism being in its location in Southeast Asia, where tourists from Asian countries, in particular hugely populated India and China tourists visit Bangkok frequently.

August overview– August is the right time to visit Thailand. This is the time when summer and winter rush is less, hence one can have best of deals in hotels and other travel expenses. Another August tourism    preference is related to its weather, as Thailand experiences rainfall and temperature dips low, it becomes all the more reason for travel to Thailand, although humidity remains high. Northern Thailand cities like Chiang Mai get heavy rains in August. When looking for sunny and sandy coastal places, look for Hua Hin, Pranburi, Cha am amongst others.

How to reach

Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok gets flight from all parts of the world. The city is 33 km from the airport, the taxis and buses are available from there.

Thailand Hotels’ facilities

Bangkok is a happening city, the hotels here compliment all budgets from extravagant hotels to budget hotels, on every location of the city, namely Sukhumvit on the 18 km long road stretch. The area caters to the needs of all. Riverside is a high end magical locality, with water taxis and barges plying on the river that is scenic and unforgettable. Silom area is more of a business area, here hotels and excellent restaurants are available in plenty. Pratunam, Siam, Chinatown, Old city are the bustling and fun area to take up a hotel accommodation.

Cuisines of Thailand

  • Tom Yum Goong- shrimp soup
  • Som Tum- Green papaya salad
  • Toma Kha kai- Chicken in coconut milk
  • Gaeng Daeng- meat and coconut based curry
  • Pad Thai- Thai noodles
  • Khao pad- Fried rice preparation
  • Pad Krapow Moo Saap – Pork and basil with rice
  • Gaeng Keow Wang kai- Chicken cooked in green curry
  • Yam Nua- Beef salad
  • Kai Med Ma Muang- Chicken and cashew nut dish

Sightseeing in Thailand


‘City of Angels’ as Bangkok is referred in Thai language, the city is modern in its outlook and carries popularity for its beaches, historical locales, skyscrapers and shopping facilities. It has certain notorious entertainment attractions for certain tourists in its red light areas. The massage parlous and spas here do great business and have an element of attraction for a section of tourists, probably because of its affordability and high standards.

Bangkok, Thailand

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The city has various attractions in the form of monuments and locations.

  • The Grand palace– A magnificent palace in the city
  • Wat Arun– temple of Dawn
  • Temple of Emerald Buddha
  • WATS- Mahathat, Pho, Woravihara and Traimit
  • Baiyoke Sky Tower- Tallest building of Bangkok 310meter high
  • Museum– Jim Thomspon House and Ban Kamthieng house
  • Victory Monument
  • Best beaches around Bangkok- Hua Hin, Koh Samet.
  • Nightlife in clubs and trendy malls
  • Floating boat markets


Pattaya is an eastern Gulf Coast popular tourist destination, famous for its entertainment tourism, nightlife and beaches. Jet skiing and para sailing are very trendy for adventure lovers.


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How to reach

By Air-Pattaya’s airport is U-Tapao Airport located 30 kilometres from Pattaya. Flights are very frequent.

By Bus– Buses and taxis ply from Bangkok to Pattaya covering a distance of 122 km.

By Train– An economical way to travel between Bangkok and Pattaya, it has regular availability.

Sighseeing– Jomtien beach, Walking street, Ko Phai, Bira circuit auto racing, Sanctury of Truth-wooden building, Srirach Tiger zoo, Water park etc.


The coastal city of Phuket is very famous for its beaches and blue sea. It’s also called paradise island. A modern city having extreme fun, mixed with adventure opportunities, is known for the speed boats travels to adjacent islands such as Bond island. City’s golf courses, cruises, sail boats and yachting, eco-adventures and never ending fun on Patong beach makes Phuket an unforgettable destination.


Hotels– There is no dearth of excellent and pocket friendly hotels in Phuket.

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How to reach – 2nd busiest airport of Thailand, it has regular inbound and out-bound domestic and international flights. Flights from Bangkok 686 km away are more preferred, though the bus service is also there.


An ancient mountainous island in northern Thailand is a picturesque place. A 12th century Buddhist town now a much visited tourist destination with sights like temples WATS in Thai, namely Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Man, Phra Singh and Chedi Luang besides other ancient temples and other religion’s spiritual monuments. August is rainy time here normally, so check out before going there.


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How to reach– By air one can reach easily here, 3 km from city, the airport has international and domestic flights both. Bangkok being 695 km by road from here, the buses too are available. Regular train service is available.


How to reach–  200 km from Bangkok, Trains, taxis and buses are available to these places.

The twin coastal towns of Hua Hin and Cha Am are 25 km from each other. The unique feature of Hua Hin is its guest houses built on jetties, besides numbers of ancient and modern all budget hotels. A popular destination of European tourists, there are sightseeing opportunities such as Klai Kang Won, royal residence, long sandy beaches with beach facilities, adventure sports such as jet-skiing that are available along with many other water sports.


Travel to Thailand if you really want to know the definition of one never ending big party, then travel to Thailand this August.

Top Destinations to Visit in August

Top destinations to visit in August

South-east Asian countries have something unique about them. Most of them are modern yet stick to their ancient traditions, religions, preserve their culture and food habits. If you have some plans to travel somewhere, don’t look beyond Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, as these are among the top destinations to visit in August.

August overview- August is preferred by regular travelers who like to travel in this month only. As weather in Malaysia is rainy at certain parts of the country, the temperature drops down to around 29°c or less. In Malaysia mostly weather remains good and sunny in places like Redang, Perhentian, Kuala Terengganu and Tioman. In Japan the temperature in August remains between 26°c to 29°c, the rains are sparse in the month of August there.

In Thailand the weather remains good with the temperature dropping to 28°c, except in the northern parts of the country in the hill island Chiang Mai, that gets fair amount of rains during August. Rest of the places can experience some showers, that one has to check before proceeding there. The bottom line is   that, in all these countries, August month is the best time when rush of people is less.


Thailand is a country with a big appeal for the tourists of all kinds, for the secluded kind there are beaches, cool hideouts, bars and unexplored wilderness. For fun lovers there is plenty, from the shopping malls, Massage spas, bars, classy red light area, all night activities clubs etc. For adventure lovers, there is so much to do such as jet-skiing, yachting, speed boat rides and deep sea diving.

Thailand map
Thailand map

Cities in Thailand to see

  • BangkokThe capital city where fun never sleeps

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  • Pattaya The blue sea and sandy beaches, a picture perfect place
  • Phuket- A well -known coastal town, where one can enjoy the sunshine, water sports, speed boat rides to the islands and picturesque panoramic scenes.
  • Chiang Mai – A northern island is a Buddhist monument’s city, besides great fun with its beauty.
  • Hua Hin and Cha-Am- The twin coastal towns are great for Europeans who enjoy great facilities on the sandy sea beaches.


Malaysia is a pleasant and hassle free country, it’s vibrant with multi-cultural population that includes Malay, Chinese, Indians, other ethnic and indigenous groups. This exotic country has all, historical monuments, temples, nature’s wealth, beaches, jungles, wild life and good transportation system.

Malaysia map
Malaysia map

Cities in Malaysia for tourists

  • Kuala lumpur- The capital city’s skyline is covered by skyscrapers such as 451 m tall Petronas twin towers.
  • Penang On Malay Peninsula, by the strait of Malacca, this is the state of Malaysia it has Penang island where its capital George Town is located.
  • Johor Bahru- at Peninsula connecting Singapore, Johor bahru is a happening place with its night life.
  • Malacca cityMalacca city reflects its colonial past with beautiful churches and monuments
  • Kota Kinabalu- Capital city of Sabah state it is a lovely coastal place.


An island nation in the Pacific Japan is technologically happening, full of high rise buildings, Shinto and Buddhist temples and gardens.  A country that should to be seen to believe.

Japan map
Japan map
  • Tokyo Capital city, it is bustling, modern yet culturally strong, a beautiful city.

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  • Osaka On Honshu island, Osaka is a port city and a business center.
  • Kyoto On Honshu island, it has great Buddhist and Shinto shrines, attractive culture showcase.

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  • Okinawa- A big island city has plenty of attractions such as Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, beaches etc.
  • Fukuoka- Huge city on Kyushu Island, malls, beaches, art museum has plenty of monuments.

Certainly the top destinations to visit in August as described, will motivate you to travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, and have great time there.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of South America

Explore South America with these UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Exploring new places is exciting and full of surprises. It gets even more exciting when the places you’re exploring are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These sites are conserved by the international organization because they contain the rich history of the place and are associated with something big. These sites are a symbol of the culture and tradition of a place and let you understand the past in a better way.

If you’re venturing into the South Americas, then we have put together some mind boggling and mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage Sites for you that will make your travel all the more beautiful.

1. Iguacu National Park, Brazil:

This National Park defies international boundaries. The park is spread across a massive region covering Brazil and parts of Argentina. The Iguacu falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, stretch from Brazil to Argentina and form an ecosystem where plants and animals thrive. The place can be accessed from the city of Iguacu in Brazil.

Iguacu National Park, Brazil
Iguacu National Park, Brazil

2. Lima, Peru:

This Peruvian treasure tells about the rich past and the influence of the Spanish Conquistador in Peru. The city center resembles Spanish architecture and is conserved by the Peruvian Government and UNESCO despite all the instabilities going on in the country. A day long tour of this famous City Center in Lima will leave you breathless and you can experience the 16th to 19th century Peru here.

Lima Peru
Lima Piru

3. Rapa Nui:

This place is also known by the name of Easter Island. Rapa Nui is a mystical place that is our only link to the now extinct Polynesian civilization and culture. It is deemed as one of the most alluring places of sacred worth on the planet and contain the remnants of the Polynesian culture that are a mystery to us, even to this day.

Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui

4. Machu Picchu:

This World Heritage Site is one of the best kept secrets in the world. It was hidden from the humankind for ages and is the living example of the famous Incan Kingdom. The place can be accessed from a train ride from Cusco, but the tour becomes really fruitful if you take the Inca Trail and trek for a few days to reach the city. Visit this place with at least a week in your hand to experience the Incan marvels of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

5. Galapagos Islands: 

Inhabited by natural wildlife, the island group containing 19 islands mesmerizes anyone who visits. This is one of the last places on earth where man has respected the boundaries of nature. You can walk amongst the wildlife in this life changing experience in the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

6. Monuments in Cartagena:

This place is considered to be the most beautiful city in the Southern Americas. The place is located on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and is home to the best examples of colonial architecture. The forts, port and the group of monuments are quite magnificent and show the strength of the Spanish colonial emperors. The place was so well protected that the city earned the nickname of La Heroica.

Monuments in Cartagena
Monuments in Cartagena

7. Tiwanaku Ruins:

Bolivia’s west border and Lake Titicaca on the Peru’s southern border meet at the ruins of Tiwanaku. They were the predecessors of the Incas and were at their peak during the 8th The place hosts some of the best pre Inca architecture, including the famous Akapana Temple, a pyramid shaped stone temple that tells about the marvel of Tiwanaku people.

Tiwanaku Ruins
Tiwanaku Ruins

8. Talampaya National Park, Argentina:

Home to the world’s oldest dinosaur remains, the Telampaya National Park in Argentina is a marvel. This place is located in the central deserts of Argentina and delights the tourists by taking them through six different geological formations. These natural beauties have been carved by the water and wind over the years and is a must go place for Paleontology enthusiasts.

Talampaya National Park, Argentina
Talampaya National Park, Argentina

Check out these wonderful places in South America and add on to your experience in understanding the world in a better way. These World Heritage Sites are conserved by UNESCO as they want the world to experience the rich history and heritage of the places that have carved our present day the way it is.

Galapagos Islands, Group of Volacano Islands, South America

Galapagos Islands, South America

General info on Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos Islands are group of nineteen volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is a part of Ecuador. The islands and adjoining water sides are shared in three specific forms, the Galapagos Province, the Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve. The current volcanic activities are still developing the islands and this is the reason why these isolated islands became the home of unfamiliar species.

Galapagos Islands

Why visit the Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve are the world’s only and exceptional existing gallery and platform of evolution. If you consider yourself a nature lover and want an opportunity to explore the world wildlife like National Geographic, then this is the perfect reason to visit the Galapagos Islands. The most important reason to visit these islands is wildlife. The islands are the home of some sporadic animals. You can’t see these animals anywhere else in the world. The other reason to visit the Galapagos Islands is the underwater sphere. It has a spectacular, secure aquatic life where the alteration of ocean currents enriches the marine life.

Main attractions and things to do

These volcanic Islands are wonderful, mesmerism and habitat of various unfamiliar species. There are so many things that you can explore on these islands.

1. Charles Darwin Research Center- You can have a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island. If you are interested in science then you will get to know about Darwin’s observation and how the research continues today.

Charles Darwin Research Centre

2. Scuba Diving– If you are adventurous and curious about under water, then scuba diving is just perfect. You can see many wonderful fishes and water species.

Scuba Diving

3. Lava Tubes- Santa Cruz has some magnificent structures of lava. There are many long channel caves. You can explore these natural beauties by your own or you can hire a guide for increasing your knowledge.

Lava Tubes

4. Tortuga Bay- Tortuga Bay is one of the popular sea beaches in the Galapagos. It is a great experience of crystal clear water.

Tortuga Bay

5. The Wall of Tears- This is situated in the Puerto Villa-mil. The wall and its path, both are beautiful and interesting. You can see many birds and wildlife near this wall like, flamingos, turtles.

The Wall of Tears

6. Los Gemelos- These two sink holes are located in Santa Cruz. This place is enclosed by full of wooden area.

Los Gemelos

7. Giant Tortoise- The giant tortoise is the asset of the Galapagos Islands. These tortoises are mostly live till 150 years and reach the weight about 900 pounds. It can be an extremely magnificent experience to see them in their own territory.

Giant Tortoise Galapagos Islands

8. Birds- These islands have various birds. There are thirteen types of tanagers, Cormorants, Albatrosses and Frigate birds.

Birds Galapagos Islands

9. Las Loberias- This destination is world- famous for sea lions and their pups. You can spend a day by watching them or you can go for a swim, but keep some distance.

Las Loberias

Best time to travel Galapagos Islands

You can see animals and water species round the year in the Galapagos Islands. There are mainly two seasons in the islands, like cool and dry season in between June to November and warm and wet season in December to June. The warmer season is considered as the ideal time to visit these islands.

Galapagos Islands hotel options

Staying in the Galapagos Islands hotels is much more costly than in the mainland Ecuador. Four islands have hotel facility, Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, Isabela Island and Floreana Island. There are various types of hotels available from two stars to luxurious five star hotels. The charges are just double from the mainland. Minimum charges are 20 dollar per person each night and maximum 100 dollar. You need to check all facilities before you go to the booking.

How to reach Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos Islands are famous because these are isolated and untouched. You can only reach in these islands by flight. But there are no direct international flights. You have to reach in Quito or Guayaquil on Ecuador. Then you can board for Galapagos. It takes only 2.5 hours to reach the islands. There are daily connecting flights available from cities across Europe and America. Direct flights are there from Miami, Atlanta, Houston and New York. From Europe, Amsterdam and Madrid have direct flights to Ecuador. The busiest airport in the Galapagos Islands is in the Baltra Island and the second airport is in the San Cristobal Island.