Weekend Getaways from San Francisco, USA

Best Weekend Getaways San Francisco

San Francisco is any body’s dream city. But local’s dream could be to get out of the brouhaha of day to day routine for a while. So what could be the best to recharge your body and soul? Planning your weekend getaway could be the best answer. Here are some comely locations for your perfect Weekend Getaways San Francisco.

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Monterey, Carmel- by- the- sea and Asilomar

Distance- 121 miles

Best time- Peak-July to mid October (November to March – rainfalls and colder conditions)
Weekend Getaways San Francisco

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a small beach city on California’s Monterey Peninsula. Its museums and library of the historic Carmel Mission and the exotic cottages and art galleries make visiting there worthwhile. Carmel River State Beach with a scuba entry point, the sea animals and whaling museum of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve are unforgettable destinations. Walk or bike on miles of long trails besides the sea. Carmel-by-the-sea is a quaint looking town with many cool restaurants, lodges and shopping places. Asilomar is about 6 miles from Caramel. The part of Pacific groves Asilomar is famous for its conference grounds.

Monterey, Carmel

Lake Tahoe

Distance- 191 Miles

Best time- April to November

Tahoe Lake is famous for skiing resorts around this alpine lake.  Now all the year round activities can be seen here. Warm weather sports, hiking, biking, trekking, boating and skiing are very popular for the visitors. High profile restaurants with delectable food, wine and food festivals makes it a happening place. For skiing Squaw Valley is favorite spot for ski lovers. If you love scenic beauty, adventure sports, walks, laid back atmosphere, good food, then Tahoe Lake is just for you.

Lake Tahoe


Distance- 45 miles

Best time- April to November

Sonoma is California’s foremost wine making county. The wine is made in 16 of its popular places. Its restaurants are award winning for their food.  It is one of the largest growers of Hop, grapes, prunes in California. Places for site seeing include Fort Ross a Russian Fur trade outpost, Quarryhill Botanic Garden,  Lake Sonoma and many wineries.  Healdsburg is its important and lovable town. Sonoma is the best for outdoor activities. You can spend your Weekend Getaways San Francisco in a total bliss.


Santa Cruz

Distance- 73 miles

Best time- March to October (all the year round fun goes on)

Santa Cruz is great for surfing, beach activities, vintage shopping and old carnival rides. Seabright sea beach provides relaxation, leisure and unsurpassed view of the sea. The area of Monterrey is a wine country, so visit Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard that produces English style wines. Santa Cruz is home to renowned Sea Beaches and State Parks such as Lighthouse Field State Beach, Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park and Twin lakes State Beach. There are few golf courses too for Golf lovers, Board walks at seaside, water sports like sailing, diving, swimming, stand up paddle boating and paddling etc. For surfers this place is no less than heaven for Weekend Getaways San Francisco. 

Santa Cruz


Distance- 155miles

Best time- April to December

A historic town Mendocino stands for culture and scenic spectacle.  Mendocino is pilgrimage for artists and art lovers who flock here till late at night. The scenic colors of sea and beaches inspire the artists who like to paint scenario in multiple colors. Vertical cliffs have sea waves crashing on them and forming a spectacular view and an unforgettable phenomenon.  There are local parks such as Mendocino Headlands State Park, Mendocino Woodlands State Park, Russian Gulch State Park and Point Cabrillo Light station etc. Annual music fair is its highlighted activity.


Wilbur Hot Springs

Distance- 121 miles

Best time- April to October

Wilbur Hot Springs is a romantic place right in the lap of nature reserve.  The natural hot springs which believed to have healing powers gave this place its name.  It’s tranquil and peaceful aura bring many tourist here. There springs have been channelized to swimming pool and many springs. It’s famous for hydrotherapy spa also. Located in Bear Creek, this place is very good getaway choice.

Wilbur Hot Springs

Paso Robles

Distance- 205 miles

Best time- March to November

Paso Robles may be an underestimated place to visit but it’s a package of many surprises. From funky artists dens to its cowboy bars, in addition to wine making facilities. Located right between Los Angeles and San Francisco this town is unique in many ways. The city is famous for its hot springs, olive oil production, wineries, almond orchards and a Californian Mid-state fair. Paso Robles is certainly a weekend surprise and a prize for under estimators.

Paso Robles

Big Sur

Distance- 141 miles

Best time- March to December

Big Sur is lightly populated region of central coast of California; there Santa Lucia Mountains seem to appear suddenly from nowhere. Big Sur is fascinating area of many parks such as Carmel River State Beach, Point lobos State Natural Reserve, Garrapata State Park, Point Sur Sun State Park, Andrew Molera State Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, John Little State Natural Reserve, and Limekiln State Park. These nine state parks have many attractions like woods, waterfalls falling right into ocean, scenic beaches for long walks, swimming, hiking, and outdoor activities. Big Sur has various accommodations available from rustic cabin to five star hotels to stay overnight. This is also one of the unique place is for Weekend Getaways San Francisco. 

Big Sur


Distance- 10 miles

Best time- March to December

Sausalito is just a jump away on ferry from San Francisco. 30 minutes ferry is an exciting experience. Here nature’s bounty is spectacular.  Lots of water sports and other activities are available there such as Kayaking, sailing, hiking and swimming etc. World famous art & music festivals are organized here. There you can have a unique experience of house boats too. At Fishermen Wharf you can hire bicycles for unforgettable cycling rides. There are some other places to explore, such as Fort Baker which is rich in Indian and Military history. Also Bay Area Discovery Museum which kids can enjoy. For remarkable views Hawk Hill is known for Golden Gate’s views from top. Tiburon is about 15 minutes away from Sausalito, a small town with beautiful outdoor scenes, small restaurants and cafes. This is also one of the unique place is for Weekend Getaways San Francisco. 


Top Weekend Getaways From London

Top weekend getaways London

What you plan for your weekends getaways London? Probably you will stay back at home and do what you missed out on week days. Possibly you may be planning to make weekend trip somewhere. But there is lot to think, where to go, what to do, what to see. For all these questions we shall furnish suggestions. Just stop worrying and pack the bag to get set and get ready to go to unexplored destinations of weekend getaways London.

England is a beautiful country and it exists outside London too, contrary to few Londoners and most foreigners may think.


Distance- 54 Miles (86 km), By Train- 1hr 40m

Best time- Avoid high winters

Brighton is a lovely place located on the sea coast, south of London. This is a popular pleasure destination and a world apart in comparison to London. Located in east Sussex county, it’s a fun place where at seaside pier you can enjoy cool fun, sea breeze and lovely sunshine. Victorian era buildings are pleasingly eyeful of structures. Its sea beach is about 8 km long and dotted with restaurants, hotels, night club, amusement facilities and arcades etc. The city is spread over 83 sq km and its main shopping area is Churchill square where there are about 80 shops, restaurants and huge multiple cars parking facility. Enjoyment at Brighton lasts through your weekend and beyond.


Distance- 208 miles (334 km)

Best time- April to November

York is the main city of Yorkshire. This town has immense historical value. The milestones of history can be seen in Jorvik Viking Centre, Huge ancient cathedral, National railway museum etc.  Walled York castle is the part of ancient history, there you can walk on its huge walls and watch the river flowing by. Take boat rides and have lunch excursion on the river. York is the best example of mix of ancient, modern British, Roman and Viking history. Your weekend will be a memorable experience in York.


Stratford upon Avon

Distance- 22 miles (35 Km)

Best time- From March to November

Town of Warwickshire county Stratford upon Avon is a place for literature lovers. What better place for literature lovers than visit to the abode of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. The boating on river Avon will be pleasure. There are hotels and hostels to stay and best of time to enjoy your weekend here.

Stratford upon Avon for weekend getaways London


Distance- 58 miles (93 km)

Best time- March to November for weekend getaways London

Oxford has the oldest university of England. To visit here you don’t have to be a student, there are plenty of locations you can visit and enjoy your weekend. There are many bookshops like famous Blackwell’s Bookshop in Norrington Room, spread over in 10000 sq ft area. Ashmolean Museum, Headington shark, Oxford Botanic Garden, covered market on high street of Oxford. For sports and fun punting is a popular boating activity in summers, navigating boat with a wooden pole down the river. The train is the comfortable way to reach Oxford from London.



Distance- 50 miles (80 km)

Best time-April to November for weekend getaways London

Cambridge is an iconic university town like Oxford. There is lot to explore such as Cambridge college campus, ancient and modern buildings, walk on the streets, explore book stores and stroll in old and new markets. Also best theatres, museums and galleries are its unique places to visit. Here also punting can be done in summers on river Cam. This town is also the famous music band Pink Floyd’s town. Your weekend will be enjoyable all the way.



Distance- 23 miles (37 km)

Best time- April to November for weekend getaways London

Windsor‘s history is awesome. It’s the Queen’s abode in famous royal Windsor Castle. Take a stroll in the Castle, enjoy its majestic construction and then take walk on the high streets or cross river to Eton. Eton is home to famous institutions from where many famous people got educated.



Distance- 75 miles (120 Km)

Best time- April to November for weekend getaways London

Dover is a ferry town in Kent County and a busy seaport. France is located across the English Channel from here, hence always had strategic importance for Britain. Dover Castle is one of the finest Castles in Britain. Chalk Cliffs are famous site to see. Dover being a fort city has history of military heritage, as this has always been the entry point for the invaders in olden times. Dover’s famous war oriented military museum is worth a visit. Your weekend will be worth spending here.



Distance- 115 miles (185 Km)

Best time- April to November for weekend getaways London

In the valley of river Avon, Bath town is under Somerset County. This is a famous site of a Roman Spa with its history going back to thousands of years. The finest ruins of Roman era are the witness of British Roman history. Adorned with Georgian Classic architecture the city is beautiful to adore. There are many museums such as Museum of Bath Architecture, Victoria Art Gallery, Holburne Museum, and Museum of East Asian Art. There are two universities also, Bath Spa University and University of Bath.

Bath town


Distance-283 miles (455 km)

Best time- April to November for weekend getaways London

Cornwall is a peninsula reaching to Celtic sea. It has magnificent coastline of 300 miles of dunes and cliffs. It has wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches. Its medieval forests and creeks with oak trees are its high points. There are beautiful harbor villages like Falmouth and Fowey. Play beach games, ride on waves and build sandcastle at Daymer Bay. For break with nature there is Cornwell town with its modern facilities. In total, a complete and fulfilling weekend for you and kids.


Lake District

Distance- 278 miles (447km)

Best time- April to October for weekend getaways London

The Lake District is finest in terms of the scenic beauty. In northwest of London Lake District is a popular holiday destination. For trekking enthusiasts there is Scafell Pike at 3209 ft which is the highest mountain in Britain. Besides trekking, there is a grand view Glacial Ribbon Lakes and valley of Wasdale. Market towns such as Keswick, Kendell and Ambleside traditionally have the exotic inns, outdoor equipment shops, restaurants and ethnic art galleries. This place is worth spending your weekends and beyond.

Lake District

Best Weekend Getaways From New York

Best weekend getaways from New York

There are many reasons one love to live in most happening city in the world New York. At the same time, there is big reason for city dwellers to make a vanishing act on best weekend getaways from New York. When living becomes a stress in week days, the weekend seems God given opportunity to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Where to escape for weekends? Not there where everyone whizzing and causing air and traffic congestion. Here are few getaway weekends places for New Yorkers.

Ocean City N.J.one of the best weekend getaways from New York

Distance- 128 miles, 2hours 7 minutes via Garden State Pkwy

Best time to visit- March to November

Ocean City is one of the best east coast beach towns located in the tri-state area. Sandy beaches are the major attraction of this place. The boats can carry you around sea to watch whales. Swim on the sea shore and lay down on the sandy beaches to give your body much needed sun. The walks on board along the shore can be the unforgettable moments. The relaxation provided there is complete for the body and mind.

Ocean City N.J. one of the best weekend getaways from New York

You may also like to visit:



Atlantic City

Distance- 127 miles

Best Time- From March to November

Atlantic City is located in South Jersey tucked besides Atlantic. Primarily developed as health resort this city is now lined up with high rise hotels and nightclubs along the shore. To entertain visitors many casinos have come up along with spas and health services. The comedy and musical acts too are on the show being the reason for big smiles. Endless food and high end shopping facilities are there for all. The beaches offer sand and board walks along the ocean for an out of the world experience.

Atlantic City

Cape May

Distance- 158 miles

Best time- April to October

Cape May city is located on southern side of Cape May peninsula New Jersey where Delaware Bay meets Atlantic Ocean.  This city has right mix of history rolled in natural beauty of the place. There are white beaches, dunes and marshland to explore by riding on bikes or by walks. This place offers amazing restaurants, Victorian houses and hotels to behold and rejoice. One never knows when weekend ends quickly here.


Cape May city

The Berkshire Mountains

Distance- 169 miles

Best time- May to October

These are located in western Massachusetts dotted with villages and towns. It extends pure scenic spectacle of nature with art, theaters and other entertainments. It’s known for its outdoor activities, like hiking, viewing falling foliage, farms where one can see process of food from trees to table. There are eight museums, plenty of stage shows and annual musical festival in Tangle-wood

Cape May city


Distance- 119 miles

Best time- May to October

Coming from bustling place, one requires isolation of location where one may be happy by doing nothing on sandy beaches facing vast sea. Just for that need look for Montauk a hamlet set in eastern tip of Long Island. This place is in New Hampton, Suffolk County NY. It’s ideal for wind and water surfing, playing golf, hiking and swimming etc. One can relish delectable food here and shop some antiques too.


Duchess County

Distance- 85 miles

Best Time- June to October

Enjoyment in Duchess County on south east part of NY State never ceases when one is there. It’s dotted with lively towns such as Rhinebeck, Red Hook and Millbrook etc. Look for old exotic Inns and excellent food here.  It’s perfect for antique buyers and explorers. This county is on Hudson River Valley and is well connected by rail, road, and air.

Duchess County

Fire Island

Distance- 64 miles

Best time- April to October for best weekend getaways from New York

Fire Island is 32 miles long and less than a mile in width between ocean and bay. Probably this is its unique charm. People leave their cars and ride on ferries to reach here. Laze around on the beach, take a walk, play board games under the beach umbrellas, in fact it’s your perfect weekend hideout. There are very few hotels to stay and demand is more. Largest towns are Cherry Grove and Ocean Beach. Places to see in Fire Island are Lighthouse, Beaches, and Sunken Forest.

Fire Island

Shelter Island

Distance- 108 miles

Best time- April to October

Shelter Island is the 11.5 sq miles of area in long island NY, located between its North and South fork. Shelter Island is the hamlet of this island of small population. Shelter Island Heights, on north side of the island is the place where original citizens of this area live. Here old Victorian era houses can be seen. Silver Beach and Shell Beach are its prominent beaches where few hotels and resorts also are located. Shelter Island is thus a nice weekend option.

Shelter Island

North Fork

Distance- 99 miles

Best time – May to October for best weekend getaways from New York

North Fork is a 30 mile long peninsula in Suffolk County NY. It’s known for its vineyards and wines such as ‘Chardonnays and Merlots’. Here local inns and food combine well with farms to provide a cool weekend getaway. There are beautiful beaches too for lazing under the sun and doing Kayaking.

North Fork

Top Weekend Gateways from Kolkata

Top Weekend Gateways from Kolkata

Well known all across the world as the “City of Joy”, Kolkata is a traveler’s dream and has been one of the places that even the International travelers want to explore once in their lifetimes. While the city of Kolkata has a lot to offer to any traveler in general, the locals who have been staying in the city for a long time may feel that the charm and the life in Kolkata are getting monotonous. Thus, in order to give them a welcome break from the hustle bustle, the pollution and the noise associated with a metropolitan city like Kolkata, we have come up with a list of the top weekend gateways from Kolkata which would offer one peace and tranquility, if not more.

Some of the top weekend gateways from Kolkata are:

1. Bishnupur-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 151 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October to March

The small town in West Bengal, Bishnupur is avidly known and famous for its terracotta temples along with being rich in culture which includes the likes of their handicrafts, architecture and music. Set up in the times of the Malla Kings in the 17th century, Bishnupur can be reached from Kolkata by the means of car as well as train route and the approximate time taken is 4 hours to reach there. The must visit places in here include Shyam Rai Temple, Radheshyam temple, Jjorbangla temple among others.

Bishnupur-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

2. Digha-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 185 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- July to March

This is a spectacular beach town located at the shores of the Bay of Bengal and is a pretty popular beach destination in East Midnapore district of West Bengal bordering the state of Odisha. Known for its pristine and untouched beaches and unmatched scenery, this town is accessible by the means of car, trains as well as buses, both private and government and takes about 5 hours to reach.

Digha beach

3. Sundarbans-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 114 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- September to March

Sundarbans, is shared between the neighboring countries India and Bangladesh together which means “Beautiful forest” according to its name. This newly declared UNESCO World Heritage site is a treasure cove of nature and is known to be home to the biggest mangrove forest in the world and provides the traveler a complete run through nature starting from the sightings of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers that this place reserves along with the river Ganges and the lovely flora and the fauna of the region. The best way to reach to reach Sundarbans is by trains which take one to the nearby region from where boats need to be reserved to reach the main area. Otherwise, various boat safaris commute from Kolkata which one can take. The overall time to reach the place is about 4 hours.


4. Bolpur-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 163 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- August to March

A place in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, this municipal town in the state, Bolpur is hardly touched by the hustle bustle of the city life and offers the travelers with a harmony of chirping birds and the mystical Baul songs which can be heard all over. This lovely destination which can be reached from Kolkata via trains, busses and even by car takes about 4 hours to reach. This lovely tourist destination of Bolpur is also pretty close to Rabindranath Tagore’s abode, Shantiniketan, the world renowned Viswa Bharati University and Sriniketan. The best time to find the flavor of this lovely municipal town located in West Bengal, one need to visit the region while the Dol Utsav or the Poush Mela is at the peak in the March and January months respectively.


5. Mandarmani-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 170 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October- March

One of the other beach destinations near Kolkata, Mandarmani has come up into notice of the tourists not very long ago and thus it is also doted as one of the cleanest and the widest in terms of the sea shore! Coupled with lush greenery and lovely sea to over look at, this place is accessible by the means of trains, busses as well as cars and takes about 5 hours to reach. With the cropping up of various beach resorts overlooking the sea in here, this place is ideal to vist for families, couples and even a bunch of friends together.


6. Bakkhali-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 132 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October- March

One of the hidden natural treasures in the southern most part of West Bengal, Bakkhali is an ideal beach destination for those who want to avoid commercialism and crowd and wants to spend some lone time in the laps of Mother Nature. While the main places to visit here include the likes of the windmill in Frasergunj and the crocodile propagation center located there, just a stroll on the sea beach and exploring the architecture and beauty of the nearby temple of Banbibi located at a close proximity gives one the pleasure of a lifetime. The mode to travel to Bakkhali includes traveling by train, buses as well as cars which go all the way to the place with utter ease taking only about 4 hours to reach the destination.


7. Chandannagar-one of the weekend gateways from Kolkata

Distance from Kolkata- 53.3 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October- February

The small yet extremely significant town, located in the interiors of West Bengal in the district of Hooghly lies Chandannagar, which is rich in the most unique as well as formidable history in perhaps the entire nation of India. Chandannagar is immersed in a colorful history due to being ruled by the Nawabs, then the French, then Britain and ultimately merged into the State of West Bengal after India got independence. Thus, this lovely town has traces of its turbulent and unique past and one can see the glimpses of the past in its architecture and in every nook and corner of the town. The best way to travel to Chandannagar is by local trains or maybe car which is at a distance of only 2 hours from Kolkata.


Choose your destination and travel to such incredible coves of nature and history that you would vouch to return to!

Top Weekend Getaways Destinations From Mumbai

Top Weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

The “City that never sleeps”, Mumbai is truly the entertainment and the financial capital of our nation, which is also the largest city in India. While the hustle bustle of the main city creates havoc in a normal Mumbaikar’s life, the best way to escape from all this is via a good weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai into the laps of nature.

Thus we have come up with the top weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai that one can escape to on coming weekends and have a leisurely time:

1. Matheran- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 90 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October to May

Located at a distance of mere 90 kilometers from the city of Mumbai, Matheran is a famous hill station in the nation which comes in the Raigad district. While it is the nearest hill stations to Mumbai, in case you are looking to spend your weekend with a spectacular 360 degree view of natural beauty, this is theplace to be! Some of the main tourist spots in this hill station include the Railway Station, Olympia Race Course, One Tree Hill Point, Panorama Point, and Porcupine Point among others. A heaven during the rainy season, this place is accessible via trains, cars and buses from Mumbai with ease!

Matheran one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

2. Panshet- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 183 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October to May

This one is a small village located in Pune and is about 183 kilometers away from the Mumbai city. The place is ideal for couples to spend weekends. Since the place is less crowded comparatively, tourists can have some ‘me time’ over here. Tourists can enjoy water sports, boating and sightseeing at Panshet. Reaching this place is easy via buses, trains or cars Some of the major tourist attractions includes the water park and dam.

Panshet Pune

3. Murud-Janjira

Distance from Mumbai- 150 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- Throughout the year

Located about 150 kilometers away from Mumbai, Murud-Janjira is a place with immense historical importance where one can take a peek at the old sculptures, caves, statues and other archaeological wonders. The places to see in here include the temples, historical forts, and the beaches. Murud-Janjira can be easily reached via train or car.


4. Lavasa- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 185.9 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- Throughout the year

The tremendously renowned planned city in the state of Maharashtra, this hill city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The growing number of tourists visits the city to enjoy supreme facilities related to entertainment, sports, nature walks, adventure activities, gaming, etc. The connectivity to this place is immense with rail, car and bus route from which one can choose. Lavasa is also best to celebrate the New Year for luxury seekers.


5. Khandala

Distance from Mumbai- 205 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- June- Mid- March

One of the popular hill stations in the state of Maharashtra, Khandala is situated in the Western Ghats and takes about 3 hours to reach via bike or car from the city of Mumbai. A heaven for hikers, this hill station gives plenty of travel options including the likes of train, bus and car travel. The spots to check out include Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, Karla and Bhaja caves, Duke’s Nose and Bhushi Lake. The activities here include shopping, hopping off to nearby hill station Lonavala just 5 kilometers away, or getting actively involved into the adventure activities that this hilly terrain offers.


6. Alibag

Distance from Mumbai- 94 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- November to July

Mainly a town located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the main source of income of the locals there is via tourism and thus it is one of the most visited locations near Mumbai. Located pretty near to the city of Mumbai, traveling to Alibag takes only 2 hours via car or bus and can also be accessed by trains too. While this place is budget friendly and affordable destination, even the ones looking for a great weekend can accommodate this place in their budget. The main attractions there include the beaches, fort, Mandawa, Saswane, Kanakeswar forest, temples and Awas.


7. Bhandardara

Distance from Mumbai- 165.2 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- July- February

Bhandardara is definitely the best alternative available near the city of Mumbai, if you want to spend your summers in peace in the laps of Mother Nature. While the travel options in this place includes a bus or a car travel which takes about 2 hours 46 minutes, the train journey is of 2-3 hours in an approximate. The best places to spot in here are the famous Agastya Rishi Ashram, the lovely waterfalls and the gigantic Mount Kalsubai.


8. Karnala Fort- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 150 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- October to April

Doted as one of the oldest forts in the nation, the Karnala Fort located very close to Mumbai is also one of the best offbeat travel destinations in the entire state. The fort built in the 12th century is one of the most important historical sites of the nation and is known to be great for hiking as well as trekking activities along with being great for shopping, bird-watching at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, or maybe visit the Elephanta caves nearby. The best way to travel there is by car or bus which would take not more than an hour to reach!

Karnala Fort

9. Saputara- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 247.7 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- Throughout the year

Located in the state of Gujarat, Satapura is the lone hill station in the region and is located at a close proximity to the city of Mumbai. The best options to travel in here is by car which takes around 4 hours whereas the other options include a bus journey or commuting by train. Some of the spots to look for while there are the Rose garden, Table Point, Echo Point, boating and the ropeway fun among many more!


10. Bhimashankar- one of the weekend getaways destinations from Mumbai

Distance from Mumbai- 200 kilometers

Best Time to Visit- August to February

Bhimashankar is the ideal location for the religious or the spiritual kinds which is located in the village of Bhogiri. The Bhimashankar Temple is world famous due to the fact that the deity there is included in the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva according to Hindu Mythology. Bhimashankar as a place is also pretty well known and feels like heaven due to the presence of the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a natural treasure in itself along with the Hanuman lake and the trekking options this place offers. The other attractions to look for apart from this temple in the village include the Datta Mandir, Ram Mandir and the Kamalaja Mata Mandir and many more, all of which are equally pious and beautiful. While the best way to reach this temple is via cars, the other options include trains and buses which usually need a break journey to reach to the destination.


With so many weekend gateway destination ideas presented before you, pack your bags and leave for the one you liked the most! Bon Voyage!