Collioure Tourism, France

Collioure Tourism, France

The Land of Inspiration

Collioure is an idyllic place on the Rocky coastline surrounded by an undisturbed and protected environment. It is situated in the very south of France at a distance of approximately 26 km (15 miles) from the Spanish border. The waters of the Mediterranean meet the rocks of the Pyrenees mountain chain, sheltered by a clear and calm creek.The climate is exceptionally sunny due to the Tramontana wind from the north. This makes it an ideal place for a unique and healthy lifestyle.

Heritage of Collioure France

Heritage of Collioure

Collioure is situated between sea and mountains at the heart of the rocky coastline on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It offers spectacular panoramas and is a unique sight defined by its long hours of sunshine and its natural surroundings. The place has come about through a clever combination of earth and sea between secluded coves, pebble beaches and ancient stones. Along with its geography, it’s history is steeped in culture and architectural heritage. Special architectural monuments like the Royal Castle or The Bell Tower, add to its special character. Medieval architecture and Renaissance masonry go hand in this Catalan town. No wonder, It has been rated among the top historical destinations of Europe.

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Places to visit in Collioure and things to do

Collioure Royal Castle Collioure France

A melting pot of natural, architectural and cultural heritages, there are several places to visit in Collioure.

1. Temple Protestant
2. Tombe D’Antonio Machado
3. Collioure Royal Castle
4. Saint Vincent Chapel
5. Batterie Taillefer
6. The Church of Notre Dam Des Anges

The Church of Notre Dam Des Anges Collioure

7. Cloitre Des Dominicains

8. Patrick O’Brian’s Grave

9. The Round Fort- The Square Fort

10. Hermitage De Consolation

11. Fortress Saint Elme

12. Fort Dugommier

13. Le More

14. Fort Miradou

15. The Dominican Convent

Outdoor activities in Collioure are characterized by hiking and outdoor sports. Hiking along the coastline to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view or aquatic excursions in flippers to explore the richness of the seabed are two of the primary activities to choose from. Boat trips and coach tours are also available.Other recreational activities include mountain biking, horse riding, climbing, kayaking and even white water rafting. Indoor activities range from casinos, discos, watching movies or reading up on your favorite literature in the library.

Gastronomy of Collioure

Gastronomy of Collioure France

As a seaside port town, it has a huge variety of seafood. Its diverse range of fish and shellfish platter serves the most ardent of food fanatics. Anchovies are a specialty of the area and is considered to be one of the tastiest dishes of the region. This place is also famous for its excellent vineyards which are the source of the town’s wine and its excellent strength of character. The place is essentially a food lover’s paradise.

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The best time to visit Collioure

Having more than 300 sunny days per year, Collioure has a fabulous climate throughout. So anytime can be a good time to visit this Catalan town.

How to reach and accommodations

Traveling options to Collioure are numerous. By train, by plane, by bus or by taxi are all viable options though moving around is the place can be best done by foot or bike. Accommodations are also of a varied range. People can choose from normal hotels, luxury hotels with awesome views, rooms and rentals to more adventurous alternatives like campsites or camping vans.