Crete, Greece is Wonderful Island

Vacation at Crete, Greece for Pristine Experience!

Greece as a whole is a perfect country to be in for vacationing. It is known for its wonderful islands soaked in sun and of course its beaches too. Amongst its many islands, there is this largest one called as Crete. While few of you might have heard about it, but there are many others who are new to this place. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to know why you should spend your holiday time in Crete, Greece!

Crete, Greece

1. Oldest Civilization

Crete is often described as the ‘culmination of the Greek experience’. The reason is, this island has a variety of things to offer to one and all. If you are interested to know about Europe’s oldest civilization then this is the island you need to come to. The crumbling ruins will remind you of the influential history Greece has experienced. It also homes the continent’s first ever palace, which naturally has yet again a rich history associated with it. For the lovers of history and culture, Crete is a treat!

2. Magnificent beaches

Falasarna, Balos and Vai are the most beautiful beaches you must not miss visiting while you are there in Crete. White sandy beaches, rocky beaches, blue waters and beautiful lagoon everything will mesmerize you here. If you have ever thought of going to a beach that you saw in some movie, then the beaches of Crete is what you need to see. They are absolutely gorgeous!   Magnificent beaches at Crete, Greece

3. Picturesque villages in mountains

These villages are located a few kilometers away from the town of Rethymno. The towns and cities are all around the year filled with tourists. Going to these villages will give you a different vibe about Greece. People who don’t like to be overcrowded will definitely enjoy being here.

4. A great family place

Crete is a place where you can take your toddler along. This place has well developed tourist facilities. Children’s entertainment too is well taken care of at every part of the island. The food served here too is child friendly.

Finding shops dedicated to children products and pharmacies isn’t a big deal when you are here for your family vacation. Thus offering you comfort at all levels.

5. Greek Cuisine

If you are in love with feta cheese then here’s where you need to come to! Then you can always get to devour on the famous Greek salad with baked shrimps, crispy dakos, saganaki, carmelised figs, etc. The meat lamb is yet again one of the most loved delicacies of Crete.

Greek Cuisine

The seafood lovers can expect to have the time of their life here. Fried calamari scores most of the points and the best part is that it is easily available everywhere. Octopus, and mussels complete the list!

6. The Cretan Goats

Commonly called as Kri Kri, these goats are only found on the White Mountains Island as well as some small neighboring islands. These goats look different than the usual ones, but they certainly complement the region. This is another treat for mountain lovers.

Cretan Goats Greek

7. Attractive streets

Rethymno and Chania are two of the most beautiful towns of Crete. And even prettier are their tinier streets. Even if these towns are always swarmed with tourists, they still have the ability to charm you. Just a simple walk on these streets at evenings will make you feel full of life. It’s a simple thing, but has a deep impact!

Rethymno city Crete Greek

8. Breathtaking natural views

From crowded beaches to empty beaches, mountains to beautiful sunset, Richtis and Imbros Gorges, Crete does not fail to woo the tourists. Visit Kournas Lake near Rethymno city and enjoy swimming in the turquoise water situated amid the tropical jungle.

Richtis Gorges Greek

The fact is that Crete is the upcoming tourist destination of Europe that offers you a tint of everything- beaches, culture ethnicity, food and history. A place like this surely offers you quality time!