Engages you with Exclusive Beauty of Tawang

 Engages you with Exclusive Beauty of Tawang

Tawang History:

Tawang is the divine estate of the Monpas and is one of the regions of Arunachal Pradesh state of India.  The area covered by this region goes approximately around 2170 sq km and is restricted by different countries and states. People, who come to here to enjoy exclusive beauty of Tawang such as exquisite natural attractions, picturesque mountain views, peaceful lakes as well as man made delights.


Tawang Travelling Agenda for Tourists to enjoy exclusive beauty of Tawang:

If you are noting down the list of places to visit during your Tawang travel, check out these attractions and do visit here:

  • Sela Pass – Heaven on Earth: Sela pass is the majestic perception carved out between uneven mountains. The outlook from this High altitude yet motorable mountain pass is astounding. On the way to Sela Pass you can catch the beautiful and impressive view of Paradise Lake.
  • Taktsang Gompa- Sheathed by Forest: Taktsang Gompa is the cloister settled down by the respected Guru  Padmasambhava during his visit in 8th century. The area of the Monastery is wrapped by evergreen forest and sky-high mountains that returns the super magic to the air.

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  • Nuranang Waterfall-Bong Bong Waterfall: The tempting grace of whitish waterfall just like milk is fascinating and booming applause for the globetrotters. Nuranang Waterfall is the most visited place in Arunachal Pradesh by the tourists being the perfect place for a one-day outing with friends/ family.

Nuranang Waterfall

  • Bumla Pass: Bumla Pass is the right place to visit during the session of February to April. Dalai Lama entered India through this passage. It is usually capped by snow heavily right from the beginning of the year.

Bumla Pass

  • Tawang Monastery: Visit the second largest monastery of Asia for an enriching experience.

Tawang monastery

List of Activities to do to enjoy exclusive beauty of Tawang:

Scroll down the list of fun activities that you should not miss while you are Travelling to Tawang:

  • Market for shopaholics: You can get wide variety of bags, wood craft structures, Bamboo crafts, papermaking art designs and many more exclusively gears prepared by Monpa Tribes.
  • Torgya Festival Celebrated in January: Monpa Tribes celebrate Torgya festival usually in January once a year. It is said that celebrating this feast rip out the wrong actions and spirits which usher in bad luck and sickness.
  • Losar Ceremony in March: This festival goes long for around 15 days and is celebrated in the month of Feb or March.
  •  Trekking around the Hills: You can also participate in audacious activities and try some of the trekking venture around the hill and mountains such as Gorichen peak.

  How to Reach Tawang:

If you had already planned to travel Tawang during your vacation but don’t know how to proceed for the way, don’t panic, and read here:

  • Via Airways: There are regular flights from Delhi, Kolkata and other states, to Tezpur which is the nearest airport from Tawang. After reaching Tezpur, you can pick your mode of transport either a taxi or a jeep to reach Tawang.
  • Via Road: Best way to reach Tawang by road is through Bomdila. Many of the travel buses can drop you to Tezpur from Bomdila in 8 hours.
  • Via Railway: Tezpur has the railway station that is nearest to Tawang. Many of the private taxis, cars and buses are available easily that can drop you to Tawang.

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 Now if you are worried about Tawang accommodation, then be delighted to know that the place has many rest houses of government, low priced hotels, home stays and lodges all along the way for varied levels of comfort and budget.