Enjoy Picturesque Nature and Secluded Coves at Folégandros

Hitch a ferry to Folégandros for a quaint and fairy tale escape

Home to a magnificently gorgeous main town and still unspoiled by the reach of corporate hotel chains, Folégandros is Greek’s sweet little charming spot. With picturesque houses and even more picturesque nature (some thrilling cliffs!) and secluded coves, this small Greek Island is everything a dreamer could ask for and certainly among Europe’s upcoming destinations.

Folegandros Greek

Getting there

Although fantastic and definitely worth the trouble, Folégandros is actually very remote and quite hard to get to (one of the reason why it is still so unblemished). Located in the South Cyclades, there is a paved road that connects its three villages. To get to Folégandros, you will need to board a ferry or boat from Santorini, Piraeus, Rafina.

Santorini Cyclades Greek


Why settle for a bite when you can enjoy the whole pie? If you can manage the time (given the current Greek economy, budget won’t be an issue), visiting Cyclades and including Folégandros in your trip will be a wiser idea.

Avoiding the ruckus

Cyclades is usually visited the most from Easter to mid-September with July-August being the peak seasons. Peak means not only busy but also expensive so you can choose May-June and other off season months to get there. Nevertheless, keep an eye out on ferry availability beforehand because off seasons means closing of some hotels.

Extravagant accommodation within budget

How would you like your stay at some marvelous 19th-century stone houses atop a hillside spanning a beautiful view of the Chora? There aren’t really hotels but available accommodation is homely, secluded with stylish interiors and beamed ceilings making your stay even more regal. Anemi would be a great choice if you don’t mind the view of the port and would like easily accessible contemporary Cycladic cuisine. 

Explore the villages

Hora, among traditional medieval towns of Cyclades has a beautiful wall composed of buildings. One of the most romantic places, Hora appears purely poetic. The village castle of Kastro is a must visit for anyone enjoying the island. Another seaside beauty worth visiting at the Island is Karavostassis that’s only 3km southeast from Hora. Your next stop at the island should be Ano Merià where cultivated fields and dry stoned walls will enchant you. Home to the eclectic Ecological and Folklore Museum, Ano Merià is a rural incorruptible delight for anyone looking for a sober escape.

Hora Cyclades Greek

Seductive and calm beaches of Folégandros

Festooned by some incredibly quiet beaches, Folegandros is one place that you won’t forget. The beauty and calm of the beaches is worth all the hard work so be prepared to hike all the way to the beaches round the island. But if you are feeling lazy, take a boat…it’s a vacation after all.

Vardia-Livadi beaches are around a kilometer from Karavostasi while Agios Georgios is located in the northeast of Ano Merià and may need you to walk for more than an hour.  If you want to get your adrenaline up then witness the grand cliffs from Hora as the road leading north will take you to the breathtaking cliffs. The Vathi Bay, Angali and Agios Nikolaos beaches are also located nearby.

Agios Nikolaos beaches

Keeping the taste buds delighted

Local taverns serve some of the best Greek foods like Matsata, Greek Salad-Meatballs, courgette croquettes with tzaziki, etc. 

With its grim but eerily attractive history, Folégandros has been on the map for a long time but past few decades has sure made it famous among mainstream travelers. Fortunately, you are in luck because the island is still as unspoiled as it was three decades back and easy on the pocket. So, make your Greek pilgrim to this beautiful island soon if you are in for an exclusive and special holiday.