Enjoy the Tour of Kyoto

Culturally and Aesthetically rich Kyoto

Kyoto is the imperial capital of Japan for around 1000 years. Kyoto is different from all other cities of Japan identified as one of the most culturally rich cities across the world with a myriad of heritage sites and shrines.  This place is considered to have origins as old as from the Paleolithic period.

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Why to visit

Buddist Temple

  • It is identified by UNESCO as one of the most culturally rich sites as it boasts of around 400 shrines, 1600 Buddhist temples and 17 World Heritage sites.
  • One of the exciting thing still exists in Japan as if nothing has changed in the last 100’s of years, the Geisha girls of Gion district. The geisha girls faces are painted white and lips red and who are considered to be great hostess and sway their bodies to the classical music and sing beautifully, or are profound in other form of arts.
  • As this place is influenced by the Buddha teachings, the Buddhist Zen garden in Ryaon ji is not only serene and austere but also has a specific quality. There are 15 rocks placed in this place and one can never see the 15 rocks at the same time.


Buddhist Zen garden

  • The Kyoto Imperial Palace, situated at the center of Imperial Palace park was the official residence of Japan’s emperor and now stands as the grand edifice.

Kyoto Imperial Palace park

  • One of the most famous baths includes Onsen and you can’t leave the premises of Kyoto without having a bath in the traditional Japanese style.

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Things to do

  • One shouldn’t miss going to the Gion district where the place echoes with the charm of Geisha girls of the Gion district.
  • If you always wanted to write Chinese you must visit the moss temple, Koinzan Saiho-ji, one must try the writing of sutras, in which you are helped by the priest. You are provided with a brush and thin sheet of paper on which it is written in Chinese letters in light gray.
  • On the tour, one should definitely visit the monastery on Mount Heii, Enryaku-ji where you can see the “marathon monks” known for their endurance power and the aim of the 1000 day challenge.
  • Another recommended thing to do is to have the dining experience in Kibune where the streets are lined with the restaurants and among them the most famous is the ngasash-somen. This place offers noodles where the cold noodles flow down from bamboo sprout and the diners catch in the boat shaped trough that they are provided with.
  • One should definitely go to watch the sets of the Uzumasa movie village where the samurai movies are shot and one can also dress up in the Kyoto Hollywood style. There is Ninja art display, special effect show, museum and a haunted house over here.
  • The nature lovers would like to visit the weeping  and well now you are here, don’t miss to see the majestic shades of the cherry trees and the effect they have.

Cherry trees of the Heine Shrine

How to reach/ Accommodation

It has no airport of its own, but one can reach Kyoto using the two airports of the city, Osaka or Kansai International. These two cities have excellent transportation facility via road or train to Kyoto. From Kansai to Kyoto, one can opt the Haruka Limited Express by taking JR West Kansai Area Pass or take a bus from the airport to the Kyoto station. One can also use the car to reach Kyoto via the Meishin Expressway.

Although, It has numerous number of hotels ranging from the budget hotels to luxury hotels in the Downtown Kyoto, Central Kyoto, southern Highashiyama andArashiyama and Kibune that are considered to be close to the nature.

But to be close to Japanese way of living one must stay in the traditional styled Japanese guesthouses or hotels.

Japan without seeing Kyoto doesn’t count in the tour of Japan. So adore the place and have this experience of visiting this beautiful place which the Geisha girls inhabit.