Enjoy Your Tour Windy City Chicago

Spend some quality time and enjoy your tour Windy City Chicago

Recognized as one of the most walkable cities in the US, Chicago is a place that people from all over the world have heard of. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in USA. The city lies on the shore of Lake Michigan and has much to offer to the tourists. Right from the cultural and artistic flavors to the flourishing nightlife, you will find everything and enjoy your tour windy city Chicago.


Historical places and cultural attractions to check out while travelling Chicago:

Art institute of Chicago:

Art institute of Chicago

This huge museum is home to hundreds and thousands of art works. Its vast collection of paintings, photography, prints, sculpture, architectural drawings, etc spans over thousands of years. 

Michigan Avenue:

Michigan Avenue

Who hasn’t heard about this attractive and magnificent boulevard? Michigan Avenue is famous for its boutiques, luxury shops, galleries, but one of its major attraction is John Hancock Centre. 

Shakespeare Theater and Navy Pier:

Shakespeare Theater and Navy Pier

For all the arts’ lovers out there, there is Shakespeare Theater to water your parched throats. This theater is a permanent at Navy Pier.  Navy pier is one of the most colorful and happening places in Chicago. This amusement park was opened in 1916 and has huge avenues of shops, restaurants, gardens, parks, Chicago’s Children Museum, carousel, sightseeing excursions and much more.

Museum of Science and Industry:

Museum of Science and Industry

This is perhaps the most impressive museum in Chicago. The museum is devoted to portray the applications that natural law have in the development of industry and science and is a must visit place when you reach Chicago.

Lincoln Park:

Lincoln Park The Park is a six mile stretch of greenery which is spread near the edge of Lake Michigan. It is the home to the Lincoln Zoo and Lincoln Park Conservatory and is the biggest park in Chicago. If you wish to enjoy nature as well as outdoor activities in Chicago, be sure to drop a visit to this place while you travel Chicago. Some other famous places to visit are Garfield Park Conservatory, Wills Tower Skydeck (for incredible bird’s eye view of the city) and Buckingham Fountain (world’s largest fountain).

Activities to do during Chicago vacation:

Nightlife in Chicago is great. It is a swanky town that will get you on your feet and make you dance the night away. With so many bars, lounges and clubs to choose from, you might get confused as you visit Chicago. Other than nightlife, the shopping destinations in Chicago are also a treat. Being one of the best cities in the States, you will find almost all the big brands and some really exquisite shopping destinations in the city. The Magnificent Mile, This history packed cosmopolitan location of Michigan Avenue is a dream for every shopper. With so many wonderful shopping destinations, you better bring an extra bag as you explore Chicago.

Chicago has been named as the best drinking place in America by the GQ Magazine. Thus, checking out important places like the Gamekeeper’s Tavern and JW Marriott become a must.

The Second City: If you want to tickle your funny bones, then this is the place for you. Apart from everything that Chicago offers, comedy is one thing that stands out. The city has given some of the greats like Tina Fey and Steve Carell and you should really not miss the comedy shows at the Second City. To enjoy an outdoor concert at the backdrop of pleasant surroundings, travel to Millennium Park. For history lovers, Chicago city offers Oriental Institute Museum and Field Museum of Natural History. The latter is home to 20 million artifacts and specimens including the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

The Chicago Beaches:

The Chicago Beaches

Chicago is also famous for the beaches along Lake Michigan. These beaches serve as a great place to hang out and you can find people flocking these places for a sun tan or just to hang out with friends and family. The Oak Street and North Avenue beach are particularly crowded as they’re close to the downtown region. By the way, remember to experience adventure activities in the city such as boat tours, biking tours, kayaking, river canoeing, skydiving, fishing, ghost adventures( gosh!) to name a few.

sky diving

Best time to enjoy your tour windy city Chicago

The summer months are a good time to enjoy your tour windy city Chicago. The winters are generally quite cold, so one would avoid being in the city at that time. Summers are generally moderately hot and sometimes get humid, but otherwise you will have a pleasant stay here.

How to reach to enjoy your tour windy city Chicago?

Chicago, like most other big cities of the US, is well connected by airways, railways and roadways. If you’re travelling from abroad, then you can catch a flight to O’Hare International Airport. For coming to the city from any other US city, there are trains and buses that will give you a great transportation option.

Chicago Accommodation:


Accommodation in Chicago can cause some troubles in the peak season. It is best to book in advance using online portals as they offer cheap hotel accommodation in Chicago to you. There are many luxury, budget and family hotels available in Chicago and if you’re smart, you’ll surely get a good deal.