FUKUOKA – Connects Hearts and the World

FUKUOKA- connects hearts and the world

General information 

Fukuoka is the capital of Fukuoka prefecture on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island. Fukuoka is bordered on three sides by mountains, on the north open to the Sea of Genkai. Fukuoka has subtropical climate. Located 1087 km from Tokyo, being closer to China and Korea, makes it the strategic hub linking Japan with other parts of Asia.


Why Visit Fukuoka

Fukuoka is highly acclaimed by few international magazines as ‘most livable city in Asia’, one of the world’s ‘top 10 Boomtowns’ and the best shopping city in the world. Fukuoka is a modern city with many positives; one thing ensured is fun unlimited with city’s warm-hearted friendly people that will make your stay here truly memorable. It’s known for its ancient temples, historical monument, beaches and modern shopping malls and Canal City. Fukuoka’s culture displays are incomparably projected through several galleries and museum.

The city is also renowned for Tonkotsu ramen food, offered at the street stalls. Fukuoka has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in Japan. Two million foreign tourists visit Fukuoka every year, mostly they coming China and Korea.

How to reach 

BY AIR– Fukuoka international airport is barely 10 minutes from the city center by subway and flights to all domestic cities and most of the international destinations are available from here.

BY TRAIN– From Tokyo to Hakata station, Fukuoka prefecture takes 6 hours. Trains are available to Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and other cities too.

BY BUS– Night buses and day buses operate between Tokyo and Fukuoka. It takes 14 to 15 hours a side.

BY FERRY– Daily ferry sails between Tokyo and Kitakyushu port which takes 34 hours to reach. From there to Fukuoka it takes 90 minutes.

Best Hotels 

Fukuoka is a commercial hub as well as a bustling tourist destination. For staying in JK Hakata station vicinity is better for easy rolling to different destinations while Tenjin would be better if you plan to stay longer for shopping and sightseeing reasons. Also budget hotels and hostels are available.

Best Time to Visit Fukuoka

March and April is the spring time when Cherry blossom bloom fully and September to October when cold is moderately pleasant, these are the best months to visit.


Hakata Ramen-noodles with thick pork soup, Mentaiko, Motsunabe, Tetsunabe Goza, Yamanaka- Sushi variant, Tonkotsu Ramen, Yakitori-chicken dish, Udon-wheat noodles, Gyozo-dumpling are few of the popular cuisines here.

Main attractions in Fukuoka

Marine world Umino-nakamichi

An Aquarium in Umino-nakamichi seaside Park in cultural resort area is one site that should be high on your priority. Its marine life, otters and dolphins are its main attractions. There are gigantic good-looking tanks having dolphins and sea lions, a popular public show. Then there is variety of species of 120 sharks, outdoor whale pool, besides innumerable other marine creatures.  


Kyushu National museum

This museum displays Japanese culture and its history. Located in Dazaifu, the cultural exchange room, where all displays are organized, is a huge 1500 sq. m hall. The theme of display keeps on changing to impart maximum and useful information.


Fukuoka castle

A historical castle ruins are located in a huge park called Maizuru Park.  16th century castle used to be the largest in Kyushu area in its time and was torn down to cut away from the feudal past. Park is the bigger attraction now, as for castle it’s the walls only that are visible. The park looks astonishing when the cherry blossoms bloom.


Ohori park

It’s a nice and pleasant city park in central Fukuoka having a large water body at its center. There is a walking path around the edge of the pond over two kilometers long and is common place for jogging, walking pets and leisurely strolls. Ohori is moat in Japanese, the park once served as moat to the nearby castle.


Kushida shrine

An ancient Kushida Shrine was founded in 8th century when Hakata was the main entry point for trade and diplomatic missions between China, Korea and Japan. In the first half of July every year shrine has its biggest five- day festival called Hakata Gion Yamakasa, when race of giant floats is organized from the seven neighboring district teams. Each of the floats are decorated with traditional figures. A ton of weight of float is carried over on shoulders and raced through the streets.


Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

A large shrine in Dazaifu, 30 minutes away from Fukuoka is in the memory of 10th century spirit that had widespread fear in those days. Its premises have 6000 plum trees.


Sumo Kyushu Basho

One of the Six national grand sumo tournaments, Sumo Kyushu Basho is organized from 13th November to 27 November every year. All the big stars shine here.


Fukuoka Tower

A seaside tower is decorated with 8000 half mirrors and is a great visual from outside and one can observe the sea and city from the top of it too.


Canal city Hakata

It is a phenomenally huge shopping center and entertainment complex ‘a city within a city’. The complex has 250 shops, cafes and restaurants, besides a theatre, cinemas, game center, two hotels and a canal designed to run through the complex. In short it’s a shopper’s dream realized, as there is nothing here that won’t take their fancy. The food offered here is delectable and of a wide range. A floor is dedicated to Ramen food only including Hakata Ramen. Canal and a fountain with lights are center of show organized every 30 minutes.

Other activities 

  • Tourists can have great time at entertainment venues such as Space world, Wonder -park, Robosquare and BigAir.
  • Water sports such as kayak race, swimming under glass dome, river rafting, boating, cruise and scuba diving.
  • Fun activities such as cycling, canyon hiking and chill at Keya beach attract numerous tourists.
  • Shopping at several malls and nightlife are other big attractions for visitors coming here.

As per local belief, it is the bridge that connects Japan and rest of the world. You need to visit Fukuoka and discover its true magnificence to believe it.