Horsley Hills – A Calm Suburb in Andhra Pradesh

Picture of Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh

Horsley hills is an excellent vacation place during midnight summer. Horsley hillock is a pleasant suburb in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located around 1265 metres above the sea level and is the ideal place for voyagers to visit around June to September. It is popularly known as the Governor’s Bungalow.

Horsley hillock

Places to visit

This city guide envelops many beautiful spots to visit that include different sanctuaries, park and temples. Scroll down the list for more places to pause at during your Horsley Hill Travel.

Mallamma Temple – at the head of hills:

Mallamma is an old sanctorium positioned at the top of Horsley hills. The magnificent temple of Mallamma is devoted to the little girl called Mallamma who cures the tribal and innate people.

Mallamma Temple

Environmental Park

During a visit to Environmental Park you can catch lots of exquisite traces. All at once, the park is covered with trees, a small zoo, a study centre with museum and a lake mansarovar which is already a blend of some coolness and love.

Environmental Park

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary 

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is quite famous place in Horsley hills. A wide variety of flora and fauna with beautiful and mixed collection of birds and mammals, elephants and many more different species are found here. It is the perfect spot for the Photographers who love to click the wildlife creatures.

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from these famous places, there are some more dazzling and mesmerizing spots that add beauty to Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh. You can also visit Kalyani tree, Wind Rock and Gangotri Lake during your Horsley Hills Travel.

Double Check the list of activities to do in Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills offers wide range of enthralling and exciting activities. One can opt for-

  • Zorbing: Zorbing is an amazing activity that everyone must try it once. Rolling down the hill while seating inside the sphere made of plastic needs daring but you will love doing this.
  • Rappelling: Rappelling is for the people who love to climb on the rock. If you are one of them, then just go for Rappelling and add one more winning score in the middle of your journey.
  • Big Market for Shopaholics: Traditional handicrafts by the people in this city will make you crazy after watching their arts and work.

All along with these activities you can also go for sky-high rope activities like burma bridge, rope sliding and many more.

How to reach Horsley hills and points for Horsley Accommodation:

The ambiance of this city welcomes you all through the year. To enjoy this beautiful place, you can go by means of:


Bangalore and Tirupati airports are very much closer to Horsley hills. It is also linked with many of the other states and cities like Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata etc through flights.


Bus will drop you to Madanapalli from Bangalore and after reaching Madanapalli, another bus you have to catch that will drop you to Horsley hills.


The closest railway station to Horsley hills is Madanapalle Road. It is also linked with the cities of AP and is just 27 kms away from Horsley hills. You can also ride to Tirupati from Hyderabad and complete your journey to Horsley by bus.

Horsley Accommodation

It bids a few numbers of places to stay. You can choose different resorts, hotels, bungalows and cottages for your accommodation. Covering the complete bridge of houses in Horsley hills, the chalets are well furnished with prevailing facilities.