Iceland- The Upcoming Destination of Europe!

Iceland- The Upcoming Destination of Europe!

The thought of Iceland being near to the Arctic Circle should not deter you from planning a vacation there! Summers are the best time of course, but even the winters are quite welcoming in this country. Iceland is full of dangerous yet natural wonders that simply stun you with their existence! Here are top eight reasons that make Iceland an upcoming European destination:


1. You get to walk from one continent to another

There is one particular point in Iceland where Europe connects with North America. You don’t get to see this often, do you? Wouldn’t you like to take your family for a walk there?

2. To see the UNESCO World Heritage site

Iceland homes a UNESCO accredited national park which is over flowing with rich history and one after another fascinating natural wonders.

UNESCO World Heritage site National Park Iceland

3. To hear Viking language

Yes, the natives still speak this language there. It would be a great experience for you to listen to a language that is never spoken in any other part of the world other than Iceland of course!

 4. To experience days that never actually end and nights that are pretty long

If you happen to plan a summer trip to Iceland then expect to see no dark nights in its capital city, Reykjavik. This city is a great place to be at in all the seasons. In winters, there is no sun till 11 am in the mornings. This is one unique feature that is definitely not experienced in any other country of the world.

5. Ice caving under the glacier!

Tour to Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon Iceland

Now this one you don’t come across often. Tour to Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon and inside the cave for nearly an hour is breathtaking. Not to forget the beautiful natural formation in varied colors both inside and exteriors of the cave.

6. Some more good things about Reykjavik

Reykjavik  iceland

  • People here celebrate Christmas for two days. So if you happen to be in the capital during this festival, then you will get to experience long lasting celebrations.
  • There are not many people living in here and the best part is that they are not out of reach.
  • The friendly demeanor of the folks there makes you feel at home. At a fairly reasonable price, you can even self-invite yourself to anyone’s house for lunch or dinner. And they will be more than glad to offer you delicious local cuisine!

7. Don’t miss to see the unusual light show

Northern Lights iceland

The collision of sun and earth particles creates very attractive light effects that you can very well see when you are in Iceland. It’s better known as Northern Lights! For this, you will have to choose winter vacation time.

8. Planning an off-season vacation will save you a lot of money

Summers, Christmas and New Year are the peak holiday time in Iceland, so it will really make sense if you go there during that time. But, if you are looking forward to having a budget trip, then you must choose a time other than the ones mentioned above.

Going to Iceland will offer you varied as well as unique experiences. The place is definitely worth every penny that you spend. Right from the moment you step into the country till the time you leave, expect nothing but bewilderment!