Incredible View of Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch one of the Unique off beat places

Rann of Kutch- magnificence of nothingness

Enchantment has the new meaning once you visit the Rann of Kutch. Located on the edge of western Gujarat bordering Pakistan, Rann of Kutch is world’s largest salt desert. Incredible view of white magnificence of nothingness and shimmering sheen of desert in the moonlight is so engrossing, it gives truly out of the world feeling. Rann of Kutch should be on priority list of winter destination in India. You will love this one of the Unique off beat places in India ranging from Rann of Kutch, Gujarat to Mawlynnong in Meghalaya.

Geological factor

Rann of Kutch salt desert is spread over 30000 sq km. The pure white land, its molten sandy horizons and complete sandy view is so spectacular that one is lost in its wilderness. It gives a feeling that you are standing on the edge of the world and there is nothing beyond it. This expanse was created by geological disturbance. It used to be the shallow area of the Arabian Sea, geological uplift of the land cut off water flow. With the time the water dried off, leaving behind a huge area of salt desert for all to appreciate.

Rann of Kutch

Location of Rann of Kutch

Village of Dhordo, on the edge of Rann of Kutch is about 86 km from Bhuj town of west Gujarat. Taxis and buses are available from there. By train from Mumbai to Bhuj is 15 hours. There is air connection too from Mumbai to Bhuj.

Best time to visit

In monsoon time Rann is filled up with water, in October it dries up. Best time to visit is between months from October to March. Woolens should be important part of the wardrobe that you must carry to Kutch in winters. The winter is the best time for visit to this enchanting place.



Rann of Kutch is a sensitive region as being in close proximity of Pakistan. A permit is required to enter, it costs Rs 100 per person in Taxi and Rs 50 for vehicle, a copy of photo ID is demanded. This can be taken at a check post 30 kms before Rann of Kutch or from DSP police in Bhuj. If on a travel package, tour agency gets you this permit.


In Dhordo and Hodka villages there are resorts which are owned by locals. These resorts are village resorts with mud huts (Kutchi Bhungas) to stay in with AC and non AC accommodations and tents also.

Kutchi Bhungas


Bajra na rotla with curd and butter milk and ample butter oil or ghee is the staple diet of kutch. Traditionally the food includes khichdi a tasty mix of pulses and rice, Kadi chick pea grounded and curd dish , spicy dal, rice, and Gujrati traditional platter is also served. The sweet jalebi is served which is very popular here, besides many sweets for sweet toothed people. Dudhpak a spiced milk and rice pudding is a specialty here.

Why Rann of Kutch as tourism destination

Rann of Kutch is considered as popular winter holiday destination of India, comprising of vibrant    colors, culture, natural beauty and a lot more.

Secondly, Dhordo is being developed for tourism by Gujarat government as it the gateway to amazing white desert of Rann.



It is a festival organized by Gujarat tourism every winter for three months from November to February. It’s a carnival of music, dance and handicrafts’ display that reflects unity in diversity of Gujarat and unique cultural identity of Kutch. More than 8000 tourists come every year in this carnival to behold the beauty of moonlit shimmering desert, Kutch’s cultural presentation, handicraft show and camel ride in vast expanse of white desert. Government of Gujarat organizes this carnival with full zest to provide tourists with specially designed tent accommodation, recreation hall for indoor games, incredible food which is devoid of non-veg and hard liquor.


What to see and do around Rann of Kutch

The short excursions are arranged too, like camel carting, visits to interesting venues and activities around.

Visit to Kalo Dungar or Black Mountain gives another perspective of Rann from different angle. Its height is easily accessible being only 462 m above sea level. On the top of the hill is a temple of Dattatreya, which has its religious following.

Kalo Dungar Kutch

  • Wild life-the birds like Lapwings called peewit or peewee, it is called sandpiper in Europe, are found here in Dhordo. Sand pipers are found near sea shores, in India these are found here only. Another bird found here is Demoiselle Crane (kunj Bird) is 3-4 feet tall and weighs around 8-15 kg. Originally from Afghanistan these birds are interesting to watch. Many flamingoes also can be seen around here.

Wild life

  • For religious interest Kutch has sacred Lake Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar temple, Ashapura Mata no Madh temple, Jain temples, Gurudwara and Sufi dargahs.



Banni region has many sparsely populated small villages. Handicraft making is the main occupation of people here. It is interesting to see the artisans work on Kutch style Patch work and expensive embroidery. Women and girls make unique embroidery with stamp of Kutch on the work. These embroideries have different styles in mirror and bead inlay work, such as Rabari, Sindhi, Ahir, Banni, Mutwa, Ari and Soof.

Handicrafts of Rann of Kutch

Plan your visit to the Indian winter holiday destination, Rann of Kutch and take away gifts of pleasure, priceless items and memories.