Kanchenjunga–Third Largest Mountain Range of World

Kanchenjunga – Third Largest Mountain Range of the World

The Serene Snow-capped Mountain Range


Kanchenjunga is the world’s third largest mountain that rises from the north-eastern side of India in Darjeeling and located on the Sikkim (India-Nepal) border. In total, Kanchenjunga has 5 peaks, of which the true summit is 28,169 feet or 8586 meters. According to the locals of Sikkim, the real meaning of the word “Kanchenjunga” is “The Five Treasures of the Snow”. One can reach this place via trekking from Yoksum to Goechela pass at an altitude of 5000 meters.

Why Should One Visit It

Enroute the Kathmandu Valley on the descent to the capital, you may be lucky enough to have a glimpse of Everest. Cast your eyes towards the east, and on a clear sunny day, you will be able to see a hazy outline of a hulking white mountain, an entire mountain range in itself. Yes, that’s Kanchenjunga. The mountain range is separated by 46 miles as an eagle flies; Kanchenjunga and Darjeeling in different world. Visiting this place will open ways for you to sight and live the scattered human habitation, rugged trails and monsoonal downpours making it a perfect challenge for you to the beginning of the Great Himalaya Trail.


What Should Not Be Missed


It is a peaceful snow-capped mountain range which forms a magical view of subtropical forests, rhododendron forests, and alpine meadows where yaks graze for their daily food. However, there are some other places nearby Kanchenjunga which should not be missed at all like,

Everest Museum

One visit to Everest Museum and you will understand the true spirit of a mountaineer. This museum showcases beautiful photographs and mementos of all those who have been explored and dared to climb the Mount Everest.

Tumsong Tea Estate

The Golden Valley, which gazes out on the great Kanchenjunga, is home to the Tumsong Tea Estate, which is spread over 150 hectares. It offers luxurious rooms and sumptuous meals to trekkers to wish to stay here during their training.

Observatory Hill

It is one of the most ancient places in Darjeeling. It is locally known as “Makal-Babu-Ko-Thaan”. One can get a glimpse of this mountain range from here easily.

Kanchenjunga – How to Reach and Lodging Options

For reaching this place, you need to reach Darjeeling. Darjeeling is well-connected to all modes of transport i.e. air, train and bus. After reaching Darjeeling, you need to trek from Samity Lake to Goecha La Pass to reach Kanchenjunga peak. You can also view the mountain range from various points in Darjeeling; however Tiger Hills is the best place to catch the perfect glimpse of Kanchenjunga. To reach Tiger Hills, one can hire a private cab from Darjeeling.

If you are aiming to trek till Kanchenjunga, you need to look for best accommodation options in Darjeeling. Darjeeling has a lot of hotels and guest houses where one can make online booking reservation and stay before going for trek.

One should definitely visit this place as it is a lifetime experience, which cannot be explained unless experienced. So, go for it!