Enjoy the Trip to Korčula Enchanting Island of Croatia

Enjoy Croatian-European highlights with least expenses at Korčula

Among the favorite holiday spots of the Greeks in ancient times, Korčula is still among the most enchanting islands of Croatia. Renowned for its vineyards and olive groves with magnificent, eclectic tiny villages glowing with age old traditions that locals have still kept alive, Korčula is surely among Europe’s lesser known gems and among its top upcoming destinations. Here is a little something on this beautiful island if you are planning your quiet Europe getaway:

Korčula Croatia

Expansive coastal range

Offering a bevy of activities, Korčula is perfect even if you just want a relaxed holiday. There are so many beaches to choose from that you can pick from enjoying the ambient sunbath or go visiting sea urchins on a swim. The karstic coastal ranges and Orebic are also visible from nearby or you can just rent a kayak for 200 KN a day and delight yourself with Kantun tours. Snorkeling is another famous activity that is best done around southeast of Badija island.

Snorkeling Korčula

Explore the culture

The island hosts an annual event called the Korkyra Baroque Festival in September that brings world’s leading ensembles as well as soloists whose expertise is in Baroque music together. So, those looking for some cultivation of musical passions and interest should sure visit the island during September. Moreover, you will get to observe the beautiful architectural marvels of the island.

Korkyra Baroque Festival Korčula

Tease your adrenaline

There are enough nightclubs to suit your modern taste but if you want the action old school way then you should try the eloquent sword dance that actors perform to depict an historical battle. Rent a bike for an easy, local and DIY excursion and pedal around the island appreciating the beautiful imagery of the island.

Sate those taste buds

The island has a vareity of cuisines to offer but your best bet would be trying out some local flavors. Must haves include brodet (fish stew), zrnovski makaruni (beef with thin, long pieces of pasta), pogačice (deep-fried dough), klašun, pašticada (Dalmatian stewed beef), cukarin (cookies), etc. If you appreciate a rich glass of wine then grk (a dry white wine from Lumbarda and pošip (dry white wine from Smokvica and Cara) should be on your must have list.

Getting to Korčula

Korčula is easily accessible with stable connectivity through Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Mijet, Zadar, Split, Vis, etc. You can board a ferry from other spots and get to the island or you can get to the island first and then explore other destinations on your way out. And, if you are choosing an extended trip then getting day long excursions to nearby islands and spots would be best.

Lively lodging

Backpackers will have the most fun travelling this lesser known European paradise as there are sufficient budget friendly camping and accommodation option. You can stay at the hostels or pick separate rooms or even book self-catering villas for a luxurious stay.

Amuse your taste of aesthetics

Korčula has an incredibly splendid Old town that is full of amazing eating spots and stone buildings. In fact, much of the island is postcard perfect and if you were hoping for some typical European beauty then this island will curb your appetite for sure.

The glorious Korčula of the Adriatic is almost 47km long and is home to some old-world, secluded coves as well as little sandy and unspoiled beaches with the northern shore being much pebblier for a walk-the-town picnic. So, get the best of this European upcoming Destination Island while spending the least of your money.