Why Kotor Should be Next Vacation Stop?

Top reasons why Kotor should be next vacation stop

Touted to be as old as the tales of homer, beauty of the city of Kotor is the stuff of legends. Located by the tip of Boka Kotarska, the city of Kotor has enjoyed vast popularity in historical maps and is widely known for the Old town (Stari Grad), a UNESCO word heritage sight. A prized city of Montenegro and a puzzle full of remnants of medieval forts and fortresses, tourism in Kotor has been on the rise marking it among the best upcoming European tourism cities so if you are craving an exotic holiday, Kotor is the place for you. Here is what you should absolutely do in this beautiful city:

Wander around the walled city

The old town that Kotor is well known for is actually a medieval walled little town in the shape of a triangle. While one side faces the Kotor Bay, the north one faces Skurda River and both are covered by a thick, shield wall. The third wall that is on the east side also has a defensive wall and a total of three entrances to the city are there out of which the western Sea Gate of 1555 is opened as main entrance. The gate on the southern side acts as town triangle’s southern apex. With all its beautiful towering medieval walls, and the ideal location by the Adriatic Sea, the old town is perfect to get lost for a wanderer.

Kotor Bay

Explore the grand architecture

The St Tryphon’s Cathedral of the old walled town has been erect since the 11 century and even when the earthquakes ravaged the structure, its beautiful Romanesque -Gothic architecture has survived. The church is dedicated to Kotor’s patron Saint, St. Tryphon. Religious or not, visiting these grandiose structures will get your heart beat up with appreciation for the craft of construction and design.

Romanesque -Gothic architecture Kotor

Satiate that adrenaline

If you thought Kotor was all about scenic beauty and blue skies then you couldn’t be more wrong!

From rafting to paragliding, this legendary town has everything to exhibit and offer. The Tara Canyon is pretty close to the coastal area so hiring private driver will get you there in short time. Rafting tours at the Tara Canyon are largely famous as the canyon is locally know for its numerous legends and stories that you will sure enjoy from the local generations who have been carrying forward the traditional of storytelling.  If Rafting doesn’t quench your adventure and thrill thirst then how about some paragliding off the imposing but irresistibly beautiful cliffs?

Tara Canyon Kotor

If you exit the north gate of the old walled town, and walk a little further up, you’ll reach a crystal-clear waterfall that may have dried if you are taking a summer holiday. This path will further steer you past mountain goats and all the way to the rocky switchbacks with extremely amazing views of the old fort, the Kotor bay.

old fort Kotor bay

Getting atop the hike will only take about two-three hours so you will reach Krstac once you cross the dense forest. Once there, dine at the wonderful restaurant at Krstac and enjoy your trip all the way back.

Visit the Maritime Museum

The Old Town houses the famous Maritime Museum that will surely interest the curious ones as it a portal to the life that Kotor people once lived. From the glory sailing days to collections of well known Kotor seaman, states man, artists, diplomats, ship builders, crafts man, etc you will find everything about Kotor and its history at this museum. In fact, the baroque palace Grgurin where it is housed is a fascinating piece of architecture itself! From uniforms, navigational instruments to weapons, you will find everything at the museum.

Maritime Museum Kotor

Elegant accommodation that you can actually afford

Even a simple meal at the old town restaurants is made special and unique by the aura of this walled city that appears right out of fantasy films. Savor the taste of the local cuisine and delight your evenings with delicious local Montenegrin wines.  

Italian food and seafood is something Kotor is famous for so you can eat out on a budget, enjoy the authentic wines and pizzas.

Old Town hostel along with youth hostel and numerous other private hostel options are available for those backpacking through Kotor. But if you want a private room, you won’t need to shell more than €10-€15 in and outside the walled town.

So, give your vacation a little Kotor extravaganza and witness a new culture in all its glory at this esteemed ancient Montenegrin town.