Las Vegas–The Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas – The Sin City of the United States

The lure of Las Vegas brings you the heart of entertainment. The city seems to possess some magic that attracts people and makes them want to return for the thrill of flashing lights, ringing bells and free drinks. Las Vegas is fun, especially during the vacation as you can relax on the beaches, casino hunting or enjoy nightlife and drinks at popular pubs. Plan your visit during events as Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and the Super Bowl, as large number of people throw their parties during this time.

Las Vegas – Best Places to Visit during Travel

Life in Vegas revolves around entertainment, nightlife, and gambling. Being one of the most famous tourist cities of United States, there are many places one can visit during their travel Las Vegas expedition,

1. Stratosphere Tower – Ever wonder what it feels like to drop off a 1000-foot building? The Tower is your best answer. The tower offers an amazing yet breath-taking view of the whole Las Vegas. As you rise, you see the view below you expand rapidly. Stratosphere Tower 2. Red Rock Canyon – The Red Rock Canyon is located at a distance of 30 minutes away from Vegas that offers a stunning National Park and very different view from the Grand Canyon. It is a trail drive with plenty of stop off points with some amazing rock formation to bewilder you.

3. The Mob Museum – The museum is located just a few blocks away from the Fremont experience. It is a 3-storey building, crammed with the most enthralling Mafia memories. There are many interesting artefacts to keep you glued to the period of mob domination. The Mob Museum 4. The Springs Preserve – It is a 180-acre completely dedicated to botanical gardens, family events and nature walks owned and operated by Las Vegas Valley Water District.

 The Springs Preserve


If you are on your Las Vegas travel spree, you cannot afford to miss these things,

  1. Have a Fremont Experience – Fremont Street, located at the east of Boulevard is the best place where the hipsters preen. There is a Beauty Bar, sister to the New York “martinis and manicures,” offering the best shabby environment of old Downtown.

  2. Casino experience – Visit to Las Vegas is incomplete without trying your hand at casinos at any of the several high-rated resorts-cum-casinos.

  3. See a Magical Water-based Show – The most eye-catching attraction in Vegas is the Bellagio’s all-American Italian Villa, which has a signature-jumping fountain.

Magical Water-based Show in Las Vegas 4. Visit the Sights of Strips for less than $10 – You ought to enjoy the city’s best fleet of pimped-out double-decker buses and take a stroll on the Strip and all the way to Downtown.

5. The Best Nightlife Scenes – Las Vegas offers you lively casinos or a mellow dive bar with vibrant nightlife scenes to keep you tuned in the party mood. You can visit bars like Bellagio Bars, Lily Bar & Lounge, Baccarat Bar, etc.

6. Dive into a swimming pool – The Hard Rock’s always buzzing with tourists who love sandy beaches, waterfalls, or pool parties.

7. Go on a Shopping Spree in Caesars Palace – Hop on with your credit card for a spin around the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, here you will find Roman vibes and can choose outfits from your favourite designer outlets.

8. Amusement rides – some of the best amusement rides are available here which can make you skip your heart beat. Dare to ride any of these!

Las Vegas – How to Reach & Accommodation Options

There are several options available for tourists to reach Las Vegas. The McCarran International Airport, which is situated about 5 kilometres away from Vegas, is well-connected to major cities in the USA and with flights other countries too. Once you are in Las Vegas, you can also use bus and monorail services to commute here and there.

When it comes to Las Vegas accommodation, there are several options available for tourists depending on their budget and needs. One can choose from a variety of hotels that has casinos and pubs in it to let you enjoy your time or can look for serene atmosphere hotels to relax with their family or friends.