Lugano True Paradise in Switzerland

Lugano – A True Paradise on Earth in Switzerland

The Idyllic Piece Beauty in Switzerland

Lugano beautiful lakeside city

Lugano is a beautiful lakeside city located in the southern part of Switzerland. Most parts of the city enjoy moderate climate all around the year. It is popular among-st tourists for its beautiful boulevards that offer some of the striking views of the Alps and some other surrounded lakes. This city is also known for its great hospitality as it serves as a great base for visiting other cities and places in or nearby Switzerland. If you are looking to visit Lugano, the best time would be summers.

Why You Should Pay a Visit

Lugano is one of the best cities in world which marks as a home to a number of historic museums and buildings. Both Lake Lugano and the surrounding mountains provide a wide array of outdoor activities for tourists.

Lake Lugano

Below, some major historic attractions for tourists to sight are,

The Cantonal Art Museum

Inaugurated in the year 1987 and located in the center of the city, the Cantonal Art Museum represents a very important aspect in the cultural scenario of Ticino.

Museum of Swiss Customs

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This museum will give visitors a rich insight of the daily work of Switzerland’s custom officers and border control guards. There are modern photographs and exhibits of different smuggling, trademark privacy, drug search cases, etc.

The Bigorio Museum

The Bigorio Museum is situated inside the monastery of Bigorio and displays works and lifestyles of famous monks over decades.

What Not to Be Missed

The city is popularly known for its different adventure activities for different seasons like mountain biking, boating, hiking, swimming and winter sports as well. In addition, Lugano’s lively cultural scene is the best to experience as there are many chic boutiques, bars, night clubs, casinos and cinemas. In addition, one must visit:

Lido di Lugano

It is a great place situated in the City Center and you can easily enjoy swimming facilities as well as water sports here with family.

Porco Civico


Visitors can enjoy family picnics or get-togethers at Porco Civico. This serene park has a wide array of exotic trees and flowers.

Mount Bre

Mount Bre has different number of rustic trails that provides potential way of hiking. Some of the other places where hiking can be enjoyed are Trekking Lugano, Malantone region, and Olive Tree Trail.

How to Reach and Different Accommodation Options

The city of Lugano has a small and private international airport that offers limited number of flights from neighboring European countries like France, Italy, England and Germany. The best way to reach Lugano is via train and bus. There are a number of regular trains that operates from Zurich, Milan and Basel. If you want to use bus to reach Lugano, then you can use regular bus services from Tirano and Italy.

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If you are visiting Lugano for the first time and haven’t booked any accommodation in advance, no need to worry as there are many hotels in this beautiful city. However, it would be better to choose hotels that have services like bars, casinos and clubs where you can sit, chill and enjoy a drink or two with your friends and family.

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