Malaga, Spain an Upcoming Destination of Europe

Reasons that make Malaga, Spain an upcoming destination of Europe

Pleasant tropical climate, breezy pavement cafes, stroll-worthy waterfronts, and Spain’s grandest monuments marking the inimitability of its culture and architecture is what you will find in Malaga. Among Europe’s top upcoming tourism places, Malaga has been capturing quite many headlines. Here is why visiting this flavorful Spanish town should be on your bucket list:

Casa Natal, where Picasso lives on

Casa Natal is where Picasso was born and grew up almost a century back and now it is among Malaga’s great attractions for art lovers and curious minds alike.  A world heritage site since 1983, Casa Natal is now located in the famed Plaza de la Merced which has numerous gems like Roman theatre, Alcazaba, etc surrounding it. Close by is the new Picasso Museum which should be another must-visit stop on your celebrated Picasso art excursion.

Picasso Museum Malaga

The quaint Spanish town with splendid architecture

Home to Alcazaba, the hauntingly beautiful Moorish castle form the 11th century, ancient Roman theatre, Castillo de Gibralfaro, La conception Botanical & Historical Garden, and many more, Malaga is truly a tourist’s pilgrimage with ruins being small glimpses of a once glorious past. There are plenty of museums to view some of the greatest art and when you are not doing that, just lie down on your back and let the sun absorb your exhaustion.

Alcazaba Malaga

Walker’s paradise

Malaga doesn’t have an ostentatious traffic problem but you will be surprised to see the number of people there. Among Spain’s top famous destinations, Malaga is enthusiastically encouraging health by making walking and cycling among recreational activities and rental businesses are doing a fairly decent job promoting it affordably. Travelers can rent a bike, travel around the city in just a day and enjoy the lovely beach weather. And those in for some adventure can test their strengths against the steep climbs and rugged terrain of Montes De Malaga, Sierra de Mijas, route from Moclinejo to Almachar, etc.

Montes De Malaga

Regal Spanish Cruises 

Cruises are available for hire from the Malaga Port (City centre) and are very well designed with the complete journey covering most important local interest points and sites for travelers. A blossoming business in Malaga, cruise packages come in a variety of options like half day tour package or romantic tour package, an hour long trip, etc. So, customize your trip and enjoy a nice sunset with the satisfaction of day well spent in world’s most beautiful city aboard the all-comforts-at-your-service yacht.

Malaga Port

A Laidback vacation town with a thriving local scene

Malaga is sure among top upcoming fun locations to travel to but it has been there for a long time just wasn’t on the global radar yet. With a thriving local party culture and ideal beach tourism, Malaga offers its travelers a touch of the laidback, easy and simple lifestyle that is so soothing and detached from the urban bustle that it is almost unbelievable!  Indulge your senses with sunbathing at La Malgueta beach, absorb the golden rays while enjoying the waterfronts and fancy your tastes with the Moroccan style Tea houses and have a relaxed, pedestrian holiday. 

La Malgueta beach

Other significant attractions at Malga

Beach restaurants here offer delicious seafood and fish. Besides, you may also enjoy various cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Indian to pamper your taste buds. Pubs offer the popular sweet Malga wine.

The tourists may enjoy both high street shopping as well as bargain shopping in the city at several boutiques and shops.

Malga accommodates tourists of all budgets at various hostels and hotels. Transport is never a problem here as the place is well connected via road, sea and air.

A place to quench every thirst of every traveler, Malaga serves not only as the ‘ultimate’ relaxed Spanish town but also as the expedient town for art, romance and reflection.