Miami One of the Best Tourist Places in USA

Miami Florida one of the best tourist places in the USA

Miami, Florida is one of the best tourist places in the USA when it comes to luxury, leisure and beaches. The city has been a center of entertainment, finance and culture in the US and is one of the cleanest and richest cities in the States. If you’re looking for some leisure time off on the beach, then Miami travel is the best option for you.

Cool off at the hot beaches:

Miami Beach

The beaches in this place are quite famous worldwide. The Miami Beach is a place that is always full, no matter what the season is. The area around the beach is bustling with hotels, restaurants and bars to give you some delicious Miami cuisine and amazing nightlife. Being one of the most walkable cities in the US, you will never get tired of walking around this picturesque region of Miami.

Experience history and culture:

Some popular locations which you must check out as you tour the city for the rich history and culture of the place are: Liberty City: Liberty City Miami

The Liberty City region of Miami is a historical spot. Being the haven of the migration of the blacks in large numbers in 1937, the place has seen a lot of change. Furthermore, it was one of the sites of 1980 riots and the place holds a dear place for Martin Luther King Jr. in its heart. 

Little Haiti Miami

Little Haiti:

This Haitian region has everything from the galleries to the indie music. The place is quite serene and authentic and you will find a whole new dimension of the city as you cruise through the streets of Little Haiti.

Little Havana:

Experience the Cuban side of this place in Little Havana. The place is full of Hispanic culture landmarks like the CalleOcho, unique art galleries and some exquisite Cuban restaurants. Get a feel of Cuba as you travel Miami’s own little piece of Cuban culture.

Central Baptist Church:

Central Baptist Church Miami

Built in the year 1927, the church is a great neo-classical piece of architecture in Miami. It is the third home of the Church which was established way back in 1896.

The Ralston Building:

This is one of this place first skyscrapers. The building was completed in 1917 and is an eight story building that you must check out to see the level of architecture achieved by Miami back in those days.

Lummus Park:

Lummus Park Miami

This historical site is the oldest park in the city. The place spans over 7 acres and is named after the 2nd Mayor of Miami. It is one of the oldest and finest districts in Miami and you should really go there as you visit Miami.


Museums Miami

Miami has its share of historic museums. You can check out the famous Frost Museum of Art, the Perez Art Museum Miami, the Bass Museum of Art on the beach area, Vizcaya Museum and the Jewish Museum of Florida to say the least. Other than these, there are many museums mostly based on arts as Miami has always been a center of entertainment and art in the US.

Explore wildlife with many sanctuaries and zoos:

Miami Seaquarium Miami

Right from alligators to monkeys, you’ll find everything in the exotic wildlife of Miami. Check out the famous Miami zoo, Monkey Jungle, Everglades Safari Park, Everglades Alligator Park for the ultimate wildlife experience and the Miami Seaquarium, where you can see the exquisite marine life of the city. Families and kids would have a great time being there.

Shopping and Leisure:

Other than checking out the super cool places mentioned above, italso offers you some great luxuries to enjoy and plenty of places to go on a shopping spree. For a wonderful leisure and shopping experience, the best place to hang out is the beach area and the Downtown the area along with Coral Gables.


Crandon Park Miami


Beaches such as Miami Beach, Crandon Park, South Beach and Surfside ensure fun and frolic time to visitors. For adventure enthusiasts, Miami is perfect location for mountain biking, snorkeling, paddleboard, sailing, surfing, diving, etc., and many more activities.

Filled with world class cuisine, eccentric nightlife and wonderful shopping arcades, these places will drive you crazy. So, if you want to have the big city fun, then there is no better place than to do it in the entertainment destination, the Downtown. Do check out the various events organized in the town during your visit.

When should you plan your travel?

Travelling this city is recommended during the months of Jan – April as the weather at this beach town is quite pleasant. However, during the June – September season, the climate is quite humid.

Accommodation while travelling:

If you go in the peak season, finding a good budget hotel can be difficult. Thus, it is recommended to book in advance. To avail cheap hotels in Miami or for hot accommodation deals during your visit click here.

How to reach and getting around Miami

It is well connected with the other states in the US and also has a great connectivity with the entire world through flights to and from the International Airport. Apart from that, you can reach there from any part of the States via road or rail. Moreover, the port is the busiest port in the world and many cruises will land you there from almost any major location in the world.

While in the town, you may opt for public transport, rental cars, luxury transport services, taxis and trolleys, shuttle services and even bikes to move around.