Niagara Falls of India – Athirappilly waterfalls

India’s Niagara Falls – Athirappilly waterfalls

Indian Niagara Fall

Niagara falls, splendorous in nature, with a height of 82 feet, a width of 330 feet and elevation of 390 feet, also, being the largest rainfall in Kerala; it has been rightfully termed as the Niagara Falls of India. This waterfall is located on the southwest coast in Athirappilly Panchayat in the Thrissur district of Kerala. In year 1994, a hydroelectric project was proposed of 163 MW. But due to various threats of extinction of wildlife, drying up of the waterfall and other reasons this was cancelled until 2011, after which a panel meeting was organized to rebuild the project.

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Why visit this place

This place gives you an enthralling experience while travelling on the roads and giving you a view of those majestic falls. The roads that lead to the Niagara falls are adorned with the palm and coconut trees giving you a “go green” feel every instant. The mist over the rushing waters and the roaring noises of the falls and the picturesque scene all around you, one can feel the heart melting for it. There are decent resorts and the visit in the monsoon season is a cherry on the cake. One can also find the local fisherman fishing and the kids diving in the waters.

What all to visit

Athirappilly is filled with places which are worth visiting. First is the Athirappilly falls itself. The nearby places like Chalakudy River do offer a scenic riverside view. There are Vazhachal Falls, Charpa Falls and Charpa waterfalls that do line up in the list of falls in Athirappilly, and where one can even swim in the hollow water. Also, 2km from Athirappilly waterfalls there is a place where one can go for trekking. The best season to enjoy every bit of the journey is in monsoon.

How to reach Niagara falls and accommodation facilities

The place can be reached via train, bus and air travel.

The nearest airport is Kochi that is about 35 km from the place, where one can aboard and from there one can use the bus facility or the book a taxi.

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Similarly the nearest railway station to the place is Chalakudi railway station at about 58km from Thrissur and the same mode of transportation can be used to reach the place, as told earlier.

The taxi service is available for the entire journey around the place.

For accommodation one need not worry. The hotels are available ranging from the budget hotels to the luxury ones. All the hotels are present from the one that feature the beach side view to the hotels that are lavish with all the comforts that one needs from good food to Wi-Fi.

All you need is to grab a pair of shoes if you wish to go for trekking and capture the sunset views of Athirappilly views. It is true that life is made up of light, water and people you love and care for. So, why not to travel to a place that brings you closer to all of them.