Nizwa the Oldest Islamic Culture

Travel to Nizwa to Know the Oldest Islamic Culture

General Information

Once a capital of Oman, Nizwa is a very small town with a very rich Islamic history associated with it. The town is 140 km away from the very famous city of Muscat. It is especially famous for production of dates.

Nizwa Oman

Major Attractions

1. Jabrin Castle

It is the most picturesque castles in Sultanate. It was built by Bil’arab Bin Sultan of the of the Ya’ruba dynasty in 1675 AD. On the walls are inscribed some beautiful poetry, Koranic verses and quotes.

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2. Nizwa Fort

Nizwa Fort

This fort is the most popular national monument of Oman. The construction of the main structure took as many as 12 years to complete. The fort will give you a great insight about the history of Oman.

3. Nizwa Souk

Nizwa Souk

This is an expansive open air market that sells immense variety of products seen unseen! Friday is the best day to visit the Souq to gain interesting experiences.

4. Tanuf Ruins

This is a historical site located near Nizwa. It is a great picnic spot with a beautiful valley and nice water streams surrounding the place.

Major Activities

1. Trying local delicacies

The restaurants will serve you Kahwa (coffee mixed with cardamom powder) along with dates and Omani halwa.

You should try the famous Omani Kebabs that are served with vegetables. Machboos, mashuai, shuwa and sakhana are some dishes you should try. People who love trying out different cuisines are going to love the Omani food.

2. Exploring the town

Nizwa is a very small town in Oman and its people are very warm and friendly. You can easily walk all by yourself to see the architecture as well as the lifestyle of the local people. Women need to make sure that they are dressed properly. Do not wear anything that’s too revealing as a matter of respect to the Arab culture.

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3. Must Buy Souvenirs

Khanjars (daggers) from Nizwa are worth buying. The craftsmen, exclusively handcraft the silver khanjars that you cannot find anywhere in the world. The souq (meaning the open market) will have thousands of daggers to choose from, but be ready to bargain hard. The market will also have amazing antique pieces that you would love to flaunt back home.

Being in Oman and not buying the home-grown dates would not be an appreciated gesture. Another things that you could buy are saffron, vanilla, nuts and dried lemons.


Nizwa like any other tourist destination offers you an array of accommodation facilities. Depending upon your budget and of course your lifestyle, you can choose to put up in a guesthouse, apartment on rent, hostels, budget hotels and 2/3/5 star luxurious hotels. You are advised to book your accommodation well in advance of your travel because you may otherwise find it difficult to find your ideal place to stay. 

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Traveling to Nizwa is easy. Once in Muscat, you can hire a taxi. It will take you about four hours to reach your destination. The best thing is it is safe to travel at any time of the day and even night! Being one among the best tourist destinations of the world, Nizwa tourism is developing with each passing day!

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