One of the Best Romantic Places of the World Kauai, Hawaii

6 reasons why Kauai, Hawaii is one of the best romantic places of the world

In matters of romance, the conventional golden hour beauty is a safe bet. The tradition of associating pastel sunsets with blossoming passion and cultivating love is ages old. Whether the couple is seeking a retreat or a platform for reigniting of their desire, Kauai is the romantic’s dream.

Kauai, Hawaii

Primarily famous for its lavish honeymooning locations and hotels, Kauai is home to a range of dying traditional fashions and culture that have been rejuvenated with urban infusion. This ultimate Hawaiian escape for couples maintains the idea poise and perfection of balance between nature and luxury tourism. Here is what makes Kauai, Hawaii one of the most romantic places of the world:

1. The sparkling Mahaulepu Beaches

Mahaulepu Beaches

Romance entails an obligatory sense of privacy that the couple/lovers must be awarded. Expression of love is best made through minute details and nothing makes a more glorious difference than taking your loved one for a soothing, connecting stroll along on the white sands of Gillin’s, Ha’ula beach or Kawailoa Bay that are a majestic break from the new, tourism infused Hawaiian hotels. 

2. Witness Kauai’s underwater paradise

Tunnel Beach  Kauai's

The Lydgate Beach Park is chiefly popular for snorkeling, an activity that goes far beyond the realms of adrenaline and endorphins. Having the convenient sense of satisfaction of being with a loved one is fully realized while witnessing nature in all its strange, colorful and pulsing glory of the topical fishes and underwater world of Kauai. For couples interested in adventurous underwater experience then dive in Tunnel Beach which offers magnificent views along with water life.

3. Experience sunset aboard a charter

sunset aboard a charter Kauai

Romance and passion grow strong when coupled with indulgence and nothing fulfils the physical and mental desire of extravagance better than a setting sun spreading a pastel watercolor across horizon. Hop aboard a charter with your lover and let the glowing sky tease your taste buds while you enjoy delectable local cuisine with luxurious beverages. The Poipu Coast is a preferred choice among honeymooners due to easy and reliable availability of charters but Kauai is a gem if your heart desires longer posh experiences of cruises. 

4. Kauai waterfalls blessings for your humble love

Kauai waterfalls


The Kauai rainforest is a wonder and you need not switch to ‘let’s survive the wilderness’ mode to enjoy the expansive local flora. Taking a brief journey through the woods will bring you face to face with the Kapa’a waterfalls and there is indeed nothing more humbling, scary yet hauntingly beautiful than a lofty body of water carrying everything into ground with it. A narrow but an easy, low impact walk will make you appreciate the company of your lover more while you delight in nature’s eerie creations. 

5. Conventional but legendary scenic beauty

Kalalau Valley KauaI

The concept of being a modest spectator to the great natural beauty is as old as human civilization but there is something grand about Kauai’s archetypal crystal clear beaches, aquamarine w aters, bustling waterfalls carrying pearl-white water into hazy-greenish deep streams of water. Kalalau Valley, Na Pali coast, Hanalei Bay, Hanapepe, and every other place in Kauai is picturesque, classic and the talk of legends and with the land’s unexplored culture, your soul, mind and beauty is bound to grow with a visit.

6. Waimea Canyon, Pacific’s gem

Waimea Canyon


No adjectives can define the beauty of Waimea Canyon, one of Hawaii’s top draws. With its bright red appearance marked by hints of green and moss shades, this canyon park largely caters to not trekking and hiking tourism. But if you don’t mind acquiring some more memories of Hawaii’s grand marvels then a visit to this canyon with your loved one is a must.

So, trust the classic advice and take a plunge into extravagant Hawaiian sand and its turquoise beaches with your lover once and let the tropics fill your love with magic.