Oriental charm of Tourist Destination Shanghai

Oriental charm of Shanghai, spreading from the kitchen to the streets

Shanghai isn’t that worldly beautiful like the New York or Las Vegas but instead it brings you a warm and cozy feeling when you fall in love with the bristle buildings and the lovely streets. It is the largest city of China by population and has direct-controlled municipality of the People’s Republic of China and boasts of China’s richest city. Acknowledged as the global financial center, it is also the world’s busiest container port.


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Why to visit

  • Wrapped around in the standards of western culture and ethics of eastern values, this place has attracted many of the foreigners too towards the oriental charm it endorses. Ignatius Cathedral, Longhua Temple and Jade Buddha Temple are the live example of the variance.

Longhua Temple

  • It is known for its history and architecture, and the talk of it brings the vivid example of it as Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, which is also termed as the “Museum of Architecture” and the Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai Museum

  • Also, there are exhibition sites like Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Bund International Architecture Exhibition and history heritage site like the Jewish Refugees Museum.
  • It has the entertainment avenues as Shanghai circus world, Huxi Grand Theater, Cloud Theater and Shanghai theater.

Shanghai theatre

  • Well, food is something that can never be ignored. It invites the famous food tours of the Fangbang Xi Lu that has the best street food in this city and the ever expanding stalls of Kangding Lu. In the list of top notch cuisine restaurants comes the Shanghai Classical restaurant, Lv Bo Lang Restaurant, Club Jinmao, The Yongfoo Elite and one of the most renowned restaurants for the traditional Chinese food, Shanghai Min.

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Things to do

Well, every place places some charm on its visitors, but what this city is known for is the Oriental Charm that it embodies.

  • There are places that show cast the nightlife with bars and pubs and then there are places that love sound sleep, but it is not a common place. Along with the bars and pubs open till the sun shines in the sky, there are theater groups for Opera, drama, dance and acrobatics and cinemas doing shows on Chinese and foreign
  • This place is famous for being the “Shopping Paradise”. It is pretty much like the Jin’s lamp which says that all that you want to purchase can be found here from the branded clothes to the souvenirs, silk clothing, jades, etc. And when you are all set, a shopping spree is must to the Nanjing Road and the Old Street.
  • It also offers a ride of the train named as Maglev Train at a speed of 430km/hour which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.
  • Despite the changes that we can see, one can still find Old Town in Shanghai endorsed with all the traditional stuffs.

Transportation and How to reach

There are several ways via which one can reach Shanghai. It flaunts as the only Chinese city with two airports Pudong International airport and the Hongqiao International Airport. The city is well equipped with fast and easy transportation of trains where the Huning and Huhang Railway pass connect the three major railway stations. Also, the expressways and four national highways act as a medium for long route transportation via buses.

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The hotels are available in all ranges from budget to luxury styles. But to have real fun in the city one should try the traditional Chinese style hotels that presents the Chinese way of living.