Paris an Ideal Place for Romantic Couples

What makes Paris an ideal place for romantic couples?

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Paris an ideal place for romantic couples is the worlds’ most elegant and romantic cities, full of thrill, charm, culture and wonderful sightseeing’s that blossoms the love amongst couples. There is no “best time” to visit the city, visiting Paris an ideal place for romantic couples in any of the four seasons has its own individual reward, however, it is often said that Paris look at its best during spring and autumn.

So, where do you go to get it right on a romantic Paris getaway? From posh restaurants to horse-drawn carriage rides, Paris an ideal place for romantic couples has got the best of romanticism in its air that will make your partner fall in love with you again.

Paris an ideal place for romantic couples

Here are some of the romantic ideas to make everything worth in one of the most romantic places of the world,

Tango on the Seine

Tango on the Seine

As long as the weather is favourable, the tango enthusiasts gather at the mini amphitheatres along the Seine in the fifth arrondissement to dance seductively until midnight. If you plan a dancing date with your partner, then this is the place for you with a very sexy twist in Paris. However, if you do not want to join the tango enthusiasts, you both can simply sit with a bottle of wine on the steps; watch the dancers who are oh-so-magical and incredibly romantic.

Walking Date by the side of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The nightlife at Paris is beautifully active with many characteristics that simply cannot be defined. One such experience is walking by the side of Eiffel Tower. Imagine walking with your heartthrob, fingers entwined, under the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower, shading you from the moon peeping from the clouds. Eiffel Tower is a paradise on earth, which must be visited, experienced, and cherished eternally with your loved one.

Go for a drive in a Vintage Citroën

vintage Citroën CV2 Paris

Here, a classic 90’s idea for a special day or maybe a night out in Paris: hire charming French wearing a striped Breton shirt; ask him to show up at your hotel/apartment to take you on an open-roof tour of Paris in his vintage Citroën CV2. You can also tell him in advance to lead the way and show you all his secret spots of the city that are best to spend some me-time with your partner.

A Romantic Stroll down the Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Couples madly in love can take a romantic stroll down the tree-lined Champs-Elysees, one of the most famous streets in Paris, to the Arc de Triomphe. You can also take your partner to a romantic candlelight dinner date, as there are dozens of Parisians restaurants that are always ready to make your date a memorable one.

Wall of “I Love You’s”

Wall of I Love You

Situated in the Paris’ 18th arrondissement, the Wall of “I Love You’s” was a memento created by Claire Kito and Frederic Baron. Since then, it has become a meeting place for lovers of love who are madly in love with each other. The wall has “I love you” written in over 250 languages by lovers.

Therefore, if you want your partner to remember Paris forever, then a lovely date to this place is an absolute-must.

Going for a River Cruise in Seine at Night

River Cruise in Seine

When night falls and romance flutters amongst couples, the idea of going on a dinner and a show while watching the mesmerizing highlights of Paris is not bad at all. Plan a romantic cruise getaway along the Seine River with your better half accompanied by singers and cosy music. The beautiful moments at the riverside are something that will make you smile while you look back at your memories in Paris.

Go for a Romantic Moulin Rouge Show

Romantic Moulin Rouge Show

The Moulin Rouge show is the world renowned show in Paris with full of glitter and glamour. Enjoy three course meals and drinks amid music-dance extravaganza with your lady love and let the romance reach to new heights!

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