Plan a Vacation to Salzburg, Austria

Plan a Vacation to Salzburg Austria for the Love of Music!

Talk about Salzburg Austria and the music lovers will immediately say Mozart because this is the place where the great musician was born! It is very easy to relate Salzburg with art, music and opera! Let’s have a look at a few amazing reasons that make Salzburg Austria as the upcoming destination of Europe.

1. Are you in love with ‘The Sound of Music’?

Yes, this evergreen musical drama was shot here in this beautiful Austrian town. The gardens of the Mirabell Palace home the famous ‘Do Re Mi Fa’ steps from the movie. In the gardens, there is Pegasus fountain too which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg, Austria

2. Once a birthplace of Mozart is now a museum!

The museum is in Getreidegasse. The place will offer you some interesting information on the life of Mozart who was born there in 1756.

You may even spend some time to relax and get a feel of the place in the garden café there.

3. Beer Garden

Augustiner Bräustübl is the best beer garden you will ever come across. Here you will get the best of the beers and the foods. The place is located in Mülln. A simple cab ride will take you to this destination.

Augustiner Bräustübl Beer Garden Salzburg Austria

4. Baroque Architecture

Churches, cathedrals and palaces- there are so many monuments here that have been built in the baroque style. The intricate work leaves you awestruck whenever you see it. The best of the baroque work can be seen in the Trinity Church in Makartplatz.

Trinity Church in Makartplatz Salzburg, Austria

5. Hohensalzburg Fortress

Walk up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the largest preserved citadel in Central Europe, located at the top of the hill. The castle is indeed the most famous landmark of the city.

Hohensalzburg Fortress Salzburg, Austria

6. Culinary Variety

People who love food and music both with equal passion should make it a point to visit Salzburg at least once in their lifetime. St Peter Stiftskeller is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe that serves amazing food along with Mozart dinner concerts.

Via Culinaria is another wonder in the world of food, but with a contemporary touch. You can devour on cheese cuisines, fish cuisines and the list is endless.

7. Only for the love for Mozart

If this is the only reason you wish to go to Salzburg, then make sure you plan a trip around the last ten days of January. From the 22nd of January to the 31st of January 2016, you will get to soak into the classical Mozart Week. World famous orchestras and conductors will pay tribute to this legendary musician.

classical Mozart Week Salzburg, Austria

8. Salzburg Cathedral

This is the place where Mozart was baptized. Make sure you do not miss going there, if you wish to take along a great memory back home.

9. Opera performances

More than 200 opera performances take place every year around August and September. If attending opera in Salzburg is one of your priorities then make it a point to plan in advance.

For jazz performances, the ideal time to visit is October and November.

Nevertheless, it is advised that you get complete information well before you book your tickets to Salzburg.

Salzburg holds a very important part in the history of art and culture. The place has some breathtaking views to make your journey long lasting in your memories. You should definitely plan a visit to this upcoming destination in Europe.