Prague an Upcoming European Destination

What makes Prague an upcoming European Destination

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Why Visit to Prague

Prague pronounced ‘Praha’ locally, is the capital of Czech Republic in Europe. This place is ancient Bohemian capital of King Charles IV. A tourist always likes to visit the places which have history, culture, nature’s bounty and activities to make him or her forget the daily hustling and tiring routine and recharge the body and mind with freshness. A UNESCO World Heritage city, it is just the perfect Upcoming Destination in Europe, which is a happening and vibrant city, worthy of becoming the next plan of your tour program.

Prague capital of Czech Republic

From historical to modern world city

Post communism, there is lot of construction and rebuilding process is going on in Prague. Old buildings are being converted to restaurants and other important ventures relating to tourists. For commercial revenue angle, Czechs heavily depend upon Tourism. A vibrant city is not just a new escape for the tourists, but for them also who want to see and feel something unique in ancient historical buildings and an ancient city’s journey towards a modern city.

Prague is divided into five areas and spread over both side of the river Vltava, which parts the city into two halves. These areas are, on one side of the river, Jewish quarters, Old Town, Old Town Square, which is centrally located and New Town with Wenceslas square in the middle. On the other side of river Vltava, there is Lesser Town and the Castle District, along with Prague Castle in the center. It is essentially a compact city, where one can walk distance from one corner to last in 30 minutes.

Your happy day with these landmarks of Prague

Feel era of bygone in Prague Castle:

For more than 1000 years, Prague-Castle has been home and seat of the rulers then Kings, now Presidents. Built in 9th century AD originally, and then in 1920, renovation of the building carried out after independence, and it became seat of the President. Huge classically built castle is a treat to behold.

Prague Castle

Watch an amazing Astronomical Clock

It is an iconic mark. Made in 15th century this clock is complicated in reading and tells three types of times at a time, Central European time, stellar time and Bohemian time. Also, it shows phases of moon and sun. There is one calendar painted too. It attracts lots of crowd of people, who throng to see shows.

Astronomical Clock Prague

Charles Bridge

A 15th century bridge built on river Vltava by King Charles IV is an icon of Prague. It is connecting Old Town and Prague-castle. The bridge is 621 meters long and 10 meter wide. There are 30 statues of saints adorning bridge which is a technological marvel of Gothic era. It has been rebuilt few times over the centuries, but this bridge is monumental.

Charles Bridge Prague

Walk in Old Town Square

A tenth century old square, which had been a market, an execution place in public and a bustling place where all sit and enjoy a view of oldest buildings of Europe, like Gothic Tyn Church, Stone house of the stone bell, a monument of John Hus a reformer from 18th century, stands in middle.

Old Town Square Prague

Boating on Vltava

From Lesser Town a 40 minute boat ride will take you to exciting views of Charles Bridges and Prague-castle and make you feel you are in Venice.

Peep into Gothic era in Tyn Churc

A Gothic era church of Our Lady is a symbol of religious turmoil of 15th century, in 17th century Protestants were banned and Church was declared Catholic. Its architecture will take you in Gothic times. In addition there are several significant churches to visit in Prague.

Gothic era in Tyn Church Prague

Other Highlights that make Prague an upcoming European destination

What you can explore under the blue sky is probably the real Prague.

  • Walking is the best way to see Medieval Buildings reminiscent of medieval empire, city, and the culture though trams, metros provide comfortable transportation too!
  • River cruises on river Vltava, a luxury unmatched
  • Operas, theatre and concerts of traditional music and culture show case. Also enjoy great nightlife at Prague at pubs, bars and clubs.
  • Czech is a difficult Slavic language, will pose some problems, though English will be perfect also for interaction.
  • Food and Beverage are exciting and so are the restaurants especially the top floor restaurants with amazing city views. Czech Beer is world famous.
  • Accommodation at Prague is convenient for all kinds of visitors looking for budget to luxurious hotels.

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