Prague One of the Most Romantic Cities

Reasons to visit Prague for romantic getaway

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Prague romantic city is popularly known as “Jewel of the Crown” between the central Europe, and one among the most romantic cities in the world. The beautiful city of Prague is located along the Vltava River in the region of central Bohemia. Prague is one of the largest cities and serves as a capital of the Czech Republic. Prague earns its livelihood from tourism all round the year. It makes as a good choice for a peaceful and romantic break from the busy yet monotonous city life.

With a wide array of options, the Prague romantic city simply oozes happiness, love, romance, and enthusiasm in every possible way during your getaway here. However, if you are still looking for valid reasons as to why you should choose Prague as your romantic getaway, then here are reasons to help you:

historical centre Prague

Enjoy good weather and walk around magnificent historical monuments

The best way to know Prague is by taking a stroll around. Spring and summertime sun are the best times to enjoy some peaceful walks with your beloved in Prague. The old town of Prague is one romantic spot, which is famous amongst lovers and serves as a great tourist interest too. An Astronomical clock is installed in the Old Town, which is a necessary see for people of this planet. One of the other marvels “The Lennon Wall” is a tourist spot that makes it a must-visit for John Lennon fans as there is a graffiti specially dedicated to him.

Astronomical clock Prague

Satisfy your Musical Soul in Prague romantic city

Prague can satisfy classical musical lovers as well as fan f rock, pop and every other genre. While you can get your fill of classical music in the Municipal House, or in fact in one of the churches in Prague and no fan of dance music should miss a chance to visit Prague’s renowned music clubs. Among the other obligatory stopping points, there are places like Akropolis, Cross Club, and multimedia space MeetFactory that brings out the best romanticism among couples.

MeetFactory Prague

Cruise on the Vltava River

As Prague is situated near the Vltava River; you will be able to feel the true romantic aura of Prague, which will definitely make you fall in love at first site – enough to let the honeymooners choose Prague as their destination of choice to romance with their partners. To have a good time, you can either choose paddleboats or go for a guided cruise tour, which involves a relaxing lunch too.

Cruise on the Vltava River Prague

Go for a romantic vintage car tour in Prague romantic city

 The best way to make your partner feel special is by taking her on an unusual date i.e. a vintage car tour. These vintage cars will take you back in time and allow seeing Prague in a chauffeur driven open-top classic cars. To make it more romantic, let your driver choose the itinerary, and however you ask him to combine the tour with a conversation about history and tips on good restaurants where you can take her for a lunch/dinner later.

vintage car tour Prague

Explore the romantic Letna Park at Prague romantic city

Letna is Prague’s most romantic city-centre park, which is a vast space between Milady Horakove, a buzzing shopping street, and the Vltava River. The Letna Park located on the south side of Prague, which offers spectacular views of the city and its bridges to lovers.

Letna Park Prague

Love your Lover on the May Day

Prague is one of the most enticing cities of Europe that celebrates Labour Day as love day. On this day in Czech Republic, you will find young couples, elderly couples or anyone who is in love climb up Peterin Hill and lay flowers at the foot of the statue of Karel Hyneck Macha. He is treated as the “love” god who has written the best-loved epic poem for the lovers in Czech language.

Peterin Hill Prague

Gift her garnets from Cesky Granat Turnov

Take your special someone to Cesky Granat Turnov and she will not be able to stop herself from choosing a garner-set ring, bracelet, or necklace. These garnets are symbol of love that is semi precious ruby gems taken out from mines near the city of Turnov in the Czech Republic.

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