Travel to Provence for the Ultimate European Experience

Travel to Provence for the ultimate European experience

Already famous for its down to earth villages, the grand French Alps, the Rhone River, and traditional, tranquil countryside, Provence is among the upcoming destinations of Europe. Whether you are planning a classy honeymoon or just a rendezvous with some friends over art, wine, food and nature, Provence is the place to be.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, located beautifully in the southern region of France, is actually a historical province that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea all the way up to French Alps. The famed French Riviera, its pleasant sunny weather, calm countryside in numerous shades, traditional culinary beauty and exquisite language (Provençal) is what make it worth a visit for everyone.


Experience the art and inspiration in the city of Avignon

With a divine location by the Rhone River, the city of Avignon is among the most beautiful sites of Vaucluse, Provence. An incredibly old city and home to Place to Palais, Place de L’horloge, Le Pont Saint Benezet, etc, Avignon is a site worth cherishing that’s best surveyed and appreciated on foot or bicycles. If you fancy exquisite movie experiences then a visit to Cinema Utopia should be a must on your list. Rhone River cruises and brief boat trips make the city dreamier than it already is.

The city of Avignon

Taste the adrenaline in Luberon

The best of Provence is seen in Luberon with its picturesque villages that inspired some of the most amazing paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. While winters are chilly, summer receives the highest influx of tourists as does spring that brings vibrant colors to the valley. The national park’s brief mountain range is another delight for adventure enthusiasts as it isn’t too risky and yet packs the most magnificence views from top. Easily accessible from Avignon, Luberon is best traveled through private transportation since you will get the crazy impulse to stop and stare at every turn, and every crossroad.

Luberon Provence

Rejuvenate your soul with Nice’s classy beaches

Pronounced Niece, Nice is one of the biggest attractions of French Riviera that caters to the young, old, rich, famous, backpackers and just about everyone. Vieux Nice is an aesthetic delight with its dreamy scuttle of streets, alleys and scenic boutiques, homes and if that doesn’t quench your thirst for aesthetics then Museum of Asian Art, Musee Matisse, Parc Phoenix sure will. Another famed site in Nice is the Colline Du Chateau that was once a castle but now lies in a splendid tattered form. With a wealth of hiking trains (La Turbie), and clean beaches, Nice is where you will have the most fun experience of your life.

Pronounced Niece Provence

Satisfy your penchant for luxury at the Cannes

The world-famous host of one of the most revered Film festivals, Cannes is where the rich and famous go every summer. Those with a refined taste of extravagance must try the private beaches, yacht cruises, luxury boutique and souvenir shops and a stroll through the ever so beautiful Old town. Those on a budget need not be disappointed as ferry trip to Iles de Lerins and Monaco, St. Tropez excursions, Tour du Masque are pretty affordable. The Provençal way of life is best illustrated with the lavish collections of Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence.

Cannes Provence

Provence is an assortment of magnificent sites, nature’s wealth that none can pass over so delight your soul and revive your mind with a trip around the Mont Ventoux, Digne Les Bains, Les Baux de Provence Verdon Gorges, and many more of Provence’s unspoiled gems.

Les Baux de Provence

Mont Ventoux Provence