Reasons for Visit Bhangarh by Tourists

 Bhangarh legend of the haunted Fort

Bhangarh fort carries the legend of being haunted, because of this tag, it has become a tourist attraction. Bhangarh fort was built in 17th century by King Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. His elder son Man Singh was a general in the army of Moghul emperor Akbar. Now turned to ruins Bhangarh fort is well preserved by ASI and Rajasthan tourism. This fort is located about 235 km from Delhi near Jaipur highway in Alwar district. It is on the border of Sariska Reserve on Aravalli range of hills. A new Bhangarh village has redeveloped out of fort area, which has around 200 houses. The legend has already established the fort as haunted, though many call it a myth.

Bhangarh fort

Reasons to visit Bhangarh by tourists

Tourists visit this fort for two reasons-first one is Rajasthan tourism’s recommendation to visit because of its historical importance and second reason added is the legend which made it more popular.

 Bhangarh fort city in ruins

 When entering fort’s precincts of ruins the name of haunted fort gives shivers up the spine and gives an eerie feel. At the entrance gate, ASI has put up a board instructing not to stay inside the fort after sunset and before sunrise. Near the entrance one can see temples, palace and big residence buildings. There are four gates to the fort Lahori Gate, Phulbari gate, Ajmeri gate and Delhi gate. The royal palace is at the extreme side of the fort. The landscapes and lush green grass is maintained inside the fort. Entry gate is about 30 feet high. Beyond park, one can see a water body or bowli where local lads jump in from top for some excitement and money. There are several temples and palaces in the premises with exquisite carvings.


One version is associated with a recluse sadhu named Baba Balanath who had told people of the fort that anybody’s building should not be taller than his building. If any shadow of the building falls on his house, the fort town will be destroyed.

Legends Bhangarh

Second version is more fairy tales like story. A wizard who knew black magic fell in love with the beautiful Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. Many marriage proposals from royal families were offered to her. One day when she was 18 she went with her friends to market. When she was buying perfume or ittar, the wizard replaced it with his magic potion to woo her to marry him. Princess saw his mischief, as he offered the bowl she threw it down on the boulder. The boulder rolled down and killed wizard. Before dying he spelled his curse by proclaiming fort town will be destroyed and no one will be able to live there. As the history says, Mughals invaded the fort city soon after, ransacked and killed about 10000 occupants of the fort city including princess and royal family. People say the ghosts of wizard and princess along with other people still become active in the night time. No matter it is legend or myth, people will still throng to see the fort.

Princess of Bhangarh

How to reach and where to stay

One can reach Alwar through trains and road networks connected to different cities of the country. For moving around there are local transport such as auto rickshaws, taxis, buses and tongas. There are several accommodation options in Alwar district both in luxury and budget categories.