Regensburg, Germany Top Historical Destination of Europe

Regensburg, Germany; The top historical destination in the entire Europe!

The famous UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located in the south eastern region of Germany in Europe, the city of Regensburg is a place which also is the midpoint of the rivers Danube, Regen and Naab too! This famous city is extremely famous all over the world due to it does connect with the Stone Age when the first human settlements began in the region. This city which is located just about 65 miles away from Munich, is currently a place with commercial, cultural and industrial importance with the busy port region on the Danube river which ultimately connects to the Black Sea.

The History of Regensburg, Germany

The center of this city is a place of historic importance due to the fact that it holds evidence of people settled there since the Stone Ages! With time, the Celtic settlements took over which was again taken up by the Romans who built this region with their famous legionary camp named Castra Regina in the AD 179. Some of the remnants of the fort still remain for the tourists to marvel at! The remaining years witnessed the coming and going of many cultures at this historic city which gave it its immense array of churches, remnants etc.

Castra Regina

Places to visit in Regensburg, Germany

Due to the fact that it was a land of the capital of Bavaria where the Dukes, Bishops and kings prevailed to a great extent for about 600 years, this city is studded with tons of architectural heritage which were also accredited by the UNISCO in the year 2006.

Some of the important places of visit in this old and the top historical destination of Europe, though not all, include:

1. Regensburg Cathedral- St. Peter’s

This is considered to be the main hub of the city since ages and is located near the Stone Bridge where the Domplatz, the Cathedral Square exists. This cathedral showcases historic relevance in its 13th century make and a picturesque Gothic Church inside it.

Regensburg Cathedral- St. Peter’s

2. Stone Bridge & Museum

This 310meter long Stone Bride located in this medieval city showcases 12th century work that has covered Danube for more than 900 years! The best views of the city can be taken from this bridge of historic relevance and one should not miss the museum which is the last of the three towers remaining in this standing bridge structure. With a few more things nearby this is a must visit as well!

Stone Bridge and Museum

3. Schottenkirche- The Scots Monastery

This was home to the Irish monks who inhabited this place during the year 1560 to 1860. Not to forget the nearby churches which are a must visit too!

Schottenkirche- The Scots Monastery

4. Walhalla, Donaustauf

This is a German temple which is of historic importance which dates back to some 200 years!

The Hall of Liberation, Old town Hall and the Old Corn market, the parks, churches and the museums are a few more that this amazing city offers its visitors with élan!

Walhalla, Donaustauf

Shopping options:

This place’s old city center is adorned with various boutiques, art and clothing galleries, and stores from international brands, antique shops, home décor and hand painted items, shops for local jewellery and traditional clothing, eateries for beer and sausages which one can buy.

The best time to visit:

The best part about this place is that one can enjoy the beauty of stones and architecture all through the years as the summers are pleasant and the winters here are never too chilly!

Lodging and commute options:

Regensburg being one of the most important and historic European tourist destinations is very well connected by bus, train, flight and also via the water route. Interconnecting buses are pretty prevalent for the tourists as well as hotels which vary from budget to high flyers too! The locals can commute via the buses and the tourists from the world over can take the help of the package tours for lovely experience. The visitors may roam around the streets on foot or by cycles besides taking the help of private cars or buses to explore further.