Rhodes, Greece Historical Destination of Europe

Why Rhodes Greece is among top historical destination of Europe?

Rhodes Greece also known as the “Island of the Knights” is by far the largest of the Dodecanese islands and is known as the historical destinations of Europe due to the fact that it boasts of having The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes which is a World Heritage Site along with being complete with one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes too!

Holiday at the Island of the Knights,Rhodes Greece!

A famous historical destination of Europe, Rhodes in Greece is not only a place where the peace lovers will find abode in, but also is equally great for the adventure seekers who are in need of adrenalin rush at all times!

Filled with spectacular green hills and valleys, sparkling gold beaches, cultural and archeological sites along with a perfect blend of cosmopolitan and traditional aspects in it, this Dodecanese island is indeed a great option for tourists the world over!

The sights to behold in Rhodes Greece

Once a person lands in this wonderful island for a holiday, the most important thing that spins in their mind is the historical importance of this tourist destination. The grand remnants and the remains and the rich history makes it a World Heritage Site and thus, given below are the most important historical sites that a person cannot disagree from taking a look at:
Rhodes Greece

Acropolis of Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos is very close by from the village and to reach the preserved Acropolis one needs to climb up a bit to marvel at the ancient architecture and the remains of the 6th century BC. This place includes a Temple, the Athena Linda and a 20 columned Hellenistic stoa as well.
Acropolis of Lindos Rhodes

Archeological Museum

This museum is a must visit due to the fact that it spans over an area covering the 15th century Knights hospital and lovely wild gardens to look at! All over the place, one can find ancient treasures from over 7000 years kept at display, all of which are via the excavator’s merit across the island. Some of the important things preserved include a pavilion with wall-mounted mosaics, marble statue of Aphrodite which dates back to the 2nd century BC and also a reconstructed burial site which not only held a warrior with his helmet, but also his horse from the 1700 BC.
Archeological Museum Rhodes

Knights Quarters

This is mainly the remains of the headquarters of the Knights of St John who was in control of Rhodes in the 14th & 15th century and when to protect themselves formed fortress-like mansions which still stand tall at the northern segment of the Old Town. The tour of this place includes the sight of ancient Greece and its culture filled with paintings, engravings, a 3rd-century-BC Temple of Aphrodite remains, museums, the rooms of the knights, the Chappell Fran├žoise, the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Masters and the numerous Gates which all speak of their rich cultural inheritance.
Knights Quarters Rhodes


This traces back to the Ottoman history of this island when all the churches were converted in to mosques. The sights here are the Mosque of Sulyeman and the 18th-Century Muslim Library.
Hora Rhodes


The other important places to visit include the Jewish Quarters, the Ancient lalysos, Kalithea Thermi, the hot-spring spa, Petaloudes or the Valley of the Butterflies, Modern Greek Art Museum, Jewish Synagogue Museum, Epta Piges, Ancient Kamiros, and many more!
Jewish Synagogue Museum Rhodes
However, apart from all this the beaches and the greenery of the island is hard to resist while on a trip here for sure!

How to reach Rhodes?

This place is well connected by flights via the airport of Thessaloniki and Athens and also from the other Greek islands. The other great alternative is a journey via ships which is another great idea when this island boasts of their own port as well! Moving around in this place is easy with public transport, hired scooters, cars and bicycles.

Where to stay?

Visitors can choose from wide variety of accommodation options such as budget hotels, hostels, apartments and B&Bs, inns to resorts and international hotels. This historical place leave no stone unturned to fascinate you and immerse in luxury.