Rome is the Ideal Romantic Destination

Why Rome ideal romantic destination?

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Love, beauty, passion, desire and everything else is best expressed in Italian. The  Rome Ideal Romantic Destination, eternal city, the land where civilization flourished and expanded centuries back is now iconic for its romance and nonchalance. With legendary films like Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Wyler’s Roman Holiday, etc, featuring the best of Rome, the eternal city has grown synonymous with romance over decades. And, here are some more reasons that make this classic Rome Ideal Romantic Destination the supreme city as Rome:

Rome Ideal Romantic Destination

Take the ancient romance pilgrim to the Temple of Roma (Amor) and Venus

The grand temple has been in existence since 2nd century A.D. and part of it was built to amuse and honor Venus, the goddess of love and the other for Goddess Roma. A play on the words is that Amor in Spanish means love and Venus is the goddess of love while the other goddess whose the temple was dedicated to is Roma (Amor in reverse). Romantic, isn’t it? 

Temple of Roma and Venus

Taste the traditional with the lover’s paradise at Aventine Hill and the Giardino degli Aranci

Rome Ideal Romantic Destination will always be the traveler’s favorite, so don’t be afraid of the conventional spots. The Aventine Hill is one of the many beautiful, tranquil and traditional spots of Rome but still as classy and magnificent as it was in the ancient period. Close by are the medieval churches and the Giardino degli Aranci garden which you will keep coming back to once you witness the spectacular view of the city from. 

Giardino degli Aranci garden Rome

Visit the Priory of the Knights of Malta’s famed keyhole to get the three in one view of your life of the Knights’ garden, the Vatican and of course, Italy aligned in perfect symmetry with the Dome of St Peter’s. 

An evening or late night stroll along the Tiber

Seldom has a roman site looked more beautiful than the glowing Tiber of twilight. Your romance in Rome remains unfulfilled unless you have feasted your eyes upon the golden hues of Tiber’s reflection of city into the night sky. Cheat the traffic and get off from Lungotevere to get to the Ponte Sant’Angelo and the Castel Sant’Angelo to have the supreme Italian Impressionist experience of your lazy, lover’s night.

Romance of Rome by twilight

Break away from the tourist-y hustle at Piccolo Arancio

A tiny upmarket trattoria located close by the Trevi Fountain, Piccolo Arancio shines as the perfect getaway from the bustle of regular tourist spots. If you are in a mood for a calm, chit-chat lunch, head off to this hidden piazza and revel in a lazy Italian afternoon.

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Drench yourself in love at the Trevi Fountain

Could there be anything more quixotic and dreamy than the grand Trevi Fountain itself? If you are visiting Rome for honeymoon then you can propose all over again at the fountain, all over again and reward yourself the luxury of one of those iconic exotic memories. Not really for the big plunge yet? No problems. Just wake up super-early and you will have Fellini’s secluded, solitary classic fountain all to yourself. 

Trevi Fountain Rome

Indulgence of aesthetics at Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps and Gianicolo Hill

Again, nothing beats conventional classics so the idea of walking around, enjoying the Italian weather at Villa Borghese which is indeed genius and get more pleasant when you never run out of wine. A calm stroll to the golden lit Spanish Steps when it’s dark or an extravagant afternoon at the Gianicolo Hill will sure be your cherry atop the roman pastry.

Villa Borghese Rome

Enjoy the art and intimacy at the Villa Farnesina

Now among Rome’s best art spots, Villa Farnesina was once the go-to erotic spot of all of Rome with its suggestive frescoes (Galatea by Raphael), and beautiful works by other great renaissance artists. Visuals offer the greatest stimulation of senses so titillate your sense with some renaissance style romantic flavor and enjoy the beauty of Trastevere’s Villa Farnesina.

Villa Farnesina Rome

There is no travel guide that will give you the key to romance in Rome ideal romantic destination but if you are madly in love and in the mood for a passionate fête with your loved one then you will find it somewhere around the piazzas, dim lit alleys or the  pedestrian cafes for sure. Rome is indeed the most romantic  destinations for couples around the world.

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