Seattle the Most Popular Tourist Destination in USA

Reasons why to add Seattle to your list as you travel US

Located in the state of Washington, Seattle is a city that you would not want to miss during your US travel. The place is known for its aircraft and ship building and has a rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, the city provides a lot of recreational activities for the tourists and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA.

As you travel the city, you will come across a lot of attractions and activities to do. The most prominent being the Space Needle which is considered as the icon of Seattle. Being a seaport, the city is also haven to many water sports that cater to the adventurous people. Listed below are some of the attractions of the city which you should not miss at any cost.

History, art, culture and adventure: A perfect outing for tourists!!

 As you tour Seattle, you will come across a lot of historical monuments, museums and culturally rich havens. Here are some of the most prominent attractions that you will find in the city:  

Art Museum:  

Seattle Art Museum

The museum is a perfect place to check out the art from various cultures residing in Seattle. The museum also includes two other attraction points’ viz. Seattle Asian Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park, which must be definitely included in your list of places as you explore this place.    

Museum of History and Industry:  

Museum of History and Industry

Also known as MOHAI, this museum has many hands on activities and features the historical evolution of industries in Seattle over the past.  

 Museum of Flight:  

Museum of Flight Seattle

This exotic museum has the future, past and the present of aircrafts. Seattle is a hub for aircraft manufacturing and the rich history of the airplane can be seen here.  

 Saint James Cathedral:  

Saint James Cathedral Seattle

This cathedral is quite old and gives a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Seattle. Do visit this place and enjoy the architecture and the serenity of the place.  


Waterfront, Seattle

This is a wonderful hangout place for the tourists. You can also engage in some fantastic water sports as you explore the beaches and hang out near the waterfront. Water sports include scuba snorkeling, fishing, canoeing and boat tours which will add some fresh water experience to your tour of Seattle.   In addition, there are several interesting museums, parks and entertainment avenues for adults and kids alike.

Fun, food and frolic: Shop and Eat your way in style in Seattle

Dining and shopping are wonderful here in Seattle. With many exotic shopping locations spread throughout the city, we have pinpointed some of the most preferred locations which you should check out:

Pacific Place:

Pacific Place, Seattle

This is a prominent shopping mall located in Seattle that offers a lot of options for the tourists. You can browse through the shops and get some great deals as it is a place for discounted products.

University Village:

This is a wonderful location for some peaceful shopping. The place is quiet and comfortable and has something for all. You can check out the various stores and eat at the restaurants located in the region for a fine shopping experience.


Downtown Seattle

This is the ultimate hangout spot for the tourists. The place is bustling with activity and has many formidable shops and restaurants. The nightlife of Seattle can also be accessed at this place only with so many pubs and discos to choose from.

Pike Place Market:

A must visit place in your list is Pike Place Market. The market has some of the best food options and you will love exploring the place. There are food tour options available that can give you a wonderful experience inside the Pike Place Market.

Original Starbucks:

If you’re in Seattle, then there is no reason for you not to visit the original Starbucks. The place remains a little crowded due to its popularity but is worth visiting if you’re a coffee fan. It is actually the oldest branch of Starbucks that is still open.

Other attractions and activities:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are some activities which you should not miss while you’re in Seattle. Some of these activities are:

Space Needle:

Space Needle Seattle

Space needle is a wonderful revolving restaurant with an observation deck. The Space Needle is a must visit. The place will give you a hawk eye view of Seattle and it is a sight to remember.

Sky View Observatory:

Sky View Observatory Seattle

The sky view observatory will give you the chance to have a 360 degrees view of the entire city of Seattle and also the neighboring regions. It is the tallest observatory for public in the western side and a must visit for all.

Alki Beach:

Alki Beach Seattle

Perhaps the most famous beach in Seattle, Alki beach will give you some stress free and relaxing time with your near and dear ones. Head out to this famous beach of Seattle and engage in many water activities or just lay down in the sun to enjoy.

Take note of all these places as you head to Seattle and make sure you visit most of them.

Transport and Accommodation in Seattle

Reaching Seattle is not really a challenge as the place is well connected with both national and international flights. Also, the bus and rail travel options from various prominent cities of the US gives you the chance to visit the place at a cheaper price if you’re going to travel from another city within the US. The city, being one of the most walk-able cities of USA, makes roaming around easy for tourists.

The best time to explore the place is during September to November as these months are not jam packed and you can get some accommodation at reasonable prices. Hotels are a plenty in this city and you can get cheap hotel rates online if you pre-book before your journey.

So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Seattle to explore some great riches of the United States.