Shimla An AMazing Tourist Destination

Shimla- A Place of Divine Beauty

General Information 

Shimla is a beautiful hill-station and the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The state is iconic and every moment spent there is worth every penny spent. The ideal time to plan a holiday in Shimla would be anywhere from March to November. Being a hilly region, you cannot really predict the temperature here. The winters are extremely cold and the temperature easily falls to Zero Degree Celsius and at times, even below it. Himachal Pradesh because of its divine beauty is called as the ‘Land of Gods’ while it is called as the ‘Queen of the Hill Stations’.

Valley view Shimla

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 Major Attractions in Shimla

Viceregal Lodge

viceregal lodge, Shimla

If you wish to see Scottish Architecture in India, then Viceregal Lodge is what you need to have a look at. Of course, the history associated with it is no less exciting. Within the lodge’s premises, you also get to see some amazing British artifacts.

 The Mall

 The Mall is predominantly a sprawling shopping market. The famous Christ Church of Shimla is also located here.


 If you wish to have a look at the Army museum and the golf course and also be with the nature, then you must visit Annadale. The best part is that Annadale is not at all crowded and you can find that absolute tranquility you are in search of.

 Jakhu Temple

This is one of the most ancient temples of the Hindu God, Hanuman. The specialty of this temple is that it has an eight feet tall idol of Hanuman which can be seen from a very long distance.

Naldehra Golf Course, Summer Hill and The Ridge are few of the other places that you can very well include in your Shimla sightseeing list.

 Major Activities in Shimla


 Shimla and adventure sports go hand in hand. Summers are a good time to try out some mountaineering stuff here.

River rafting

Indulging in water sports is yet another favorite activity for many sport lovers. You will need to travel to Tattapani (50 km from this place) for river rafting. But, if you really like this sport, then it is worth indulging in.

If you plan to come in winters then you may very well enjoy ice skating and skiing, too.

 Accommodation & Transportation

If you are travelling by air, then you can board from either Delhi or Chandigarh. These cities have regular flights going to Jubarhati, the nearest airport to Shimla. It is about 23 km away from the British summer capital of India. From there, you can opt for a cab ride or even better, ask your hotel to arrange for it.

Dwarika Residency shelapani shimla hills Winters at Dwarika
Dwarika Residency shelapani shimla hills
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Shelapani is the most beautiful region in shimla .If you appreciate getting off the beaten path, you’ll love the scenic himalayan ranges of this area .The rolling hills- pine forest,apple orchard and pabber valley.
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If you wish to travel by railway, then again Delhi and Chandigarh are the places that can connect you to this hill station. You have to book Kalka Shatabdi to reach your holiday destination.

If bus is what you are going to travel with, then opt for the Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation buses. The HPTC has fair charges and you can travel quite comfortably.

You can very well find accommodations suited for all budgets. There are good and comfortable lodges, rest houses, five star hotels and resorts and home stays. This tourist destination has people coming from all over the world and that what makes it even more exciting.


You can never see enough of Shimla. Every time you visit this hill-station you want to come again for some more of the place. Its beauty is captivating and there is no escape for you.