Sibiu an Upcoming Destination in Europe

When in Romania, do it the Sibiu way!

If Europe is on your vacation list and you want to venture out to some place which has it all – from towers to palaces to churches to glacial lakes, then one of the upcoming destinations in Europe is Sibiu. Located in Central Europe, this exotic place offers the touch of ethnicity coupled with history and authenticity.

What to expect in Sibiu?

The place is coated with a film of traditional Europe and mentioned below are the must-see ones:


Big Square (Piata Mare)

This is one of the most happening places in Sibiu where the City hall surrounds one side of the square while shops and restaurants border the other two. The fountain in the center magnifies the liveliness of the place.

Big Square (Piata Mare) Sibiu

Turnul Sfatului (The Tower of the Council)

Composed of seven floors, each floor has a unique picturesque view ranging from the old prison on the first and second to paintings on the next three while the topmost is the most beautiful one with the view of the entire city.

Turnul Sfatului Sibiu

Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral and Tower

The church tower presents the perfect blend of Gothic architecture and mesmerizing view of the city and hence is one of the must visit places when in Sibiu.

Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral and Tower Sibiu

Piata Mica

It is another of the three squares of Sibiu which is a great place to be in if you are an avid observer and want to be in the midst of hustle and bustle. This place also acts as the gateway to a number of museums around as well as to restaurants offering local and international cuisines.

Piata Mica Sibiu

Astra National Museum Complex

It is one of the biggest museums in Romania spanning an area of 100 hectares. This open-air museum is one of its kind and you should either reserve half of a day for it else visit it on two days to keep off the fatigue.

Astra National Museum Complex Sibiu

The Bridge of Lies

Believed to be the first iron bridge of Romania, the surroundings will fill you with inquisitiveness and great lanes to walk by. The small bridge is believed to shake and rattle if any onlooker lies while being there so you ought to be on your best behavior!

The Bridge of Lies Sibiu

The Tower of Stairs

It is considered to be the oldest existing building in the city and dates back to the thirteenth century. As the name has it, there are a number of stairs to climb which are totally worth it if you want to explore the place and have some great clicks.

Strada Nicolae Balcescu

It is the best walking street in Sibiu where you can roam about, eat along with family and friends, shop till you drop or just spend some quality time alone at the cafes.

Strada Nicolae Balcescu Sibiu

Zoological Gardens

The zoo has a number of well-fed and relaxed animals which can be quite a catch for your little one. You can walk through the small forest which is well-maintained. The lake-side location adds to the beauty making it as enjoyable as walking in the park.

Zoological Gardens Sibiu

Museum of Steel Locomotives

The train museum is worth a watch if you are interested in steam engines and locomotives. Half an hour is good enough to peep into history and see how it all started.

Some of the other places that can be visited are the Lower town of Sibiu, the Huet Tunnel, the Great Synagogue and the Brukenthal national museum. Give it a shot and this upcoming vacation destination of Europe will not disappoint you!

Museum of Steel Locomotives Sibiu

Facilities in Sibiu

  • The place has several accommodation options to suit the budget and preferences of diverse kinds of visitors. One may opt for comfortable apartments, hostel rooms or luxurious hotels, all of them centrally located and near to major attractions.

  • Besides, the visitors can shop for various things such as antiques, handicrafts, embroidered linen and clothing and fresh farm produce available at many squares of the place.
  • Traveling to Sibiu from nearby cities is quite easy through buses, cars and trains. Visitors can also conveniently opt for flights from various countries to this city.
  • Traveling around in Sibiu is also comfortable as wide transport options are available such as rented cars, rented bicycles, taxi services and buses.