Some Basic Etiquette for Comfortable Air Travel

Follow Some Basic Etiquette for Comfortable Air Travel

Good manners and etiquette are must haves for every human being wherever they are! And while traveling as well this attribute should not be left behind. Here is some basic etiquette for comfortable air travel for travelers that will help to have a very comfortable journey.

1. Abide by all rules and regulations

Have everything in place required for the air travel before starting out for the airport. You will absolutely have no reason to blame the airport authorities for leaving your passport at your recliner back home.

2. Move around the cabin only if it’s necessary

This is a very common mistake that people tend to make while on board. You got to remember that you are in flight and not in your home to be moving around freely. Your fellow passengers feel irritated with your constant up and down.

3. Keep luggage ‘only’ in the space assigned to you

Respecting other’s space is a very basic etiquette that people tend to ignore. Keep your cabin luggage only under your front seat (that’s your assigned place) and not under ‘your’ seat and in the bin above your seat. The less baggage you carry, the better it is.

keeping luggage in aircraft

4. Keep your talking to minimal

You should only speak if you are required to and that too politely. There’s absolutely no need for you to speak to the people sitting with you, unless of course if they ask you something. They need their space and wouldn’t appreciate your overfriendly behavior. In case you are travelling with kids then educate them about essential dos and don’ts of behaviour to avoid embarrassment in public.

5. If you are not well, don’t fly

This may sound very rude, but it is necessary. We need to think in the best interest of the people traveling along. If you are sick you may end up spreading germs unintentionally.

6. Don’t bother flight attendants unnecessarily

The flight attendants are not there for your entertainment, so stop talking to them unnecessarily if you don’t want disgusting looks from other passengers. But, if you need something then you may very well press the button right above your head. Remember to use the three precious terms- Please, Thank you and Sorry.

7. Don’t get impatient if your luggage is taking too long to arrive

Not just traveling, but also waiting for your luggage is something to deal with. It’s not just you whose luggage is not there yet. By getting impatient you might just be entertaining others on the airport. If you do not wish to be a laughing stock, then behaving like a grown-up will be in your best interest.

These points may look very obvious, but most of us don’t take them as seriously as they should. Try to remember these basic etiquette for comfortable air travel tips to have pleasurable journey.