Southern Dalmatia, Croatia an Upcoming Destination of Europe

Why Southern Dalmatia, Croatia does need to be top on your list of places to go?

Most successful tourist destinations always posses some sort of rich cultural-religious history with architectural wonders of contemporary, gothic, medieval and older eras with abundance of nature. Tourism, as a matter of fact, a means of not only witnessing the world but a means of escape from the maze of our urban lives. Southern Dalmatia, Croatia serves as the idyllic destination for not only romance and peace seekers but also for thrill. Get to know why the fairly lesser known Southern Dalmatia has been rated as upcoming destination of Europe and needs to be next on your itinerary:

King’s Landing: Dubrovnik

The southern Dalmatia region is succinct and attracts tourists for its Dubrovnik area which is easily among the most undermined locations of our times. The entire circuit is adorned with lofty medieval walls that appear right out of Hollywood period films. These can easily be covered on foot on a day long visit. The beauty of port’s views around Dubrovnik is something that linguistics devices can seldom convey. The city shines it all its glory throughout year and is best seen during the golden hours of dawn and dusk. The city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

King's Landing Dubrovnik southern Dalmatia

The city of Dubrovnik is situated 216 km from split. It is among world’s greatest awe-inspiring coastal fortified cities. The fortress towers, enclosing ridges sophisticated bell towers make it magnificent site surrounded by the splendid Adriatic Sea. Game of thrones would perhaps better remember the walled city as the location for King’s landing.

Striking villages glowing with local culture and nature  

Dalmatia is home to some great unexplored islands with glossy and rush-free beaches, dazzling Adriatic Sea coastline. It has an excitingly high water quality, tall mountains, and eclectic ports offering yacht holidays. The villages of Komarna, Klek, Biograd Na Maru, etc are famous for their picturesque setting. These villages are treasures for backpackers as they haven’t exactly been on the mainstream tourist radar yet. Smerdji, a mountain located a little up from the village of Klek has some spectacular views of the surrounding villages while the clear waters bordering the village are ideal for undisturbed snorkeling. The Village of Komarna is another southern Croatian delight that’s best explored on foot. With its eerily beautiful Slivno, Smrdan Grad ruins, diverse Archeological Museum Narona, and Ornithological Collection, the village of Komarna is a secluded gorgeous secret.

Biograd Na Maru Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Kayaking around the Elaphiti Islands

Just a little farther northwest of Dubrovnik lays a grand archipelago, fairly small in size but flamboyant in beauty, Elaphiti Islands. The unspoiled scenery and immaculate waters bring numerous tourists to the islands but still are many in dark about this amazing archipelago. The main islands entertain the meager inhabitants, major number of islands like Daksa, Kosmec, Olipa, Crkvina, etc is still uninhabited. Sea kayaks can be hired from Dubrovnik for a brief beautiful, sunset experience of the Islands’ exquisite beauty. 

Elaphiti Islands Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Least commercial hotchpotch

Commercial development by corporate does bring prosperity to a destination but when there is lack of it, it is something worth bragging about. Southern Dalmatia is primarily a historically significant place and receives extensive local tourism due to its scenic setting and somewhat complicated but interesting history. But the lack of corporate bigwigs has allowed the destination to flourish as a tranquil one with best of beaches, medieval castles (Dubrovnik) without the scuttle of commercial tourism that conventional European tourism places like Paris or Venice suffer from. An economic benefit to the region is that private accommodation is not only easily accessible but also affordable making it a paradise for those on tighter budget.

Already an active destination among backpackers, South Dalmatia is still among the best uncharted tourism wonders on its way up making it a great honeymooning, cultural and rejuvenating destination for those searching for a quaint getaway.