Stockholm Sweden is Top Historical Destination of Europe

Stockholm Sweden is top historical destination of Europe

 Stockholm Sweden is surly an urban planner’s dream. Everything works. Everything looks good. – Janine di Giovanni

Stockholm Sweden is an ancient, yet a modern city of Europe. This is the capital of Sweden and most populous city of Nordic region. Stockholm’s population is close to one million people. Stockholm which means ‘fortified islets’ in German, is spread over 14 islands in southeast part of Sweden with Lake Malaren, Baltic Sea and Stockholm archipelago. Stockholm has a history which is from Stone Age era when first settlement of the city happened. In 1252 AD it was founded as city by Birger Jarl.   Most importantly for tourism, city of Stockholm is a historical destination of Europe.

Why it’s important to visit Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm Sweden is the political, culture, media and economic centre of Sweden. It’s the biggest centre for many corporate head quarters and for education in Europe. It’s the home for top institutes like Karolinska Institute and KTH Institute of Technology. Stockholm is the city where Nobel prizes started at the behest of Sir Alfred Nobel. Ceremonially Nobel prizes are given each year to the deserving people from across the world in city’s Concert Hall and City Hall. Interesting thing to learn is about city’s metro system which was installed in 1950. It’s the master piece and is called the longest art gallery, as it is well decorated all along.


Stockholm Sweden

History of this place goes back to 8000 BC, after the ice age people started living in this area but moved south as temperature dropped down. After thousands of years geological changes occurred and land became fertile. Vikings occupied the Archipelago of Malaren Lake and Baltic Sea in 1000AD and formed a trade route through sea on land. Their enterprise encouraged people to live there and thus old Stockholm town Gamla Stan came into existence.

Sweden grew in population and became a major European destination for trade in 17th century. Soon it became a destination of interest for most traders and visitors. In the beginning of 18th century plague burst out and wiped out 36% population and loss in a war. Sweden was not a power to reckon with for rest of the eighteenth century. By the mid 19th century Sweden was back again to be among the leaders in Europe with the industrialization and trade proliferation.

Places to visit

Swedish History museum (Historiska Museet)

where evolution of Sweden from stone age to Vikings’ era to present standing at zenith can be seen.Swedish History museum

Museum of Medieval Stockholm ( Medeltidsmuseum)

How life grew from medieval times of growing Stockholm is shown well here.

The Vasa museum (Vasamuseet)The Vasa museum

Conceptualized against sinking of royal ship Vasa in 1628 and all related ship activities of 17th century sailors are on display.

Stockholm City museum (Stadsmuseet)Stockholm City museum

A museum which is a showcase of Stockholm’s history and life.

Army museum( Armemuseum)

Growth of army and its armory can be enjoyed hereStockholm Army museum

Maritime museumStockholm Maritime museum

Everything about its naval and maritime history with armory and artifacts are here.

Jewish museum (Judiska Museet)Stockholm Jewish museum

Study of Swedish Jews and their culture.

Skanson- park and zoo and open air museumSkanson- park

Skanson- park and zoo and open air museum is the revelation about Swedish tradition and culture. Manors, churches, farm houses in fact full rural and urban life up there to have a glimpse.

Royal armory (Livrustkammaren)Royal armory

A collection of old armory used in sea and land warfare can be seen.

The Treasury (Skattammaren)

It’s the collection of Swedish Crown and other artifacts.

Birka-Viking era abandoned town

A walking tour and a museum showing Vikings artifacts. Boat trips also in summers a la Viking style.

The Royal palace (Kungliga Slottet)

A real palace with its full magnificence to see for real.

How to reach there and stay

All international flights go to Stockholm. All kinds of accommodations as per every budgets are available there.