Stonehenge, The Top Historical Destination in Europe!

Stonehenge, United Kingdom; The top historical destination in Europe!

The Mysterious Monument of Europe

Stonehenge is a historical landmark and is a prehistoric monument located in a place called Wiltshire in England, around 2 miles west from Amesbury and about 8 mile north from Salisbury. Being one of the most important and famous historical destination in Europe, Stonehenge is the remnants of a ring of standing stones which are set within earthworks.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

A Brief History of Stonehenge, United Kingdom

It is believed that the construction of this prehistoric monument took place in between ca. 3000 and 1600 B.C while each of the stones weighed about 50 tons! Considered to be a great example of prehistoric engineering genius, this structure have been associated with many reasons to justify its presence as the real reason for its built or who built it is still a mystery for humans! Some believe that it was built as a sacred burial site or maybe an astronomical observatory unit and also might have been a temple to worship the ancient earth deities!

Places to visit in Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The Stone Circle:

The actual place to marvel at, this is the Word Heritage Site a traveler and an explorer visit this region of U.K. Taking a stroll around the stones which is also the iconic symbol of Britain will give one the feel of the prehistoric times when this structure might have taken thousands of years and such amount of hours to complete!

The Stone Circle

The Neolithic Houses:

The best part about this historic place is the fact that one can actually see the Neolithic houses and step in one to come in contact with how people might have lived some 4500 years ago! The volunteers are handy in explaining all the nitty gritties associated as well!

The Neolithic Houses

The Visitor Center:

This place gives the visitors an audio-visual 360-degree view of the stones and gives one the feeling of travelling back into the time. This one gives one the quick recap of what the stones have encountered in the yesteryears with all that seasonal changes, cultures and et al.

The Visitor Center Stonehenge


This is a special exhibition that takes place in Stonehenge when a lot of archeological treasures are on display in the place for the tourists to marvel at! Not to forget that all this is accompanied by a audio-visual too to make the experience even more incredible!

Exhibition Stonehenge

The Museum:

The Salisbury Museum and the Wiltshire Museum are the two where all the remnants of history are preserved. A must visit indeed!

The Museum Stonehenge

Shopping options

Shopping can be done for souvenirs, gifts, books and clothing in the exclusive Stonehenge shops nearby too!

The best time to visit

Stonehenge is open all around the year and is open in the regular hours. But, special suggestion include visiting this place in the summer months when the famous annual festival takes place when the stones are open for the Druids, admirers and the hippies crowd the place!

Lodging and commute options

Stonehenge being one of the top historic destinations in Europe is well connected. Being located around 10 miles from Salisbury, it is accessible via trains and buses which are available throughout the year. Trains are also available from the nearby areas of Bath and Swindon from where the nearest Avebury is not too far! Lodging options are also immense in the nearby areas where the tourists can take abode which can range from the costly alternatives to the budget hotels too!