Sunderbans West Bengal-UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Sunderbans West Bengal- The UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The world’s largest estuarine forest and delta region

Sunderbans West Bengal highly offbeat a region located and shared by the state of West Bengal in India and by the neighboring country of Bangladesh as well, is an estuarine forest region formed in a delta shape which is covered by vast expanse of mangrove forest and huge expanse of saline mud flats located all over. This beautiful land is a conglomeration of 54 tiny islands which are criss crossed by numerous tributaries of the river Ganges such as river Muriganga in the west, Harinbhahga and Raimangal in the east and some of the others include the likes of Gosaba, Saptamukhi and Thakurain Malta rivers as well!

The name, Sunderbans!

The name Sunderbans come from the native language of the region, Bengali where “Shundor” means beautiful and “bon” means forest which makes it to be denoted as a beautiful forest! Another reason of such a name comes from the legend of the Sundari trees (the Heritiera fomes species of mangroves) which are pretty much prevalent here as well! In every probability the locals believe that the name is due to the presence of the mangroves there.

Sunderbans West Bengal

Reasons to visit the unexplored Sunderbans and things to do in there

Sunderbans is a lovely nature abode which is characterized by magnificent landscapes and natural beauty all of which put together makes it to be a place comparable to paradise. Another major reason to visit this amazing forest covered delta is due to the prevalence of Royal Bengal tigers that do their rounds in the region quite often as well!

It would be a pleasure to spot a tiger and indulge in wildlife photography at Sunderban besides enjoying a boat cruise.

Places to visit while on a trip to Sunderbans

1. Sunderban National Park-

The most important place to visit while here is to spot the Royal Bengal tigers while exploring the region on a boat instead of one the back of an elephant! The entire ride is mesmerizing as the boatman will make sure that you traverse the region through small creaks, waterways and within the growth of the mangroves all over!

Sunderban National Park

2. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary-

A bird watcher’s paradise, this region is located at the heart of the delta where a watch tower gives you an amazing view of birds of every color and species possible!

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

3. Turtle site, Kanak-

This place is another wonder where you can find the Olive Ridley turtles nesting in the small island of Kanak and just by going in for about 100 kilometers inland one can view the eggs too! Nesting happens in the months starting from December to March, so make sure to be on time!

Turtle site, Kanak Sunderban

4. Netidhopani-

This place is known for a watch tower located in it from where an ancient Lord Shiva temple along with the natural fauna and flora can be seen as well.


5. Gangasagar-

Sagar Island is another place which one can visit to take a dip in the holy river Ganga where millions of devotees meet in the month of January at Makar Sankranti to wash off their sins!


The best time to visit Sunderbans West Bengal

The best time to visit Sunderbans West Bengal is during the months of December to February wherein the place is open to tourists from October to March.

Sundarbans – How to reach and the lodging options

To reach this lovely nature paradise, one needs to get to Kolkata which is easily approachable via road, train and by air. From Kolkatta, a drive till Godhkhali Jetty (about 101 kilometers) is necessary. From there a boat ride takes you to the delta with ease.

Lodging options in the Sunderbans include tons of budget hotels along with resorts available to the tourists at prices not too exorbitant.